Antifungal preparations for the feet and nails -sprays, creams, gels, varnishes, tablets

Update: October 2018

Fungal diseases of the legs are usually lesions and skin
микоз стопы, и грибковое поражение ногтей – онихомикоз.
It should be understood that the fungus on the legs may be caused by different
species of fungi, therefore, before starting treatment you need to find out
type of fungus, as well as its sensitivity to antifungal

For feet, local remedies are usually used in the form of gels,
sprays, creams, ointments, as well as systemic antifungal drugs
in pills. The main tasks in the treatment of foot fungus – this is removal
inflammations, and the destruction of the fungus by special means, and the normalization
circulatory lesions to prevent recurrence
diseases. With a severe form of foot fungus with erosions, cracks,
ulcers are recommended to begin treatment with foot baths. For this
potassium permanganate or tablets should be diluted in warm water
furatsilina. During the procedure, it is necessary to separate large scales.
from the skin of the feet. It is not recommended to use any complex
anti-inflammatory drugs with corticosteroids and antibiotics
(such as Diprogent, Triderm, Celestoderm B), antibiotics will cause
even more mushroom growth and weeping, and corticosteroids reduce
local immunity.

In cases where skin thickening on the feet is very pronounced, before
treatment, you must first clear the skin of high
keratinization so that local antifungals for the feet can
act directly on the affected skin.

As a rule, removal of excess cornified layer
carried out after steaming in alkaline soapy water and
cut down with a nail file and pumice. The drier the skin on the legs, the fatter
should be the basis of antifungal cream, in this case it is better
just use ointment. For interdigital space –
more efficient use of gel or suspension.

The choice of local treatment or systemic medication depends
from the volume of lesions, the presence of complications:

  • Two cracks in the interdigital folds – you can use the cream
    and ointment
  • Two cracks in combination with onychomycosis on two legs –
    systemic drug (for oral administration)
  • Special varnishes from

Fungus of toenails usually accompanies fungal infection.
feet, and provoked by the same types of fungi as the skin fungus
feet. You can also use the cream, but through intact
nail medication practically does not penetrate, so before treatment
nails should first whiten the nail or remove it,
better to do it in the surgeon’s office.

Local antifungal products for feet and nails

For the treatment of fungus on the feet, it is advisable to use local
antimycotics because their effect on the pathogen occurs
directly in the affected area. Modern Pharmaceutical
industry presents a wide range of antifungal ointments
for feet, creams, sprays, varnishes, gels, liquids.

In the initial stages of the fungal disease is better to use.
only topical drugs, because
the use of strong oral antimycotics is accompanied by
many side effects and has a number of contraindications.

There are several groups of antifungal agents for

Азолы — группа синтетических антимикотиков, они
effective in treating fungal infections of the skin, nails, 
scalp, lichen.

  • Zalain cream (average price 310 rub.) – active ingredient
  • Bifosin (spray price 100 rubles. Cream 30-40 rubles), Mikospor
    solution (price 400-500 rub.), a set for nails (ointment, scraper,
    patch 750-800 rub.) – active ingredient Bifonazole
  • Nizoral cream (300-400 rubles), Micozoral ointment (130-180 rubles) –
    active ingredient ketoconazole
  • Mifungar cream (270-300 rubles) – active ingredient

Аллиламины — тоже группа синтетических
antimycotics used to treat dermatomycosis of nails,
hair, skin and lichen.

The list of drugs-analogues with the active substance

  • Lamisil Spey (350 rubles), cream (400 rubles), gel (400 rubles)
  • Terbinox cream
  • Termikon cream (130-150 rub), spray (200-230 rub.)
  • Atifin cream (100-120 rubles)
  • Lamitele spray
  • Miconorm cream
  • Terbized-Adzhio cream
  • Terbizil cream (230-260 rubles)
  • Terbix Spray (140 rub.)
  • Terbinafin ointment (60 rubles), cream (100 rubles)

Крема and ointment наносятся на чистую, сухую поверхность ног, слегка
rubbing, for 7-10 days once a day.

Antifungal nail polishes

  • Biocover mycosis (580-680 rubles.) Active ingredient:
    Cyclopirox and clotrimazole.
  • Batrafen varnish (price 2200-2500) – antifungal nail polish
    with active ingredient ciclopiroxolamine.
  • Loceryl varnish (price 2.5 ml – 1300 rubles, 5 ml. – 2100 rubles.)
    active ingredient Amorolfin. Analogs: Onyhelp 1000-1500 rub.
    Oflomil 900 rub. Exoronfilac 980 rub.
  • Demicten varnish (price 280 rub.) – cosmetic, disinfectant
    remedy for nail fungus.
  • Mikozan (600-800 rub.) Active ingredient:
    hydroxyethylcellulose, rye enzyme filtrate, dimethylisosorbide,
    pentylene glycol.

Antifungal antibiotics of systemic action

Противогрибковые препараты для ног и ногтейToday
существует широченный  выбор различных противогрибковых
antibiotics that are used for severe, chronic
fungal diseases, in combination with local means. it
pills from nail fungus, from the fungus of the toes, from the foot fungus,
skin fungus, mucous membranes, lichen.

The effectiveness of antifungal drugs for the feet and nails
depends on the sensitivity of the causative agent of mycosis to a specific
antimycotics. Below are some of the most popular groups.
drugs classified by their current

  • Ketoconazole – Mycozoral analogs (330 rub.), Oronazole, Fungavis
    (160 rubles), Nizoral (550 rubles), is a synthetic derivative
  • Itraconazole – Irunin analogues from the fungus (14 pcs. 560-620 rubles),
    Itrazol (14 pcs. 620-800 rub.) Kanditral, Orungal (14 pcs. 2660-2800
    rub.) Rumikoz (14 pcs. 580-600 rub.), Orunit.
  • Terbinafine – Terbinoks analogues (580 rubles for 14 pcs.), Terbizil
    (14 pieces. 1000 rubles), Ekzitern, Bramzil, Lamisil (1800 rubles for 14
    pcs.), Terbinafin (480-560 rubles for 14 pcs.)
  • Griseofulvin (240 rubles for 20 pcs.)

Any antifungal pills can not be taken without an appointment
and the supervision of a qualified doctor.  Prerequisite
успешного лечения микозов  является длительный прием
antifungal antibiotics and in fairly large doses. The most
эффективное  действие эти препараты оказывают при
using the method of pulse therapy is the reception of shock doses
short course followed by a long break. Treatment regimen in
each case is determined by a specialist.

Antifungal spray for feet and nails

  • Lamisil – spray from the fungus (400-500 rubles). The drug is sprayed on
    affected areas of not only nails, but also adjacent skin areas
    in sufficient quantity, that is, until thoroughly moistened.
  • Lamitele spray — действующее вещество тербинафин.
    Contraindicated in children under 12 years.
  • Terbix Spray (140 rub.) — это тербинафин, спрей наносят на
    пораженные ногти и  кожу только после тщательного очищения и
    drying 1 or 2 times a day. Treatment course 1 month
  • Bifosin spray (100 rub.) – active ingredient bifonazol.
    Effective with foot mycoses and interdigital spaces.
  • Termikon spray (200-230 rub.) Active ingredient terbinafine.
    In places where spray is applied, itching, burning,
    redness, and allergic reactions are not excluded.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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