Arthritis of the fingers: symptoms, treatment

Update: October 2018

Finger arthritis is severe and progressive.
disease leading to disability in the absence of due
treatment. This disease is by no means the lot of the elderly.
joint disfiguring progression of the inflammatory process may
start in people of any age.

If we consider the fingers as components of the human body,
they account for no more than 2%, but the function of these parts of the body
impossible to overestimate and replace. ATот почему внешне здоровый и еще
a young man with arthritis of the fingers may become
disabled person unable to perform familiar activities in
daily and professional activities.

The word arthritis means the inflammatory process that occurs in
joints. It is the small joints of the upper limbs that most
prone to this disease. The risk group is
the fair sex: two thirds of all patients
finger arthritis is women.

Causes of Arthritis

ATыделяют ряд причин, провоцирующих развитие артрита, однако
it is not always possible to establish what gave impetus to the beginning
pathological changes of the joints.

  • Violations of metabolic processes in the body and reduced immunity,
    which affect all organs and tissues, including
    articular. These phenomena are most characteristic of older age and
    lead to the development of non-infectious arthritis Артрит на руках
  • Autoimmune diseases, psoriasis and metabolic diseases,
    gout are the causes of the development of arthritis of the same name
  • History of infectious diseases caused by staphylococci and
    streptococci, as well as brucellosis, influenza, scarlet fever, syphilis,
    gonorrhea, tuberculosis, dysentery and chlamydia. Disease can
    develop at any age and proceeds as infectious arthritis
  • ATирусные заболевания, такие как корь, герпетическая инфекция,
    гепатита AT, паротит. ATирусные агенты выступают ведущим фактором в
    the development of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Перенесенные травмы и ушибы суставов, операции на joints,
    hypothermia creates favorable conditions for inflammation and
    destruction of joint tissue
  • Hereditary predisposition, which may be
    cause of any kind of arthritis
  • Excessive body weight and excessive smoking can lead to
    joint disease
  • Juvenile arthritis of childhood is idiopathic.
    disease, i.e. with unidentified reason.

Symptoms of arthritis of the joints of the fingers

Arthritis of the joints of the fingers is characterized by certain
symptoms that are a consequence of changes occurring in
больных joints. Disease can протекать остро или переходить
in chronic stage. At the stage of chronicity, the diseases become
obvious external changes of the fingers, so in the diagnosis
the most important manifestations of the acute process, when still
You can stop the disfiguring destruction of tissues.

  • Pain syndrome. Pain accompanies arthritis of any etiology. how
    usually pain is initially acute and appears in
    night time. Then the movements of the joints become painful or
    the same pain begins after the transferred load on the joints.
    Since arthritis is characterized by a progression with a gradual seizure of
    pathological process of new joints, painful manifestations also
    �”Flow” on the brush.
  • Common manifestations of the inflammatory process, such as high
    fever, fatigue, malaise.
  • Ограничение подвижности в joints. Initially this symptom
    is a consequence of the patient’s intentional action, i.e. person
    spares a sore spot and tries to exert less stress on the joints.
    AT дальнейшем, вследствие происходящего разрушения суставных
    surfaces, reducing joint fluid volume and extensive
    inflammatory process the joints lose their natural
    mobility. Flexion and extension of the fingers are accompanied by
  • Swelling, numbness and tingling in the area of ​​diseased joints,
    redness of the skin, indicating extensive inflammation.
  • Symmetric lesions and subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules on
    bones characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Deformation of the affected joints – thickening, contractures,
    bulges, as well as the acquisition of a spindle shape or neck
    swan, characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis. Similar changes
    joints indicate a long-lasting inflammatory
    process and are irreversible.

Arthritis treatment of the joints of the fingers

ATыявление заболевания на ранней стадии и назначение комплексного
and comprehensive treatment is the basis of successful treatment of this
pathology. Arthritis treatment has several goals, the main of
which is to achieve a stable remission of the disease.

Arthritis treatment of the joints of the fingers проводится как амбулаторно,
and permanently. The treatment involves specialists from related
sciences that develop a single treatment plan using
pharmacological and non-drug methods.

  • Drug therapy

With the infectious nature of arthritis, a targeted
antibiotic therapy against a specific pathogen infections.

Leading role in the treatment of arthritis, especially rheumatoid
origin, belongs to the basic anti-inflammatory
drugs that are prescribed for long-term use (minimum
– 3 months, maximum – for life). Drugs in this group are capable
inhibit the activity of immunosuppressive cells and stop
pathological process, keeping its action for a long time
drug withdrawal.

Treatment with hormonal drugs (glucocorticosteroids)
strengthens and reinforces the effect of basic anti-inflammatory
drugs and contribute to a stable remission.

Biologicals help block key points.
inflammation and slow down the process of destruction of the joints, as well as
characterized by extremely rapid clinical manifestations

For the prevention of osteoporosis, calcium and
phosphorus, coupled with vitamin D.

In some cases, symptomatic treatment with drugs from
analgesic groups to relieve painful arthritis, and
also supportive drugs from the sedative group.

  • Surgery

The indications for surgery are serious.
irreversible joint deformity
elementary actions. The required amount of resection is carried out.
phalanges of the fingers with affected joints.

  • Physiotherapy Грязевые аппликации при артрите пальцев рук

Physiotherapy является непременной составляющей лечения артрита,
however, it is possible only after the removal of acute manifestations of the disease. AT
different combination practiced the following physiotherapy
techniques: electrophoresis, the impact of low-frequency pulsed
токами, магнитотерапия, УATЧ, ультразвук, грязевые аппликации,

  • Diet

Assigned to a balanced diet with high content.
polyunsaturated fatty acids, fruits, vegetables. It is believed that when
arthritis is very useful sea buckthorn, currants, cherries (in the summer of 20 berries
per day), apples, sorrel, plums, blueberries, eggplants, garlic,
chokeberry, grapefruit, and beetroot juice (after
cooking juice it should be put in the fridge for 2-3 hours
for volatilization of toxic substances), a mixture of beet, cucumber
and carrot juice. It is advisable to exclude from the diet of coffee, alcohol,
fried fish, sausages, rich meat broth,
legumes. During exacerbation if there are no contraindications (no more than 1 time per
3 months) it is possible to follow a diet during the week – raw foods,
when food is only fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Exercise therapy

Therapeutic exercises for the development of diseased joints
показаны в период ремиссии, когда нет отеков и
pain subsides, during exacerbations exercises are contraindicated.
Exercises help to restore the lost range of motion, improve
innervation and blood supply to the joints. Set of exercises
performed on the recommendation of the doctor, standing or sitting and
is to repeat each exercise 4-5 times, not allowing
the appearance of pain in the joints:

  • Without tension, stretch your arms in front of you, and slowly with a large
    amplitude to produce rotation in the radiocarpal joints first
    clockwise, then against
  • Squeeze and unclench fingers
  • Arms bent at the elbows in front of you, palms down
    down, bend the brushes left and right in the wrist
  • Repeat exercise 1 again – rotational motion.
  • Relax hands

The above components of complex treatment are effective.
only with persistent and strict observance and implementation. Arthritis –
it is a disease that retreats very slowly, but in the absence
proper treatment progresses very quickly. This must remember

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