Are lazy children so lazy: what is behindchildish laziness?

Parents often encounter children’s laziness. but
behind the reluctance to do something, features may be hidden
temperament, overwork, lack of self-confidence, excessive care and
just a lack of motivation. It is very important to help the child find one
the interest that motivates him will help cope with apathy. it
the task of adults. Tips for parents to deal with children


Probably every parent faced with laziness of their own
baby Such situations upset us and cause anger and resentment.
Why, we try so hard for him, and he even has to wash the dishes with him
does not want! We pay money for the section, but he refuses to go there.
walk! Часто родители срываются и бросают в сердцах: «Какой же
you are a bummer! ”,“ You don’t want to do anything at all! ”,“ A loafer! ”.

By saying this, adults additionally reinforce the child in his
unwillingness to do something. Lazy man so lazy, well and good. Why else
try? We ourselves hang the label on which he is
will try to further comply.

In fact, among children there simply cannot be lazy people,
because every little person is a bunch of all kinds
desires and boiling energy. Just there are guys to which adults
have not yet found the right approach.


Behind what we call baby laziness may be hiding a lot
different reasons to understand. Knowing the true
cause, one can provide invaluable help to a growing personality.

Causes of children’s laziness

  1. Темперамент. Congenital properties of the nervous
    systems affect character traits, determine individual
    features of a person. A sanguine or choleric child is very hard
    classes are given that require prolonged concentration and
    assiduity. This is more like phlegmatic and melancholic
    kiddies. But calm and balanced phlegmatic will not want
    perform a task where you need to respond quickly and actively
    to communicate.
  2. Self-doubt and fear possible
    . It happens that the child refuses to perform
    какого-то задания из-за страха возможной failures. For example, not
    wants to prepare a report to be delivered, because
    he had a negative public speaking experience, or simply he
    afraid of attention to himself, suffers from shyness. Here is the reason
    already psychological and lies in low self-esteem, uncertainty in
    собственных силах (Читаем также: Три ценных
    skills that you need to teach your children – 3 not to be afraid
  3. Переутомление. Maybe your child is so
    loaded with studies, extra classes, sports sections,
    that just does not have time to recover physically? In the end he
    rebel and refuse to engage in the now unbearable
    activities. In addition, it threatens a disease in which the body
    looking for an opportunity to relax. Do not compare your child with
    others who manage to do everywhere. All children are different, and
    chasing someone is a sure way to discourage your own
  4. Излишняя опека. Often adults themselves teach
    baby lazy, not giving the opportunity to work hard. Moms and
    grandmothers clean the baby in the room, fold their clothes, wash them for
    him the dishes. When a child of 3-4 years makes an attempt to help around the house, we
    часто говорим ему: «Ты еще мал, дай я сделаю». Or peanut
    wants to dress himself, and we, being afraid of being late, we dress and put on shoes.
    Such parental tactics gradually quench the child’s desire to
    independence, and then we wonder who he is
    lazy person.
  5. И, наконец, самая распространенная причина: недостаток
    . And the kid, and an adult, will not want to do that
    which does not cause him any interest. Interest motivates the child
    from the inside, it makes you want to do something, helps you set goals and
    achieve results, enjoying the process itself.
    The task of adults: to help the child find such an interest and create
    conditions for its manifestation.

Help the child find a sphere so that the child can no longer be lazy.
activities interesting for him. Hobby will be the pivot on
which a child can rely on in daily life will give an incentive
to cope with studies, household duties. Finally, it will increase
self confidence and overall success small

How to help your child find something to do

  1. Collect as much information as possible about
    interested in your child.
    Talk to him about your loved ones
    cartoons, games, activities. What he likes and dislikes
    to do, why. Analyze what you know about him.
    inclinations. Surely you can designate a range of interests in some
    a certain area.
  2. Give your child the opportunity to try their hand
    in different directions.
    For example, you think that
    the kid likes dancing, but he can’t realize it, because
    there is no possibility to do them (at school there is no such group, parents
    can not carry far). If you really want to
    the child got involved in business, you have to sacrifice something and give it a try
  3. Do not criticize or scold the offspring when he has
    something did not work, it turned out “not his.”
    Let him seek himself
    as much as it’s necessary. Soon he will
    will highlight for itself the most interesting occupation.
  4. Show your sincere interest
    Rejoice in his successes, be grieved by failures,
    Praise for achievements. If possible, join the activity
    child, sharing his interests.

Чувствуя вашу поддержку, дитя сможет найти yourself Favourite buisness
will help him to establish his own abilities, to take in life
active position. And most importantly, he will be sure that you love him,
understand and support. it вызовет благодарность и ответное
desire to help you.

Well, when you see that a child is really lazy, not
can force yourself to do something, the following will help you

We are struggling with children’s laziness: advice to parents

  • Give a specific order. For example,
    �“Collect toys”, “Discard trash”, not “What a mess! Immediately
    убери!» (Читаем также: как приучить ребенка
    help around the house);
  • Учитывайте желания baby For example: “Relax
    one and a half hours, and sit down to do your homework “, not” Sit down
    now for the lessons! ”;
  • Дайте почувствовать последствия. For example:
    �“Trousers and shirt are wrinkled, you will have to stroke them” and not “Ten
    once she said: hang the clothes in the closet! ”;
  • Отмечайте достижения. For example, «Ты не
    distracted, and completed his homework quickly and correctly! ”;
  • Encourage and encourage. For example, «Приятно
    see how clean you are! Now we can go together
    take a walk. ”

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