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Update: October 2018

Cough is a defensive, reflex reaction of the body that takes
from the respiratory tract pathological modified bronchial secretion.
Sometimes it occurs when foreign substances are found in the trachea or

Coughing is not a disease, but a symptom, so treat it.
follows as a manifestation of the underlying disease. Selection of medicinal
drugs that affect cough depends on
individual characteristics of a person, type and clinical manifestations
diseases. The effectiveness of the basic treatment of any disease
accompanied by cough, significantly increased with rational
use of antitussive, mucolytic and expectorant
means. We look at the causes of dry cough and medicinal
the means used to mitigate it and translate it into productive,
in the wet.

What medicine for dry cough is better

The choice of drug primarily depends on
nature of cough and should be consistent with your doctor:

  • Dry cough painful, painful, unproductive, frequent,
    leading to a disturbance in appetite and sleep, the choice is 
    antitussives or combined
  • Productive cough, but with hard-to-separate, thick, viscous
    мокротой, выбор — муколитические drugs.
  • The cough is productive, with sputum, and it is not viscous and not thick –
    A selection of expectorant cough medicines.
  • Mucolytic agents cannot be used simultaneously with
    antitussive drugs.

Causes of dry cough

Most often, dry cough occurs at the beginning of a cold, flu,
acute bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as inhalation of various
substances irritating the mucous membrane. In case of severe
breath of dry cough is accompanied by a whistling noise between
cough shocks. This is due to the narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi,
larynx or trachea and leads to difficulty breathing. Before
A dry coughing attack can cause pain with a deep breath.

Causes of dry cough:

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  • Viral, infectious diseases – ARVI, flu, parainfluenza,
    pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.
  • Allergy – allergic rhinitis, dust allergy, chemical
    substances may be the initial sign of asthma.
  • Bronchospasm – spasm in bronchial tubes
  • Drugs that reduce high blood pressure –
    малеат  эналаприла, капроптил, лизиноприл.
  • Reflex response to smoke, cold air, strong smell

Strong dry cough – how to treat?

What is better to treat dry cough? Use of antitussives
means recognized as appropriate only in conditions where the cough
strong frequent dry (exhausting) and only for the intended purpose
a doctor.

If the cough is dry, non-productive, it must first be translated.
wet and then use mucolytic or expectorant
facilities. And also with an unproductive cough are effective.
combined means that provide and antitussive, and
expectorant effect:

Sinekod, Omnitus, Codelac Neo – active ingredient

  • Omnitus syrup 150 rub. 220 rub.
  • Codelac Neo drops syrup table. 170-280 rub.
  • Sinekod syrup 220 rubles, drops 320 rubles.
  • Panatus Forte tabl., Syrup 160-250 rub.

Dosage form: tablet form, for children in syrup and
in drops for oral administration.Отхаркивающие средства при dry cough Pharmacological
action: Sinekod is an antitussive drug,
has a direct effect on the cough center. It has expectorant
свойством, оказывает умеренное  противовоспалительное,
bronchodilating effect, improves spirometry.
Показан при остром dry cough различного происхождения.
Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
for women. Children under 2 months contraindicated, children under 3 years can not
use syrup, only drops, tablets are contraindicated for children until
12 years. Sinekod – instructions for use Side effects:
Nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, allergic reactions.


Herbion — сироп подорожника

Лекарственная форма: сиропHerbion при dry cough Pharmacological действие: Herbion
– the combined medicine of a plant origin, renders
antitussive, expectorant, antimicrobial,
anti-inflammatory effect. Includes extracts of mallow flowers
and plantain lanceolate herbs. The drug softens
and relieves dry cough. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to
herbal preparations, fructose intolerance. Carefully
take with diabetes. Side Effects: Allergic
reaction. Price: average price for pharmacies in 2018. 280 rubles.

Codelac Fito

Коделак фито при dry cough Dosage form: elixir,
Syrup Pharmacological properties: Codelac Fito -комбинированное
antitussive. Contains codeine and thermopsis extracts,
thyme and licorice. It has an expectorant effect.
Contraindications: asthma, can not be used for children until
2 years, pregnant and lactating women, with respiratory
deficiency and hypersensitivity to plant
components of the drug. Side effects: allergic reactions,
nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, constipation. With long
use develops drug addiction to codeine.
Price: 130-140 rubles.


