Appendicitis in childhood increases the riskprostate cancer

Update: February 2019

Appendicitis transferred in youth increases the risk of cancer
prostate 9 times. This conclusion was made by researchers from
University of Orebro (OrebroUniversity) in Sweden. Work was
published in the journal CancerEpidemiology,
Biomarkersand Prevention.

Scientists studied data on 240 000 18-year-old boys, who
entered military service for several decades. AT
medical records there was information which of them had
appendix removed. Further information was analyzed, which of the sample
заболел раком предстательной железы в ближайшие 40 лет.


  • A malignant tumor developed in approximately 1,700 men.
  • Thus, in men who have had appendicitis in childhood and
    юности,  риск prostate cancer увеличивается на 70 %.
  • Severe stages of the disease (with germination, metastasis in
    other organs) in men with an appendix developed in 4
    times more often, and their risk of dying from oncology was higher at 9

An exact connection, why inflammation of the appendix can lead
to the development of cancer, not established. There is a version that after the early
appendix removal for many years local immunity remains
reduced, and the body’s defenses work worse. So
This creates favorable conditions for the growth of cancer.

It was previously proved that after removal of the appendix to women
easier to get pregnant. ATозможная причина – поддержание постоянного
low active inflammation in the anatomical region
appendix.  Therefore, the embryo is more difficult to implant in

The results showed that the development of appendicitis in children
and adolescence serves as a signal of appropriate immune
characteristics that correspond to prostate cancer.

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