Are diapers harmful to boys?

If you look at diapers in the recent past,
You can recall how they caused dermatitis. Diaper story
another. They say that they can provoke infertility in children
male. Что  делать молодым родителям, закупить десятки
meters of gauze or decide to use comfortable in all
diaper relationship?

The content of the article

  • 1 Myths and realities about the dangers of diapers for boys
    • 1.1 Чтоб подгузник не навредил
    • 1.2 Video: diaper change
  • 2 Opinions mommies

Vredny li pampersy dlya mal'chikov

Young choose the second option. With them reliably (will not leak) and
quietly (you can sleep all night). We will understand how to choose
diapers for a baby, can they be put on, are diapers harmful
for boys?

In Russia, diapers first appeared in the 90s. And with them
there were terrifying facts and speculations about the dangers of this product. TO
By now, the first generation of diapers has grown, and we
можем проанализировать, так ли вредны памперсы для boys

Myths and realities about the dangers of diapers for boys

  • Myth 1. The diaper is male

Surprisingly, many pediatricians still bully young
moms so that their boy will become a barren man or even
impotent, if you wear a diaper on him in childhood.

The myth is based on the fact that when wearing diapers for a child
the temperature rises in the genital area, and this leads to
reduce sperm count. Actually reproductive system
men begins to be activated only from 7-8 years. Have small
boys sperm is not produced at all, and therefore, worry
about nothing.

  • Myth 2. The diaper creates a greenhouse.

Since the diaper is closed on all sides of the flow, inside
it produces moisture. It adversely affects the skin and,
конечно, приводит к infertility.

In real life, the diaper is simply impossible to stick tightly to
child, which means that it is not tight and the air will get inside.
Moreover, manufacturers of disposable diapers took care of
that there are special holes on the surface of the diapers,
passing through the air. Никакого парникового Effectа в памперсах не

  • Миф 3. Подгузник приводит к аллергии

Adults, looking at the baby in diapers, sympathetically
sigh. Oh, poor baby, how do you wear such a weight, yes u
all your skin was sweating and stained. These people obviously never
did not wear diapers.

Modern disposable diapers are not only well missed
air, but also covered with hypoallergenic material inside. TOожа малыша
in the diaper always remains dry, thanks to the special
absorbent substance. No diaper rash and allergies in the baby

  • Myth 4. The diaper bends the legs.

Looking at the baby in pampers, you might think that it is difficult for him
move, and he rearranges the legs as it is strange. This led
to create the myth that the diaper bends the legs.

In fact, manufacturers of diapers take into account the anatomical
leg structure and diapers do not affect their formation.
TOривизна ног передаётся генетически. Among the older generation not
who knew diapers, there are also people with crooked legs, and
diapers have nothing to do with it.

  • Миф 5. Ношение подгузников усложняет приучение
    baby potty

Absolutely incorrect statement. Many babies in pampers
begin to groan when they want to go to the toilet. Here the main thing
parental care, notice the urges of your baby and
plant it on the pot.

  • And more, disposable or reusable?

Many parents to save money
используют многоразовые подгузники.  Pediatricians advise
disposable. So a young mother will save her baby from diaper rash and
dermatitis, and yourself from continuous washing.

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When choosing diapers, consider the following

  1. TOогда вес малыша оказывается промежуточным между двумя
    categories of commercial diapers, it is best to choose
    diaper slightly larger.
  2. Make sure the diapers are hygroscopic (i.e. diapers
    должны быть «дышащими», во избежание перегрева и опрелостей),
    they must pass air well. If the child is over a year old
    need to wear more panties. So he quickly learn to pot
    and you will no longer need to think about costly
  3. Старайтесь не брать памперсы с отдушками. Allergic
    children, they can cause skin redness or a rash.
  4. Buy diapers in specialized stores or
  5. When buying, pay attention to the integrity of the package and the period
    shelf life.

Чтоб подгузник не навредил

  1. Every 3-4 hours change it, especially after
    baby wake up or walk.
  2. TOожа малыша должна быть сухой. Сняв использованный
    diaper, wash the baby, apply the cream on the skin and only after
    this wear a diaper.
  3. If parents are too scrupulous about the question of whether
    diaper for the skin of the child, it can be changed immediately after
  4. After changing the diaper, give the baby a chance to walk in
    shorts or let him lie naked if it’s warm. At this time you can
    do a massage or gymnastics.
  5. If skin start blushing, change manufacturer
  6. Never take too small or big diaper.
    The little one will squeeze the body, and the big one will skip through
    non-contiguous parts of urine.
  7. Do not give your child diapers as a toy. If he
    breaks, the baby can try its contents (adsorbent) “on
  8. You should not use one diaper several times.

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newborns (+ video reviews)

In this article, we exposed 5 myths about the dangers of diapers,
chief among them was the myth of male infertility. Now moms
boys can sleep well and be sure that the diapers
not harmful to boys. Rather, it’s a good night’s sleep
the absence of wet diapers will bring a lot of joy to moms and their

The only problem for young families is
high price, but it overlaps convenience and comfort. Therefore not
бойтесь использовать подгузнки, малышу это никак не
will hurt

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Video: diaper change

Opinions mommies

That’s what moms say about this on the forums:

Валенсиа Максима Подгузники не вредны для
boys When conducting research it was found that the average
temperature in a disposable diaper does not exceed that in
gauze and therefore does not cause a “greenhouse” effect, except
In addition, the advantages of disposable
подгузников :
— жидкое содержимое быстро впитывается не
раздражая кожу ребенка , не вызывая дискомфорта
— при
intestinal diseases disposable diapers do not need to boil and
iron, there is also no risk of contamination of clothing and bacteria
постельного белья
— одноразовый подгузник не нужно
fix it carefully – just fasten the velcro and the diaper
will not go anywhere.
Regarding disposable diapers
I recommend to read the article wonderful Kharkov
pediatrician Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky (articles can be found in
on the Internet and magazines, or in his book “Child Health and Common Health
the meaning of his relatives “

Лися Нет не вредны, не грамотны те кто
harms about their dangers, diapers is a good thing, you just have to buy
their size then the folder wakes up always to be aired without waking up
streamers, diaper rash and irritation.

Мордвинкина Екатерина Ну как могут
disposable diapers cause harm, whether to a boy or
girl? They speak for themselves – DISPOSABLE. Of course if
you want to save and change diapers, no more than a couple of times in
day, then most likely, it will not lead to anything good. Besides
Moreover, this is a time and effort saving! Good luck to you! Don’t listen
outdated opinions!

el123 Не вредны, не переживайте.Вредны они
will be only if you change them once a day
(diaper rash is guaranteed). And so it is very good
help. Good luck.

Мика Не знаю, а мне педиатр рекомендовала
не носить памперсы, т. к. это вредно для яичек у boys
The maximum they can be 3-4 hours. I read the same on
many honey pages about diapers. They even write that it can
cause infertility. I do not know how much all this is true, but
did not risk. We only walk in them, and at home it is beautiful and without
we manage them and gauze also never used. Their meaning is me
don’t understand at all.

Nick.I Если вы имеете в виду, грозят ли
diapers boy “male” problems in the future, the answer
unequivocal – no! Spermatogenesis in boys begins MUCH
later than the “pampers” age, and even if it is theoretically assumed
overheating in the diapers of the genitals, it is all the same, except
prickly heat and discomfort, nothing serious in the future boy

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