Dosage form: tablets, drops for internal
приемаСтоптусин фито при dry cough Pharmacological действие:
Stotussin — комбинированное противокашлевое и секретолитическое
act. The composition includes Butamiira citrate, which has
local anesthetic, bronchodilator and antitussive action,
а  Гвайфенезин уменьшает вязкость мокроты, улучшая ее
discharge Эффективен при dry cough у детей и взрослых.
Противопоказания: Детям до 1 года и при беременности  в 1
trimester can not be used. Side Effects: Allergic
реакции, редко —  рвота, диарея, головокружение, головная
pain. Price: drops 70-80 rubles., Tablets 130-140 rubles.


Лекарственная форма: сироп, эликсир, пастилкиBronhikum при dry cough Pharmacological действие:
Combination drug with anti-inflammatory,
expectorant, bronchodilator effect. The composition of the syrup and
tablets include thyme herb extract, and the elixir also contains an extract
primrose root. Bronhikum универсален, он является эффективным
отхаркивающим средством при dry cough и влажном. At the stage
болезни, когда кашель сухой Bronhikum помогает справиться с
сильными приступами, переводя сухой кашель in the wet. Then already
when wet coughing, it facilitates expectoration of the sputum, facilitating
its removal from the lungs. Contraindications: Syrup is contraindicated
children under 6 months, and children under 6 years old should not take lozenges,
patients with significant impaired liver and kidney function,
idiosyncrasy during pregnancy and feeding
breastfeeding Side effects: irritation of the gastric mucosa,
аллергические reaction. Price: 270 rub.


Лекарственная форма: сиропBronholitin при dry cough Pharmacological действие:
Bronholitin – комбинированный препарат противокашлевого,
bronchodilatory and bronchoseptic action. The composition includes
Glaucine hydrobromide, which has a depressant effect on
cough center, mild anti-inflammatory,
analgesic effect. Basil oil has little
sedative, antimicrobial, antispasmodic properties. Ephedrine
stimulates breathing, expands the bronchi, has a vasoconstrictor
action, thereby eliminating swelling of the bronchial mucosa.
Contraindications: heart failure, children under 3 years old,
pregnant and lactating women are not recommended.
Side effects: tachycardia, tremor, insomnia, drowsiness,
blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, rash,
increased sweating.

Price: 60 rubles.


Лекарственная форма: таблеткиLibexin при dry cough Pharmacological действие:
Libexin – противокашлевое средство периферического действия.
Оказывает местное анестезирующее,  бронхорасширяющее действие,
its antitussive effect is roughly comparable to codeine. AT
отличие от кодеина Libexin не вызывает зависимости, не оказывает
effects on the central nervous system. In chronic bronchitis has
anti-inflammatory effect. Contraindications: diseases, with
secretion of abundant bronchial secretion, with caution
use in children, during pregnancy is not recommended.
Side effects: dry mouth, temporary numbness of the mucous in
oral cavity, mild sedation, skin rash. Price: 
260-280 rub.


When the cough is not so dry, you can use this
herbal preparation.Linkus Dosage Form: Brown syrup,
The composition includes extracts of 10 medicinal plants – Althea flowers,
onosma, hyssop, violet, alpine, long pepper fruit, root
солодки, листьев адхатоды и др. Pharmacological действие: Linkus
– the combined preparation of a phytogenesis, reduces
cough intensity, increases its productivity, has
муколитическое, отхаркивающее, и anti-inflammatory effect.
Contraindications: Children under 6 months are not recommended.
with hypersensitivity to herbal remedies, with caution
use with diabetes. Side effects: 
аллергические reaction. Price: 130-140 rubles.

Assign and determine the duration of the reception listed
лекарственных, отхаркивающих препаратов при dry cough должен
attending doctor. There are cases when with painful, debilitating
unproductive cough medications do not help, but simple methods
traditional medicine, such as mustard plasters, jars, steam inhalations,
warming ointments and creams bring significant relief and quickly
переводят сухой кашель in the wet.

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