Application of vaseline oil for newborns— зачем / when / как

Vaseline oil is recommended in the first-aid kit to all parents,
having newborn children. It is used not only for
ухода за кожей и при запорах у новорожденных, но и для ухода
за грудью кормящей женщины.

вазелиновое масло

Вазелиновое масло  (или жидкий парафин) – высокоочищенная
colorless oily liquid obtained from distillation residues
kerosene oil, odorless, absolutely tasteless. It is not
contains harmful substances safe for small

Useful properties of vaseline oil


When applying the oil on the skin forms a thin protective
film. Using liquid paraffin, you reliably protect the skin of your
baby from microtrauma received from friction with clothing or diapers.
Known moisturizing and disinfecting properties of this oil, its
ability to destroy harmful bacteria.


  • Babies on the head often have yellowish diathesis in their hair.
    crusts. They can not be ripped off, because you can damage the delicate skin on
    head of a newborn baby and through damage in the body
    infants can get infection. To prevent this from happening,
    use vaseline oil. Just brush them all the crusts,
    wait a while for them to soften and gently remove them
    (We read in detail about the crusts on the head);
  • Vaseline oil is an excellent prophylactic against
    diaper rash and prickly heat of newborns. After washing, grease all
    problem areas with liquid paraffin, it softens and protects well
    skin If irritation on the ass or in the folds has already appeared,
    используйте масло каждый раз, when меняете подгузник (Подробно
    diaper rash and potepnika);
  • Infants often have mucus and dust in their nose, which
    makes it difficult for the baby to breath. Lubricate the nasal passages with Vaseline oil,
    оно смягчит и увлажнит слизистую носа baby Breathe baby
    станет намного легче и свободнее (Как еще можно почистить
    child spout);
  • Do babies have constipation and need to do an enema? Apply on
    pear tip liquid paraffin. The tip is easily inserted into the straight
    baby’s intestine, without inflicting minor injuries – how to make an enema the most
    small children;
  • Vaseline oil is useful and the mother of the baby, if she feeds
    breastfeeding If there is a hardening in the chest (lactostasis, blockage
    milk) make a night compress with liquid paraffin. He will help
    soften firm breasts, improve milk flow, and as a result –
    remove pain and discomfort.

Application tips

The skin of a newborn baby must breathe, because
some time after birth, the baby gets oxygen through the pores
on the skin. In order not to cause blockages, apply a thin layer of oil
on small parts of the baby’s body.

Quality oil is quickly absorbed. To avoid fakes
or not to buy low-quality oil, purchase it only in
pharmacies. Be sure to check the date of manufacture and shelf life.
Remember that after opening the bottle, the oil must be used in
for 10 days.

Liquid paraffin does not contain fragrances and dyes, therefore
you can safely use it for babies

Information for consideration

In recent years, many pediatric doctors recommend with
use caution vaseline oil. The fact is that the film,
which it forms, even if it is very thin, clogs the pores
baby skin. As a result, the peel stops breathing, under the film
sweating stops. As a result, a rash may appear,
increase irritation. Liquid Wax Solution
worth taking only after discussion with your child


  1. If a child has a feverish state, use liquid
    paraffin is prohibited.
  2. In case of hypersensitivity to this oil, apply it.
    can not.
  3. Vaseline oil as a laxative inside
    newborn babies are not used.

Vaseline oil is produced in Russia and is quite inexpensive.
Therefore, to have this effective tool in your first-aid kit can
позволить себе каждая семья, имеющая новорожденного baby

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