Are all movements life? Is running so usefulfor good health

Update: February 2019

Everyone knows that health should be protected from an early age, while doing
physical culture, eating right and not finding harmful
habits. �“Movement is life!” Says one of the most famous
slogans that encourage self-cultivation. But does everyone
Is human body movement equally beneficial? What sports
allow you to effectively maintain a healthy and positive rest
world view? It is with these questions that interested immediately
several groups of scientists around the world.

Sydney Studies:

Not long ago, Emmanuel Stamatakis with his group of scientists
in Sydney organized a large-scale experiment to identify the very
the best sport for hardening health and prolonging life.
Work seriously interested the whole world, because for her it was
attracted more than 80,000 people. Such a large-scale study
based on data on patients collected over 12 years (1994-2006
years) with the help of social services in the UK and Austria.

The selection of people took place according to their age (the average is 52
years), sports bias, socio-economic situation and
наличия вредных habits. The goal of the whole experiment is to find a close
the relationship between certain exercises and the likelihood of early
human death. Detailed statistical work of scientists allowed
draw conclusions that:

  1. Practicing any of the exercises, be it running or swimming,
    significantly improves the quality of life, improves health.
  2. Swimming less beneficial in relation to
    cardiovascular system and the state of the body as a whole than
    sports with a racket (badminton, squash, tennis). According to statistics:
    the first type of exercise reduces the risk of early death by 28%,
    cardiovascular diseases – by 41%, the second sport
    reduces these figures by 47% and 56% respectively.
  3. Along with swimming on the same level is dancing and
  4. Cycling is less effective than swimming.
  5. Running a significant impact on the duration of life is not

See also about the dangers of sports and too active training in the article.
Lazy live longer.

Russian view of the problem:

Comments on the most useful sports for humans
gave dms Vladimir Yulov, orthopedic traumatologist. According to him,
walking, swimming, have a favorable effect on our health,
skiing or cycling, stretching exercises and
flexibility. But running, so popular in recent years, not
as good as they think about him:

  • The fact is that when running a large load develops
    leg joints (knee, hip, ankle).
  • Movements of a running person create an imitation of “strike” of parts
    joint together.
  • Prolonged exposure to such “strokes” will lead to osteoarthritis –
    chronic incurable disease.
  • Also while running, your heart starts to work at a faster pace,
    than with the above load options.

Of course, running is completely not necessary. Need to be able to
to run correctly: do not forget to wear special shoes, run on
hard surfaces. And do not forget that any sport should be

According to Vladimir Yulov, a modern person needs to turn
focus on breathing exercises that contribute to:

  • strengthen the respiratory muscles;
  • improving the respiratory volume of the lungs;
  • development of harmony of man with himself.

Movement is life. This slogan remains undeniable.
Of course, everyone chooses the type of training,
sport, which wants and will be engaged. But maybe worth it
listen to different opinions of scientists, because statistical
studies show a real picture of the benefits or harms of that or
another exercise. Based on scientific findings, you can take the most
correct point of view for yourself.

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