Are you a girl’s mom? So must know 8main rules!

Mom in our life – the dearest and closest person
especially for a girl, the mother should also become a mentor and a better
girlfriend. And for that, mother herself needs to know how to behave with
daughter so that the baby in the future will become a real woman.
We offer moms to familiarize themselves with the 8 main rules that
help in communicating with her daughter.

мама с дочкой

Rule number 1. Play with your daughter!

No time? This is just an excuse! For your own child
it should always be. Besides, you have amazing
an opportunity to remember childhood and play long-forgotten games:
daughters – mothers, roll dolls in a stroller, swaddle pups “classics”,
cook paska from sand or salad from plastic vegetables. Maybe
and jump through the rubber. It has long been known fact: joint games
very close people. Even many team building programs
(team building) are built by psychologists on the basis of games. If
talk about emotional intimacy that necessarily arises
during the game – it is a good basis for harmonious

мама играет с дочкой

Rule number 2. Education – above all!

Pampered children are unpleasant for others, and for
parents – just a disaster. That’s why if you, like mom, don’t
want to see your daughter selfish, which has no real
friends (who wants to be friends with such!), do not want her to be
a party to any unpleasant troubles, you have nothing left
how to exercise rigor in education. What does it mean to be strict? Everything
quite simple: stop the attacks of hysteria, do not allow
manipulate yourself, be sure to tell what is good and
what is wrong. However, this is not all. The important point is vigilant
watching grandparents who often don’t
know the measures. What is it expressed in? In a lot of gifts, in
permissiveness, fulfillment of any whims of granddaughters. It is grandmothers
they carry granddaughters on their hands and feed them with a spoon right up to the institute.
So do not forget that the fruits of this will have to reap,
first of all, parents.

Rule number 3. Do not transfer your life experience to your daughter

Children are like parents, but they grow up at other times, in
other conditions. It is also necessary to remember that they are already from the cradle
personality, and quite unique. That is why you should not
endlessly recall their life experiences, of course, except for those
ситуаций, которые могут уберечь дочку от опасности. If you not
I wanted to go to kindergarten and rolled up about it in the morning
hysterics, then your daughter may be happy to attend kindergarten.
And it will not be a daily problem. If you are in transition
�”Burned” on unrequited love and hard out of the state
depressed, it does not mean that your girl will repeat this
bitter situation. Therefore, think carefully before
forbid a girl to skate because you are a child
just so broke a leg, or to refuse her requests to go to
music school, because “but my parents gave me, so I
I can’t see the violin now. ” Итак, несколько раз подумайте
before you prohibit anything baby just because your experience
was not too successful.


Rule number 4. Trust – yes, cheating – no!

It is great if the daughter can tell her mother almost
all This is an ideal mother who will not read the notations, swear
and scream when the awareness of guilt has already come to the daughter. Will not be
slander, criticize and make fun of your feelings and thoughts. Such a mom
will not look down on the girl’s feelings, make fun of them and
she will not tell “children’s” that will soon be over.
the secrets of a daughter to anyone, even a grandmother or best friend, because this
their secret! Will take your feelings seriously and give you a sensible
advice if you ask her. Why hide something from such a mother?
This is an ideal picture of relationships, but it is often the case that
mistrust and lies become an insurmountable obstacle in relationships
children and parents. Avoid this!


Rule number 5. Teach your daughter to help around the house

It’s great when a woman is the real keeper of the home.
hearth. He is happy to cook, there is always order and comfort in the house. To this
should teach the daughter from an early age. No arguing, faster and
it’s easier to do everything yourself, and take a daughter with cartoons or suggest
any other interesting occupation, if only it would not turn under
kicks. However, let’s look into the future: will your husband
my daughter is grateful that she can’t do anything around the house or
doing somehow? Therefore, it is better to teach your daughter to help around the house. AT
between the ages of 2 and 3, children want to help and imitate adults in
everyone, so do not miss this moment.

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дочка помогает маме по дому

Rule number 6. Create the image of the perfect man.

You can not argue with the fact that a woman shows all their best
female qualities thanks to men. Mom’s task is to bring up
дочери правильное представление о том, каким должен быть
present the man. However, the main thing here is not to overreact –
the established image must meet reality, otherwise hitting the
perfectionism, you risk raising a princess who has a lifetime
will wait for the prince on a white horse. If she has authority among
male half of relatives (most often it is dad, grandfather or
elder brother) then you should avoid criticizing this person in
the presence of his daughter, do not speak negatively about him. Phrases
like: “Do not repeat my mistakes, do not mess with such as
your father! ”can cause a girl severe psychological trauma
your daughter.

Rule number 7. Do not mix the role

There are mothers who are trying so hard to become a daughter.
girlfriend that start doing stupid things. They either go deep
childhood, or the little daughter is “pulled in” into an adult circle, to
For example, take on adult parties. Another minus in behavior
Mothers – this is a requirement from the daughter of a full account of her life. From this
nothing good will come of it. Give your daughter the opportunity to have their own
secrets and sharing them with girlfriends, your hobbies, free
time at last. Remember that the role of the daughter’s mother is special: mother is
and friend, and adviser, and teacher, and mentor. Not worth it
abandon these roles.


Rule number 8. Emotional contact is a must!

Even boys are important manifestations of parental love, care and
support. What to say about girls! Be gentle with your daughter
hug and kiss more, smile at each other, roll around
together in bed – such moments will tell about your love better
all sorts of words.

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