Arrangement of life before the birth of a child: 8tips for future mom

With the advent of the newborn mom begins a new life
full of pleasant and not very household chores. Baby needs care
and care, husband and older children – attention. And also about yourself
think, for example, to bring the figure in order. Seems to be all
the rest of the business simply does not have free time. To mom
was able to effectively combine all the duties while dedicating herself
the infant, should be in advance, before birth, to minimize household
load. How to do this, read on.

Обустройство быта перед рождением ребенка

  • Divide responsibilities between loved ones

Do not take absolutely all the chores on your shoulders. To
a couple of weeks after the birth does not turn into tired,
irritated and angry shrew, think in advance how to attract
close to child care. For example, a grandfather could walk in
a park with a pram several times a week, and a grandmother – to help
an au pair. Let the future dad look for gymnastics on the Internet.
for a new baby, so that later every evening to engage with

  • Hire an assistant

If there is no grandmother at hand (or the relationship does not allow), but there is
money then find an au pair or specifically for
walks with a stroller. Communicate in advance with the potential
housekeeper, outlining her responsibilities. If you need a nanny
for older children and an au pair in one person
be sure to tell what educational methods you are
support, and which – no. It is desirable that the future “employee”
suited you psychologically, because after giving birth moms become
overly sensitive and irritable. (How to choose a babysitter for
newborn baby – tips and tricks)

  • Use the benefits of civilization

In the shops of equipment there is a huge selection of various household
devices that are able to greatly facilitate life
young mom. So, the slow cooker will reduce the time spent on
cooking, the robot cleaner will help clean the apartment, and
dishwasher will save from the endless washing of dirty dishes.
Think of these brilliant inventions that will be useful to you, and
purchase in advance. (How does a young mother deal with a child and
household chores?)

  • Prepare a newborn dowry

In the first days all your attention will be directed only to
baby, so the diapers must be chosen, bought, washed and
stroked at least a couple of weeks before delivery. Experienced moms advise
to pay attention not to the beauty of things, but their functionality. But also
It’s also not worth picking up clothes for the months ahead, because no one can
say what your baby will be like in two or three months – slim or
�”in body”. (A complete list of things for a newborn baby)

  • Take care of your own wardrobe

Your wardrobe after birth will change significantly, and it’s not
only in the changes in the figure. In stores you can now find
quite a lot of models of special clothes for nursing mothers.
Get outfits for your home and be sure to get something out for you
could feed babies without any problems on the street, on a visit and in

  • Cooking food for the whole family

Surely after the birth of karapuz you will not be up to running around
supermarkets. So think over the menu for your family in advance.
about a month in advance. In the freezer download
dumplings, chopped vegetables, dumplings, patties and other
semi-finished products. Also purchase a variety of cereals, pasta and
canned food. (How not to go crazy after giving birth – tips for young

  • Prepare an older child to appear

If you already have children, think in advance how you will
combine care for the newborn and their education. Eldest child
may begin to be jealous of the “opponent” and be offended at you for the fact that
mom’s attention has now become much less. Prepare him for
появлению baby в семье и придумайте способы его привлечения к
care for the baby.

  • Get a sling

Sling will free your hands and you will be able to do much more.
household chores. It is also very convenient for constant walks on
fresh air, trips in transport and trips to the clinic.
Moms with a sling are much more mobile than women with strollers.
Each model of this device is a scarf, a product with rings and
May-sling – has its advantages and flaws that are necessary
consider when choosing. (Как выбрать слинг? Какой
choose: Sling with rings, Sling-scarf, Mai-sling, Sling-backpack,
Fast sling (pros and cons). Video instructions –

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мальчика  |  How to secure a home for a newborn

Before giving birth, think very carefully about how your
жизнь и семейный быт с появлением на свет долгожданного baby.
Then it will be much easier for you to get used to the new rhythm of life and
achieve your main goal – calm, confident mom, healthy
a child and dad who hurries home after work.

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