Are there any cons in breastfeeding?

On the wave of universal support and promotion of breast
feeding, I would like to pay a little attention to those things
which some consider negative sides of the chest
feeding. What problems await nursing mommy, with which she
will have to face and what to confront?

The content of the article

  • 1 Are there any cons of breastfeeding?
    • 1.1 Before birth, you need to psychologically prepare for
      breast feeding
    • 1.2 The hardness of character and the ability to stand on his own – mandatory
      character traits of a nursing mother
    • 1.3 Breast-feeding может быть причиной плохого
    • 1.4 Responsibility and decision making
    • 1.5 Anxiety
    • 1.6 Changing social roles
    • 1.7 The cause of problems with the shape of the breast and figure
    • 1.8 A certain number of inconveniences
    • 1.9 For breastfeeding it is very important to stay


Are there any cons of breastfeeding?

Although doctors and society as a whole are very positive
on the breastfeeding system, moms who feed the children
artificial mixtures, still remains quite a lot. And sometimes
they are very vehemently trying to resist numerous ideas
natural maternity:

  • prolonged breastfeeding;
  • feeding the baby on demand;
  • joint sleep.

The loss of breast milk for a child can safely
equate to a biological catastrophe, as it was repeatedly
proven huge benefits that breastfeeding brings to
This is a stronger immunity, and a push in
intellectual development, and the establishment of a close emotional connection
between mom and baby.

But for mummies, and those who practice artificial
feeding, and those who prefer the natural, it is important
understand one thing: breastfeeding is not a panacea, is not
The perfect solution to all questions and problems. It also has its
complexity, its disadvantages and disadvantages.

Before birth, you need to psychologically prepare for breast

The main condition for successful breastfeeding is the desire
мамы кормить своего малыша грудью. And to this process,
emotionally as well as informational, it is necessary to prepare more
before the baby is born. Many mothers are confident that
since breastfeeding is a natural process, everything
should from the start go like clockwork. Therefore refuse
think about what will happen after the baby is born.
It seems that nature will tell, but in fact it is very far from
of truth. Practical experience shows that breast
feeding often does not get better on its own, and
a woman needs to prepare in advance, gather information,
tune in psychologically to be ready to care for
новорожденным и feeding грудью.

If earlier it was possible to hope for the transfer of experience in caring for
child from previous generations, now the problem is observed and
in this aspect, since over the past decades in very many
issues of education and GV cardinal changes have occurred.

Hardness of character and ability to stand on your own are obligatory
character traits of a nursing mother

Many modern breastfeeding postulates
find sharp resistance, and not only from
relatives, but even by doctors who seemingly
must be the first to guard natural motherhood.

Young mother will have to defend their positions in
many issues.
This is both on-demand and first feeds.
half year no additional feedings, nothing
кроме материнского молока (когда грудничок получает только
mother’s milk without any extra food or drink), lack
pacifiers, nipples, bottles. In all of these, as well as many others
issues relating to the child and his upbringing, nursing mommy
will hear a lot of advice, sometimes even conflicting
friend, from the people of the Soviet era, who lived in a period of broad
spread artificial mixtures.

And only a hard character will help you overcome all these
tests and not to succumb to provocative statements
�”Sympathizers.” Unfortunately, not everyone can do it, because
powerful, targeted attacks from relatives on all sides can
break even strong resistance.

Breast-feeding может быть причиной плохого

Breastfeeding may be accompanied by some symptoms.
the cause of which is an altered state of the hormonal background
young mother:

  • Drowsiness. It is associated with an effect on the body.
    endorphins pleasure hormones. They seek to relax and
    put the woman to sleep while feeding with the baby;
  • Decreased concentration Reason for this
    is a high level of the hormone prolactin in the body which
    focuses all the attention of women on the child;
  • Decreased libido. All the same prolactin reduces
    production of estrogen in the body, and in fact it is the last
    responsible for the menstrual cycle and sexual desire. So
    way the body seeks to rest and recuperate after
    difficult continuation process kind;
  • Eating problems. Thirst for sweets
    constant thirst or nausea – the effect of the hormone oxytocin on
    an organism.


Responsibility and decision making

At first, young parents find it difficult to take on new ones.
roles and realize that it is now they who are responsible for the decisions made
and their consequences in relation to their own child. therefore
mommies who seek advice from a chest consultant
feeding, it is often believed that this is sufficient to
to get rid of all the problems.

