Are you ready to become parents: 15 questions by yourselfyourself before planning a child

Having a baby is a serious step. The appearance of the baby carries
is a serious expense, tedious chores and it is huge
a responsibility. That’s why it makes sense to ask yourself these fifteen
questions: you can understand whether you are ready for the appearance of a child or while
not. To understand whether you are ready to become parents, you should honestly
answer the questions below.

15 questions that should be answered as much as possible
sincerely help you determine whether you are ready for birth
baby Your answers depend on your awareness of readiness.
become parents happy and properly developing

готовы ли вы стать родителями

1. Why do you need a child?

The question is not idle. Thinking that you need a child, you are really
You can be guided by other motives. This desire to
social stereotypes (“I already have time to have children”), to improve
your relationship (“we will have a real family with a child”),
this desire for everything to be “like everyone else”, it can be a desire
take a break from work or avoid being fired, it can be
obtaining material benefits.

It is clear that all these desires are not connected with love, care and
the motive to make the kid happy. Often, future parents,
planning a child, pursue only selfish goals, absolutely not
thinking about what the crumbs would be like.

If you, giving an honest answer to the question, have chosen one of these
options, then you need not so much a child as
satisfaction of ambitions and selfish desires. Probably you
you are not ready for the fact that the child will be something from you
want and demand. First you need to make your own life, and
only then think about the appearance of children.

2. Do you like to spend time with little

If you are happy to babysit your girlfriends babies
or sisters, ready to drive by the handle of one year old kids and for hours
answer three-year questions, most likely you will be happy
spend time with your baby. But even if your answer is
negative, you should not be upset. Many others are annoyed
children, but everything changes when they appear.

Just analyze why you answered this way.

3. Do you have the material capabilities, provide
child with everything you need?

The child constantly needs new things, high-quality food,
developmental activities. Consider if your budget can handle
expenses, can you give the child everything he needs?

It only seems that the newborn does not need anything,
except maternal breast. Even if the stroller, crib and sliders you
someone will give or buy, the child will need personal items
hygiene: diapers, creams, powder. Unexpectedly for you may
need medication: antiallergic, painkillers,
against colic. And then comes the time of the introduction of complementary foods, and this again
shopping: cereals, mashed potatoes, curds. And the child grows, and his needs
grow with it: we need toys, books, pencils, beautiful
dress to the matinee in kindergarten. Not to mention personal
space: a child needs if not a separate room, then
Your corner with a bed, a wardrobe and a place to play. Anyway
be prepared for whatever your total income may be
money will inevitably have to be redistributed in favor of children’s needs.
Ask yourself if you are ready for this, before your child.
will be born.

4. Do I want to be like my parents?

Most likely, each of you was still in front of your eyes
basically just one example of parenting is your own father and
mother. Ask yourself: Did your parents raise you correctly? And you
willy-nilly, they adopted their methods of education. If you had
happy childhood, then all is well. But if you are not categorically
arranged how your parents communicated with you
work on yourself so that, on the one hand, you don’t commit them
mistakes, but on the other hand, do not rush to another extreme.

It is not simple. For example, your parents in all of you have limited and
much forbidden. Of course, you want to allow everything to the child. Or
if you didn’t buy toys, you’ll be ready to overthrow the child
gifts. Clearly, such actions are not good for anything
will lead.

5. What is a “good parent” for me?

Until the child is born, it should jointly discuss what he is,
�“Good parent”? What are his rights and obligations in
respect child? How to build communication with the child? What are you
can you teach him? Get ready for these questions you will
решать все то время, пока вы отвечаете за своего baby Important,
so that you follow a single line in his education. Especially important
discuss these moments with the whole family and come to a unanimous decision,
because the worst thing for a child is when family members have different
ideas about what is good and what is bad, what is possible and what is impossible.
If you are clearly aware of this, you will most likely succeed.

6. There are people in your environment who are ready to provide you
support? Can you count on help

Little child – a serious burden. Young mother gets tired and
physically and emotionally. Important, чтобы в вашем окружении были
people willing to listen to you and support.

Of course, you can raise children without help. But
It is undeniable that the presence of loving grandparents who
can come, cook dinner, take a walk with the baby, look after
him, while you are sleeping or gone on business, makes life easier.
If you have relatives who are ready to help, do not neglect this
opportunity and try to charge everything on themselves. Be it
thankful, because they freed you from some worries. But если таких
there are no relatives, consider whether you are ready to cope with everything
on their own.

7. You are thinking about having a baby to keep

Yes, sometimes children can help preserve a decaying relationship,
but, alas, not for long. Think about what happens if the marriage
сохранить не удастся, но ребенок уже will be born.


8. Have you ever spent time with

Был ли у вас опыт общения с чужими детьми, как вы себя
felt? Have you ever cared for them? What do you
liked it and what not? Did you succeed? Are you ready
every day to deal with such troubles?

