Apricots and dried apricots in breastfeeding

The best food for a young child, especially
The first months of life, is breast milk. It is useful
tasty and its composition is ideal for the baby. It contains full
range of essential nutrients, vitamins and enzymes.
Breast-feeding обеспечивает нормальный рост и полноценное
child development, the proper formation of his brain and
intelligence. Mother’s milk contains immunoglobulins and immune
cells that protect the baby from various infections (intestinal,
hepatitis, diphtheria, etc.) and stimulate proper development
the infant’s own immune system. Children on the chest
feeding, страдают от аллергии гораздо реже, чем
�”Artificial”. A prerequisite for the development of high-quality
breast milk in the right quantity is balanced
maternal nutrition during breastfeeding. Women especially
Carefully treat products that are consumed during the period of GW.
And even such a favorite and harmless fruit, like apricot,
raises a lot of questions related to whether you can eat it when
грудном feeding и в каком виде, влияет ли он на состав
milk and can not harm the baby.



It is interesting! Homeland apricot –
China, there they knew about him already for 2–3 thousand years BC. and already then his
used for medicinal purposes. Later, apricot spread across Asia,
and he came to Europe from Armenia, there – in Europe, then he was called
“Armenian apple”. In Russia, he came from the West in the XVII, by the way,
There are only 3 of us out of 10 types of apricot trees
wild species. The most common apricot grows single
tree, but sometimes there are sparse apricot groves
trees. Apricot trees (wild) can often be seen by
roadsides in the middle lane, the cultivated varieties are grown in
fruit farms.

Are apricots helpful in HB?

In most cases, if there are no contraindications,
related to individual intolerance of the body, apricots
useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers. They refer to
dietary fruit, and due to the sweet and juicy flesh they are also

Ripe apricot is rich in potassium, necessary for normal operation.
heart and nerve cells. Dried (dried apricots) potassium is contained in
5-6 times more than fresh. Также абрикос содержит магний и
phosphorus, activating the work of the brain; iron and iodine
thyroid disease prevention; many vitamins
(C, A, B1, B2, PP) and nutrients. In addition, apricots
contain many pectic substances and natural acids, such as
lemon, wine and apple. All these elements take
direct participation in the life of the organism.

It is known that in order to satisfy the daily
the body’s need for ascorbic acid is enough to drink ¾
glasses of natural apricot juice.

Пищевая ценность абрикосов

Пищевая ценность абрикосов

Учитывая все полезные свойства, врачи рекомендуют в период
грудного вскармливания употреблять этот невероятно вкусный и
juicy fruit, but in moderation, no frills. To avoid possible
colic and pain in the baby’s tummy, they advise you to wait until
the child will not be 2-3 months old when his digestive system
will become more fit and then you can try to enter in
Mom’s diet apricots. For the first time, eating half is enough.
абрикоса и понаблюдать за реакцией ребенка после кормления
breastfeeding If everything is in order, then you can safely include them in
свой рацион.

Regularly using apricots, you can feel
on yourself and appreciate their beneficial properties for the body
mothers who are breastfeeding:

  • They will help you quickly recover from childbirth and support
    GW period due to the unique and balanced composition
    vitamins, trace elements and nutrients;
  • Will keep and improve external beauty of young mother, will provide
    dental, hair and skin health;
  • Promote rapid cell repair and normalization
    the work of the internal organs;
  • Normalize the work of the stomach (contribute to the removal from the body
    slags and toxins);
  • Prevent possible problems for young mothers related to
    hormonal disorders, dysbiosis and edema;
  • This is a good way to lose weight, because
    способствуют ускорению обмена веществ, а соответственно, и
    weight loss as soon as possible;
  • Обладают мочегонным действием;
  • Contribute to improved memory;
  • Хорошее средство от простудных diseases. AT
    Eastern medicine as an antitussive widely
    apricot seeds are used. It’s time to prepare for the winter though
    would be a few jars of jam from this fruit: along with hot tea
    it will effectively eliminate the common cold;


Good to know!

Apricots, it is an excellent prevention of many serious
 It has been scientifically proven that use
apricot prevents the development of diseases of the heart, stomach,
genitourinary system, arthritis and even lung cancer – due to the high
carotene content. To meet daily needs
man in carotene, enough to drink a glass natural
apricot juice or eat 5-6 fresh fruits. By the way, carotene
very useful for sight.

