Approximate day regimen for a child at 4 months.Tips and tricks

Behind the four-month-old baby there is one more
month of life. During this time, he is very strong, has grown and much
learned Adapting to the new needs and capabilities of the baby,
should change his daily routine. He will still be
consist of alternating feedings, periods of sleep and wakefulness,
filled with educational games, gymnastics and hygienic
procedures, only the duration of these

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  • 1 Approximate daily routine of a 4-month-old baby:
    • 1.1 Power
    • 1.2 Sleep
    • 1.3 Walking
    • 1.4 Educational games
    • 1.5 Physical development, hardening and hygiene
      • 1.5.1 How to temper your baby
  • 2 VIDEO GUIDE: How to organize child care in 4 months?
    Feeding. Care. Highlights
  • 3 How to teach a child to the regime


Approximate daily routine of a 4-month-old baby:

  • 6:00-8:00 Утреннее пробуждение, первая
    meal, complex of hygienic procedures (with obligatory washing
    and changing the diaper), the reception of air baths, combined with the morning
    gymnastics, the period of active wakefulness.
  • 8:00-10:00 Утренний сон.
  • 10:00-12:00 Вторая трапеза, активный досуг
    (exercise, light massage, communication with
    close, educational games).
  • 12:00-14:00 Прогулка, совмещенная со сном на
    fresh air (about the first walks).
  • 14:00-16:00 Третья трапеза, экскурсия по
    apartment, active games, educational activities.
  • 16:00-18:00 Вечерняя прогулка, знакомство с
    the world around you, sleep.
  • 18:00-21:00 Четвертая трапеза, игры и
    developmental activities with family members, bathing crumbs.
  • 21:00-22:30 Подготовка ко сну.
  • 22:30 Ночная трапеза.
  • 23:00-6:00 Ночной сон.

Additional option (optional):


Moms should understand that the proposed daily routine
is approximate and it’s not worth trying
follow him minute to minute. Individual features of each
the child will inevitably contribute to it

However, with any adjustments in the mode of the day of the four-month crumbs
The following points should remain unchanged:

  • intervals between meals should be at least
    four o’clock;
  • the total duration of daytime sleep is about six
    hours (it is advisable to divide them into three intervals).


The routine governing the life of 4 months
baby, provides not six, and five times feeding. In that
его основное отличие от режима в предыдущем месяце
Modern mothers have the opportunity to feed their children one of
three ways: by breast, artificial and mixed

  • Four-month baby on the chest
    feeding until you feel the need for additional
    complementary foods because the nutritional value of breast milk for him
    вполне достаточна
    . Reducing the number of meals
    due to the fact that the grown and strong child for one feeding
    sucks out more milk, stays full longer;
  • Daily need for breast milk in a baby at 4 months
    is 900-1000 ml, so it is easy to calculate that the volume
    one serving should be about 200 ml. Bottle with
    this amount of formula and the baby gets
    artificial feeding.

We read in detail about how much breast milk or formula
should eat baby

One important thing happens in the lives of children
событие: начиная с этого месяца они начинают получать первый
. Regarding the nature of the products from which
should begin complementary foods, pediatricians divided. One of them
Consider that the best option is gluten-free non-dairy
porridge, others recommend feeding baby cakes with yogurt and
cottage cheese. The vast majority of experts advise a little
introduce vegetable purees and juices first into the child’s diet, and then

The crumb’s reaction to complementary foods is important: the food owes him
like. Starting with a teaspoon, the amount of new
The product is increased daily by one spoon. Through десять дней
The volume of complementary foods should be at least 150 ml. As soon as it is
happens, in the diet of the child appears one feeding
product, and the other four are carried out familiar milk
a mixture.

Complementary food is introduced into the diet of 4-month-old babies, by virtue of
need for mixed feeding. Usually to him
mothers who have not produced enough
breast milk. With such a diet, the baby needs 500 ml.
mother’s milk, 400 ml of milk formula and 150 ml of complementary foods.

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A child aged 4 months still needs sleep
is high. As in the previous month, he should sleep at least
sixteen hours a day, however, the increased duration
daytime wakefulness leads to a change in sleep patterns.


In an ideal scenario, the crumb must sleep no less.
ten o’clock at night and six during the day. Instead four periods
day rest he has three.

Of course, this mode is not suitable for every child. Some
babies still need four days of sleep, and someone
fine and one. Some sleep well all night long,
others even wake up at night every three hours and require
reinforcements. In that возрасте уже можно понять, кто будет
�”Lark”, and who – “owl.”

In each case, an intelligent and caring mother should
to build the regime of the day for your baby, to provide him with conditions for
proper development, and this is possible only with a reasonable alternation
periods of sleep and wakefulness. Bad sleep baby will
naughty, give up games and food, and sleepy will
overly energetic. So the golden mean is important here.

With a thoughtful approach, you can adapt to any
individual features of each baby, forcing him to get used
к правильному распорядку
. If a pussy doesn’t sleep well at night,
not letting your loved ones sleep, it makes sense to donate first
part of his night rest and lay him a little later than usual.
You have to show some ingenuity while entertaining
naughty baby, but after that he instantly falls asleep, not
waking up till the morning.

