Artificial intelligence algorithm canpredict death

Update: February 2019

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) first recognized
appropriate use of the new prediction algorithm
the onset of human death. Now experts can
establish an approximate date of death for lifetime indicators
human health. Sensational technique got the name
�Wave Clinical Platform, and the well-known
company “ExcelMedical” (USA).

American technology is able to track various
Parameters characterizing the health of a particular subject.
Artificial Intelligence analyzes all patient risks based on
all its diseases and their complications.

  • If the program suspects a potential lethal outcome, then
    six hours before it will send a notice to your doctor.
  • Users of the technique are under its constant supervision,
    so the chance of “missing out” a person’s supposed death
    extremely small.
  • This is the main advantage of the American program, because the usual
    medical staff are not physically able to install a similar
    patient control.

The Wave Clinical Platform works by tracking all
medical data (case history, heredity, age,
data on regular medication and real parameters of health).
Artificial intelligence works on a completely new level. TO
example, with a moderate decrease in the frequency of respiratory movements other
platforms immediately give an alarm sign. The novelty analyzes the change
indicator together with the state of the remaining indicators (level
BP, heart rate, etc.). She sends her own
Conclusions to a nurse for a post or communication
the doctors.

The structure of the American method includes the work of special stations
located in a hospital, and electronic information
bases. Food Safety Authority
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first time recognized the effectiveness
a similar program after testing it in a number of clinical

They all took place at the University of Pittsburgh with
elderly people. A great achievement of scientists consisted in
that Wave was able to signal six sudden deaths and
prevent them.

In the future, Americans are planning to introduce the latest development in
familiar activities of hospitals in the United States and around the world. Also
researchers are thinking about creating a portable device
working on the same principle for home use.

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