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  1. Assuta Clinic – a guarantee of the quality of diagnosis and treatment
  2. What diseases are successfully treated in the Assuta clinic

High professional level of doctors, modern diagnostic equipment, a wide range of offered medical services and affordable prices attract a large number patients from all over the world to Israeli medical clinics and centers. The Assuta Clinic, which is the largest private medical center.

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The company dates back to 1934, when Dr. Ben-Zion Harel in collaboration with other doctors founded the first private the clinic. Successful activity in the field of medicine has allowed expand the medical center, creating a whole complex. Main center located in Tel Aviv, and branches can be found in other cities countries. Received in 2011 international accreditation JCI certificate allowed the company to enter the international level.

Assuta Clinic – a guarantee of the quality of diagnosis and treatment

The clinic management concludes contracts with highly qualified doctors with experience and high professional skills. They all have high medical categories, completed an internship in leading cliques of the world and engaged in scientific activities. This makes it possible to use in the treatment of the latest advances in science and the use of medicines, with high efficiency. That is why the Assuta clique famous for the high quality of treatment and good results even in the most severe cases. Clinic patients can become people of any age, including infants. Great attention paid to the development of a diagnostic base. In addition to examination on modern diagnostic equipment used throughout the world, the clinic has the opportunity to conduct research most PEC-CT high-precision method (positron emission tomography in combined with computed tomography). This study allows identify pathological lesions and metastases in the early stages when size changes do not exceed 3 mm and are not accompanied relevant symptoms. Timely started treatment improves patient’s quality of life and gives good forecasts.


What diseases are successfully treated in the Assuta clinic

The clinic specializes in the treatment of various pathologies, but most attention is paid to the treatment of cancer. Over the years of practice, extensive experience has been gained in early diagnosis and treatment using innovative techniques and the latest effective drugs. In addition to oncology, is in demand and treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility. IVF method (in vitro fertilization of the egg) stably shows high fertilization engraftment results ovum and pregnancy. The clinic may be maintained pregnancy throughout the term and organization of childbirth.

Assuta Clinic conducts various types of operations (abdominal, orthopedic, cardiac, neurosurgical) with subsequent rehabilitation. Qualified assistance is offered at treatment of heart disease, urinary and musculoskeletal system. It is possible to perform plastic surgery: starting from rhinoplasty and ending with the reconstruction of distant organs.

Benefits of treatment at Assuta Clinic:

  • affordable cost (prices correspond to treatment in private clinics in the former Soviet Union, but substantially lower than in America or Germany);
  • the right to choose a doctor;
  • escort of the translator during the entire examination period and treatment
  • comfortable stay.

According to statistics, the Assuta clinic is recognized as the best among patients, and over 95% of treatment programs are lower in cost than other medical centers in Israel.

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