How to teach a baby to sleep all night / our daily routine with 4

On the topic of sleep:

  • How to put a child to sleep without tears and whims
  • Teach the child to sleep in their crib separately from
    mothers (video, real stories) –;
  • To rock the baby before bedtime: until what age
    can ukachivat
  • The baby sleeps only in the arms, and you lay awake –
    problem or not
  • At what age can your baby sleep on a pillow?


Organization, duration and number of walks with
ребенком остаются такими же, что и в предыдущем месяце:
taking it to fresh air is necessary for 1.5-2 hours two times
. Of course, if that is not prevented by too bad
weather conditions: severe frost, wind or unbearable heat.

We should not forget that the start of the walk should be
cognitive for a kid who has begun to take an active interest in
to the world around, therefore it is necessary to tell him about everything
meets on the way: about the seen plants, animals and birds, about
passers-by and passing vehicles.

The rest of the walk the child will still sleep in peace
stroller: thanks to the influx of fresh air that saturates the cells
brain oxygenated, this dream will be especially long and helpful
for him.

Educational games

Since the child is 4 months awake for eight
hours, this time must be filled with a large number
educational games.

  • Very useful for your baby walks
    Traveling in the hands of adults, he meets
    the name and purpose of the items in it. All received
    information is stored in his memory. Through некоторое время можно
    make sure of it. Name a familiar subject and you
    you will see that the crumb will turn a head in its party;
  • For the development of tactile sensations is useful to give the baby
    bright toys with different surface texture.
    They can
    be firm and soft, smooth and rough, uneven and
    having holes. The colors of toys should be either single colored
    or containing no more than two or three colors. Border color
    the transition must be clear;
  • Four months is a fertile time for
    the use of educational mats, entertainment centers and
    mobile phones
    Promoting hearing, vision and shallow
    sensory sensations that awaken the kid’s physical activity, all these
    toys are very useful for him, but you should not offer the baby
    several things at once: he must concentrate on something
  • It is useful for babies to listen to rhythmic music.
    Clapping your hands to the beat of the music, mom will contribute
    formation of the baby’s sense of rhythm. You can take the baby in your arms and
    smoothly circling with him to a beautiful melody;
  • The child needs to tell tales, sing children
    songs, recite poems and verses.
    Already from this age it is necessary
    to teach kids to look at pictures and read books;
  • Babies are very useful and loved games with their pens and
    feet, finger games fun “Forty-crow”, “Ladushki”, “Goat
    horned ”(+10 games that bring joy to your baby).

    Stroking and massaging tiny fingers is not conducive to
    only the development of sensorics, but also the activation of brain centers,
    responsible for the speech.

Knowing that all the toys and items that fell into the pens
baby will certainly be in his mouth, you need to watch them
cleanliness Toys should be washed daily with boiled water, and
scraps to expose periodic washing.

Physical development, hardening and hygiene

A stronger baby needs more physical
exercises, therefore, in addition to morning exercises,
engage in the strengthening and development of his muscles throughout the day.
A five-minute load performed in the morning, afternoon and

  • Children of this age begin independently
    roll over on tummy.
    To ease this
    the task, strengthening the muscles of the back and abdominals, is very useful
    to play “bun”. Carefully rolling the baby from the back to
    tummy (and in the opposite direction) on the big bed, you can
    accompany your actions with a hilarious comment about what a crumb
    turned into a rubber ball or a cone running away from their
  • To strengthen the spine and arms, mother can give
    grab hold of your index fingers and then pull it
    to myself.
    This exercise will be a skill preparation.
    self-sitting (when will the baby start sitting?);
  • When laying out a baby (lying on the floor) on the tummy,
    useful to put his hand under his heels.
    Pushing away from
    her feet, the baby will make the first attempts to crawl away.
    For these attempts to be successful, the floor should not be slippery.
    The best option is to have a carpet covered with thin
    a blanket.

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уметь ребенок в 4 месяца: навыки в 4 месяца

How to temper your baby

4 months is a good time to start.
hardening procedures. Subject to regular execution, they
позволят малышу всегда оставаться здоровым

  • The hardening began in the first months of development.
    baby because air baths and walks in the fresh air
    тоже относятся к категории hardening procedures. Duration
    air baths in a room with a temperature of 22 degrees for
    малыша должна составлять не менее десяти минут. Execute them
    should be at least two times a day;
  • One of the most gentle tempering procedures with
    использованием воды является обтирание
    . Before proceeding
    to wet rubdown, conduct a course of dry. Baby’s tender skin
    wiping mittens made of terry cloth. This should be done
    very carefully, to slightly reddening of the skin. After 7-10
    days, when the rubbing will become familiar, you can proceed to
    use wet mittens. Dampen it warm (36 degrees)
    with water and wring well, wipe at first only the face of the child. Through
    several sessions the area of ​​rubdown gradually increase, having finished
    until complete wiping of the whole body. Duration процедуры – не
    more than two minutes. After every three treatments, water temperature
    reduce by one degree (you need to bring it to 30 degrees).

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newborn baby. Hardening rules and methods

The complex of hygienic procedures for a child remains the same
including the procedure of morning washing, mandatory washing
at each change of a diaper and evening bathing.

Following the suggested recommendations and adapting them to
individual features of its 4-month-old crumbs, each
caring mother will be able to create such a daily routine that
necessary for successful intellectual and physical development

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VIDEO GUIDE: How to organize child care in 4 months?
Feeding. Care. Highlights

How to teach a child to the regime

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