Are you applying cream that protects againstThe sun?

Update: February 2019

The University of Liverpool, having conducted its latest research
work, determined: some people misplaced completely
sun protection cream. The results of the study were
published by The Daily Mail.

We all know that direct sunlight can be dangerous for
skin cover. And that is why every summer we apply
special tools both on holiday and in hot conditions
cities. Liverpool dealt with the issue of its correctness
use among the population. Having selected 57 subjects, scientists
asked them to put the cream on their skin the way they would do it
in ordinary life. After that, researchers using special
cameras, identified unprotected areas of the skin. results
surprised everyone: about 9.5% of the skin
without “protection.”

Of all the volunteers, about 13% ignored the application
cream on the upper and lower eyelids, 77% – in the gap between the nose and
the inner part of the palpebral fissure. This is a very important conclusion, because
90% of all cases are head and neck targets for development.
basal cell carcinoma (cancer of the skin). And approximately
5-10% of all malignant tumors of a malignant nature are localized
for centuries.

results эксперимента были оглашены участникам исследования.
After which they repeated the application attempt. New results
proved to be no better than before: as many as 8% of the faces of the volunteers were again
not protected from the sun.

Scientists draw the attention of all people to this information, and
also urge to use sunglasses. In addition, from
of all creams it is better to choose those that have sun protection factor
no more than 30. Be sure to follow the instructions for their use,
Avoid the Sun between 11: 00-15: 00. This will help reduce the risk.
development of skin cancer.

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