9. Are you ready to change your current lifestyle? Ready
Do you give up your own comfort?

Ready ли вы к тому, что вам резко придется поменять образ
of life. Do you realize that if you like noisy
company, parties, parties, travel or used for days
disappear from work – from all of this will have to temporarily

If you think that a small child only eats and sleeps, you
wrong. It is a mistake to assume that a mother, having given birth, in between
feeding will be like nothing had done a career, engage
appearance and walk with friends in a cafe while the baby is sleeping peacefully in

Future moms are planning to continue to meet with friends in
cafe, putting the baby in a sling or stroller; work from home; to pay
a lot of time to yourself and your appearance.

It is also erroneous to believe that the pope will not change the daily
routine (after all, taking care of the baby supposedly “mother’s problems”) and that he
will get enough sleep, meet friends and watch hockey
weekend (with friends and beer). It will not happen.

And there will be, most likely, sleepless nights, impossibility quietly
eat, grab at least a minute for yourself. Go to the toilet and
take a shower you have to schedule. To this is added the full.
failure to meet friends, parties and most entertainment.
Yes, someone is lucky: there are “gift children” who almost with
months sleep all night and never capricious. But обычно уже утром
both parents have no strength, but there is a long day ahead
cares. And at night again, all the attention goes to the baby.

Of course, all this will pass. Crumbs will have their daily routine,
and you will gradually start meeting friends or having fun.
Of course, you will have to adapt to the baby: redo
housework, taking advantage of any free minute, and rare sorties
for two in a cinema or cafe plan, only if with a child someone
will be able to stay. Ready ли вы жить в таком режиме?

10. Ready ли вы к недосыпаниям?

If you are accustomed to sleep, how much you want at the weekend
take a nap after dinner, then with the birth of a child all change. You
for a long time lose the opportunity to sleep properly.

11. Ready ли вы встречать трудности с

Raising and raising a child is difficult. But, конечно, никакие
difficulties associated with children, is no reason to abandon
parenthood, which, among other things, fills life with new
meaning, moments of happiness and extraordinary discoveries. But не стоит
forget that postpartum depression is not only among moms, but also
dad Butвоиспеченные отцы подвержены гормональным изменениям,
leading to the same symptoms of postpartum depression that usually
observed in mothers. Therefore, both future parents need a good
prepare yourself to be optimistic about all the difficulties about
which is written in the previous paragraph. The baby needs calm,
wise, healthy and happy parents.

There are times when you want to give up, and this desire
It becomes stronger than the happiness that the child gives you. But after all
the baby needs not jerked and nervous, but loving, calm,
wise and healthy dad and mom. Are you able to be like that for him?
and for yourself?

12. Does it irritate you when children are naughty or noisy
behave in public places?

Many condemn parents whose children are satisfied.
tantrums or run screaming in supermarkets, act up in
plane, rustling in restaurants or cafes. Future moms and dads usually
think their own children will never behave
In a similar way. In fact, there is no child in the world who
never brawling or hysterical in public
places. And such behavior should be prepared.

13. Ready ли вы смириться с изменениями во внешности и
in attitude?

Изменения во внешности, обострение хронических болезней,
hormonal surges, expect, of course, mom. Other figure
hair and nails that no longer look perfect, stretch marks on the skin –
this is something no one is immune from. Course external changes
happen with everyone, but it comes with age, gradually, then
how pregnancy and childbirth can change a woman in a matter of months.
Over time, you can get in shape, but some changes anyway
will stay. Принять их как должное надо и маме, и папе baby BUT
Mom will have to try to find time for herself: take care of
здоровье, вести правильный образ of life.

You both have to change your attitude: what you want
were tolerant earlier, may prove critical, and vice versa. You
begin to perceive people differently and notice what you used to
did not pay attention. This is not a reason to be afraid of becoming parents, just
need to be able to take it.

14. Понимаете ли вы, что жизнь уже никогда не будет
the same?

Yes, it is: your life will be different, and you will never be
as carefree as before. And it scares. But, осознав это,
try to look at the situation from the other side: let
The upcoming changes do not scare, but inspire you. Appearance
baby will turn your life upside down. Leisure, work,
entertainment and hobbies, interests and cares will be completely not
as before. And you will never be able to return to that
a time when you were free and carefree. But, скорее всего, вам
this does not want, because parenthood opens up new horizons.
Many mothers and fathers only with the advent of the child understand why
really worth striving for: changing profession and lifestyle,
find a new hobby or start working for themselves.

15. Who will your child be for you?

The last question, which is closely related to the first. Depending
what your motives are, your child will play this or that
роль в вашей of life. Of course, the ideal role is the role of the child. But
sometimes parents want to see their children toys or home
pets; your buddies; replacing a deceased relative or
ex-husband; an improved version of themselves, having achieved what
they failed. Any such role is a big and unnecessary burden for
a little man who deprives him of his freedom of thought and action,
dictates him how to live and makes parents wrong
treat the child. Let the little one become a new person in your
life, let him be a person who has his
features of character, addiction, desires and rights. This is the best,
what you can do as a parent.

You готовы к родительству, если понимаете


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