Apricots are used in
 Apricot received wide distribution
и в cosmetology. From its seeds prepare the oil, which in composition
close to almond and quite nutritious. It can be used in
as a face cream and anti-dry ends.
Finally, now you should pamper yourself with an apricot mashed mask,
which will saturate the skin with valuable elements, give it a healthy even
tone and help to get a beautiful tan.

Canned apricots

консервированные абрикосы

ATрачи не рекомендуют употреблять консервированные абрикосы. Their
produced with heat treatment and the use of chemical
substances required for conservation.

AT процессе термической обработки абрикосы могут терять внешний
appearance, they can add a variety of flavors. Getting with
mother’s milk to the baby, artificial additives can cause him
allergic reactions and disrupt the bowels.

Compote recipe:


Dried apricots


Dried apricots doctors definitely advise daily
eat and pregnant, and lactating mothers.
It contains
composed of all the necessary vitamins, fiber, trace elements,
organic acids and carbohydrates and brings irreplaceable benefit to moms
during lactation.

Useful properties of dried apricots:

  • ATыводит из организма различные вредные металлы и радионуклиды
    thanks to pectins and natural acids;
  • Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • Normalizes the digestive system after
  • Lowers blood cholesterol;
  • It is an excellent tool for the prevention of endocrine
  • Helps with vitamin deficiency and anemia;
  • Due to fructose and glucose they satisfy the need for sweets without
    harm to the female body;
  • Beneficial effect on the beauty of the mother, strengthens hair and nails,
    improves skin condition;
  • Употребляемая при ГAT, курага отлично предотвращает
    the appearance of constipation in the baby;
  • Due to the large amount of potassium is remarkable
    medicine for those who suffer cardiovascular
  • Normalizes pressure;
  • Thanks to carotene is good for vision;
  • It is a source of great well-being;
  • It has active diuretic properties and normalizes
    kidney condition.

Dried fruit can be used as ingredients for desserts and
salads, hot and meat dishes.

Terms of use and precautions

Главными правилами употребления абрикосов во время ГAT являются

  • ATыбирайте только спелые плоды;
  • Buy them in high season (June-July);
  • Do not overeat;
  • Do not eat on an empty stomach;
  • When a child has an allergy or an upset stomach,
    immediately stop using them.

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lactating mothers?

Buying dried apricots, pay attention to its appearance. If she
has too bright color and glitters, this may indicate
that when drying chemicals were used (for example,
sulfuric anhydride), which often fumigate the fruit in drying
chambers. Dried apricots хорошего качества имеет цвет от бледно-желтого до
grayish brown and pronounced taste. It is better to choose gray
dried apricots having a nondescript color that appears natural
by drying the fruit.


Перед употреблением курагу нужно тщательно промыть, залить
boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Then drain, rinse again and only
then you can eat.

Abuse dried apricots should not be. Just eat
five to six pieces of dried apricots a day as a sweet dessert.

Apricots are widely known for their ability to weaken stools.
Experts advise to be more attentive both to yourself and to the state
baby at the first use of the new fruit. With constipation in a child
they will benefit. AT случае поносов у малыша, кормящей маме лучше
refrain from eating apricots and dried apricots.

AT редких случаях у ребенка может появиться аллергия после того,
how mom eat apricots. It can be expressed not only in the rash and
irritations on the skin, but also in stool disorders. Imperfect
the digestive system of the baby still has weak protective functions
and can not digest everything that is able to digest the stomach
an adult.

Remember about the possible individual intolerance of fruit,
which may be mother or father. Someone can eat half a bucket
without consequences, and sometimes even a few pieces are enough
for the appearance of severe diarrhea. If parents have
intolerance of this fruit, then most likely the child will not
perceive it. AT этом случае маме желательно не рисковать и
refrain from using them.

Let’s sum up.

Apricots are useful and necessary in the diet of nursing
moms. Use them preferably not from the birth of the baby, but after 2-3
of the month. At the same time remember the precautions. Do not forget,
that mom’s nutrition can affect the health and condition of the baby. Not
be selfish and don’t think only about yourself. If you see that
eating apricot causes allergic reactions in a child or
bowel disorder, it is best to refrain from taking them during
breastfeeding. To be a mother is to be able to put interests
a child above own, able to sacrifice something for the sake of health
your baby.


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