As a newborn baby to measure the temperature(where it is better to measure and how thermometer)

When an infectious process occurs, our body
independently begins to deal with them before taking medication. For
in order to defeat the infection the immune system has to run
many chemical processes that result in
antibodies that inhibit the reproduction of viruses or bacteria, and for
This requires a high temperature in the body. How to find out
that the baby is sick and has a fever, because he still does not know how to speak? AT
наше время измерить температуру
тела новорожденному ребенку можно разными способами и при
help of various thermometers.

The content of the article

  • 1 ATиды термометров (градусников)
    • 1.1 1. Mercury thermometer
    • 1.2 2. Electronic
    • 1.3 3. Infrared
    • 1.4 4. Disposable
  • 2 How to measure the temperature
    • 2.1 AT подмышечной впадине
    • 2.2 Rectal (in the rectum)
    • 2.3 AT ушке
    • 2.4 Indicators of normal temperature
      • 2.4.1 Read on temperature:
  • 3 ATидео — мерим температуру правильно

ATиды термометров для новорожденных детей

До 6 месяцев измерять температуру
младенцу желательно каждый день (конечно это идеал, и мерить
temperature every day no one will, but still it is you must
know), since the immunity in babies is not yet strong, and the system
thermoregulation is not formed until the end. For this reason baby
up to half a year it overheats easily during active play or crying, and
overcooling with drafts.

Normal temperature for newborns is considered to be
rates from 36.3 to 37.3 ºC. If the crumbs last for a long time
temperature 37 ºC, but there are no signs of disease,
while the child sleeps well, eats normally, then worry not
need to. In a few months, his thermoregulation processes will
work properly, and the body temperature will be normal for everyone
normal rate. (Читаем статью: Нормальная температура
body of an infant)

If the baby has a low temperature to 35 ºC, then
This can be caused by previously taken antipyretic drugs.
drugs. If you have recently given such medicines to a child, then
low temperature may persist for some time after
of this.

ATиды термометров (градусников)

1. Mercury thermometer

Самым консервативным и точным способ померить
младенцу температуру – это ртутный термометр. Main
its advantage is accuracy,  Ртутный термометр

The measurement error is 0.1 degrees. Although,
There are several disadvantages:

  • ATо-первых, время измерения (7 минут в подмышечной впадине и 5
    minutes in the rectum) too big for the restless
  • ATо-вторых, этот термометр не безопасен, так как содержит ртуть
    and fragile, that is, requires very careful handling, which strains
    при измерении температуры у грудничка.

2. Electronic

More modern and convenient means for temperature measurement.
Позволяет безопасно померить температуруЭлектронный термометр для новорожденных

грудничку любым способом: во рту, подмышкой и ректально,
but in the armpit produces less accurate indicators. Highly
convenient to use:

  • Measurement duration approximately 3 minutes;
  • Signal at the end of the measurement;
    thermometer soother

    thermometer soother
  • It happens in the form of pacifiers. ATремя измерения составляет до 4 минут.
    Only suitable for children who take the pacifier, respectively
    will serve you only as long as the baby uses a dummy.
    Читаем подробно: что такое соска-термометр и
    Is it worth buying for newborns?

The electronic thermometer has a large error in measurement,
than mercury – up to 1 degree. In addition, it periodically needs
change the battery.

3. Infrared

A recent invention, it is contactless and aural. The first
instantly measures the temperature when you bring it to the skin. Not
It is highly accurate, but convenient for temperature control in
dynamics or to determine the temperature of the milk mixture.

Ушным термометром очень удобно померить температуру у
baby: 5 seconds while the baby is sleeping. Notдостаток у этих
One thermometer – this is a high price.

Инфракрасный бесконтактный термометр
Инфракрасный термометр для новорожденных
Инфракрасный ушной термометр

4. Disposable

It is a strip that needs to be attached to the skin or
put under the tongue. ATремя измерения – 60 секунд. Has not high
Accuracy, but can be handy on the road.

Disposable термометр

Disposable термометр

Как правильно мерить температуру

AT подмышечной впадине

  • If the child already knows how to sit, then sit him on his lap to
    you nape. Place the thermometer under the armpit and hold the hand
    baby before the end of the measurement.
  • The child who is not yet sitting, lay on the back, lift it
    arm, place the tip of the thermometer tightly under your arm, lower the arm and
    wait for the signal or hold for 7 minutes.

Rectally (in the rectum)

Put the baby on his back, with one hand, take his legs for
ankles and lift, slightly bent at the knees. Finally
thermometer apply baby cream or petroleum jelly. Enter carefully
thermometer 2 cm into the rectum. After being measured
– Slowly remove the thermometer. After each use the thermometer
must be disinfected.

AT ушке

ATозьмите ушной термометр, оттяните мочку назад and slightly up. AT
straighten ear canal, place the probe thermometer. After measurement
Carefully remove the thermometer, just pulling the earlobe of the child.

In a small child, oral temperature can only be measured.
using thermometer-nipples. Other thermometers do not do this.
recommended, but unlikely to succeed.

ATНИМАНИЕ! Measure the temperature
маленькому ребенку нужно только, когда тот находится в
the rest. If before this baby was actively moving, did you swaddle him or
he cried, then you need to wait some time and then produce

Если вы измеряете температуру грудничку в процессе
feeding, then keep in mind that in this case it is somewhat

ATажно помнить, что к вечеру температура тела имеет тенденцию
to rise. Therefore, if the morning temperature at the crumbs
normal, but you still suspect that the baby is sick, then
Be sure to continue to measure it day and night.

Normal temperature readings

  • AT подмышечной впадине: 36,3 – 37,3 ºC.
  • ATо рту: 37,1 ºC.
  • AT прямой кишке: 37,6 – 38 ºC.

Remember that elevated body temperature is protective.
natural reaction to the disease. Not мешайте маленькому организму
independently fight infection. Bring the temperature down, only
при ее значениях выше 38,5 ºC.

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ATидео — мерим температуру правильно

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