At what age can a child be givenshop milk

In many families, for several reasons, children from the very
births are bottle-fed. Parents
постепенно вводят в рацион обычное shop milk, заменяя им
milk mixtures. Is it harmful and at what age should the child
give this product from the store?

shop milk

Store milk and adapted milk formula: what
it is better?

Пакетированное shop milk содержит гораздо меньше
vitamins and trace elements than high-quality adapted
infant formula that fully meets the needs of the baby. In him
missing important enzymes. They are destroyed during processing.
Shop product can not turn sour for weeks at room
temperature It is difficult to get tasty yogurt from it.
cottage cheese.

Milk from the store is sterilized at high temperatures. It
may contain an antibiotic that gets through imported feed
in the diet of cows, and from the cow we get it in the finished product.
Many types of milk long-term storage contain preservatives,
which are allergic not only to the child, but also to
an adult. Sometimes in milk powder during production
process add soda to extend shelf life. All this in any way
does not add to the utility store product.

Unlike store milk, milk formulas for children
contain essential trace elements and vitamins. They have stable
composition and milk protein mixtures do not cause allergic reactions in

This leads to an unequivocal conclusion: milk formulas in the diet
baby is much more useful store product.

For many moms, the question remains
age can still be injected into the diet of children regular milk.


Children age from three years – ideal for appearing on the menu
shop milk

Introduction to the daily diet of children of new products should not
harm the growing body’s digestive system. Pediatricians
recommend sticking to a specific scheme by which to give
baby milk.

If the baby is breastfed, then you can
try to enter into the menu a special baby food – milk and
lactic acid products intended for the corresponding
childhood. It is listed on the package. As a rule, they
sold in small quantities up to half a liter. Baby milk is not
requires boiling. A one-year-old baby’s diet includes a glass of milk
subject to its excellent tolerability and the absence of adverse

Pediatricians рекомендуют: обычное молоко, представленное в
wide assortment in any store, it is desirable to give the child with
3-х лет.

However, many moms translate babies who are on
artificial feeding on the store product much earlier.
In the absence of allergic reactions and failures in its digestion
diluted and gradually added to the cereal children from 9-11 months.
Moms evaluate the reaction of the child’s body to such an “adult”
product. If a child has various disorders or
allergies, then pediatricians strongly advise for about six months
abandon this new lure. It is desirable in this situation
get expert advice from an experienced child
a doctor.

Какое shop milk лучше давать to kid?

Gradually introducing into the child’s diet after three years
milk should be remembered that baby food is best used
UHT Milk. It является безопасным и сохраняет
all vitamins and trace elements.

Fat-free foods are recommended for older children.
American nutritionists have proven that babies regularly
consuming, prone to obesity. In america from fat free
milk refuse until the child is five years old.

For babies after three years, the fat content of dairy products can
make up 3-3.2%. Drinking a glass of milk a day a child gets
almost half (about 40%) of the daily intake of calcium,
necessary for normal growth and development.

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