However, no matter what expert you turn to, he will only send
you in the right direction, will give information and tools for
solving your problems will provide the necessary moral support. BUT
then you have to take matters into your own hands and resolve it
(to struggle with lactostasis, cross the chest, etc.).

And if you do not have confidence in the success and desire to fight
for breastfeeding, rest assured that it will be so, and
no specialist, even the best, will not be able to
change that.


Anxiety and worry constantly accompany nursing moms.
For example, worries about the fact that the baby lacks milk. Special
they are clearly manifested during periods of lactation crisis, which
fall on 3, 5, 7, 12 months of a child’s life. In fact,
it turns out like this: a child grows up, his energy costs
the body’s health increases, as does the need for food, but the breasts do not
manages to reorganize overnight under the new inquiries of the baby.

Also, mothers often worry about milk stagnation and those problems
which this condition can cause, therefore, are constantly being decanted,
than just increase the amount of milk produced, closing
vicious circle. Another fear is pain during
feeding and use nipple pads.


The main factor in the production of breast milk is
Mom’s confidence in what she does, the confidence that the child
gets the required amount of milk as well as readiness
make the maximum amount of effort to keep
lactation for the period necessary for the baby.
This confidence
You can gain a stable weight gain from a baby,
A sufficient number of bowel movements and baby buds, as well as
feeling boundless love for your baby and faith in the pledged
from within the power of nature.

Breast milk is the best food you can get.
baby in the first years of his life (see composition and useful
properties of breast milk).
And, although this period
accompanied by some difficulties as a reward mom gets
the knowledge that she made an invaluable contribution to her health
a child that she can observe throughout his
of life.

Changing social roles

Before the birth of a child, women had to experience themselves
different social roles: the role of a woman, a successful employee,
homemakers. And now these roles have been added.
also the role of mother and nurse.

It is very important that during this period a woman does not
felt like a “food” or “cash cow”, and perceived
feeding as a natural process required of her

After all, breastfeeding is conceived by nature as necessary.
process to adapt a child after birth to a new world that
provide baby comfort, warmth and food.
With chest
feeding the child will feel more relaxed and
confidently, and mom through this interaction will be able to quickly establish
contact with baby, go through the process of psychological addiction,
successfully enter into a new role for themselves, which is called

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feeding: useful tips

The cause of problems with the shape of the breast and figure.

Breast-feeding может стать причиной, почему лишний вес,
recruited during pregnancy does not go away after the birth of a child.
Of course, quite often the reason for this may not be feeding.
breast, and the fact that the new mother eats uncontrollably for

However, the body during this period stores fat in order to
secure energy for long breast
feeding. After 6 months of feeding, fat reserves
are released to make milk, and the excess weight starts to go away
even without sports loads and dietary restrictions.

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a woman


Regarding changes in the shape of the breast – then the thing is
not at all in feeding, but in heredity and pregnancy as
such. After all, very often moms who did not feed the child
one day, still express dissatisfaction with the shape of the breast,
which they received after giving birth.

Much more negative consequences for the female breast have
constant pumping, unsupervised nutrition, weight gain,
incorrect attachment of the child
breastfeeding collapses (see the article on how to
to finish breastfeeding correctly). Cessation of lactation
gradually, not sharply, just gives the body the necessary
time for returning breasts to pregnant forms (see
how to stop lactation).

A certain number of inconveniences

  • Кормить малыша нужно в самое разное время — и
    day and night;
  • Sleeping with a child can cause discomfort to the mother and
  • Milk tends to leak from the breast;
  • In some situations there is a need for decanting;
  • As long as you are breastfeeding, you cannot sleep on your stomach;
  • До 6 месяцев ребенка не желательно надолго оставлять дома
    on grandmothers or other relatives;
  • There are a number of food restrictions (coffee, alcohol (harm
    alcohol), food from fast food). We read the article that you can eat
    nursing mothers;
  • Smoking is not recommended (harm of smoking).

For breastfeeding it is very important to stay

Maintain a cheerful and positive attitude for a nursing mother
very important, because this state is transmitted to the baby, as well
promotes the production of a sufficient amount of milk. The more
you will be nervous, the more problems with feeding and baby you
will receive. And vice versa – calm, happy mom is
a pledge of a happy baby and a successful baby

Мама спокойна и уверена — много молока —
здоровый малыш, мама сомневается и нервничает — меньше молока
– problems with HB and child.

Therefore do not listen to the depressive stories of friends about their
failures and difficulties, but rather feel yourself a part of nature,
where feeding babies in mammals is so logical and
natural process that all doubts are dispelled in the same

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