Antifungal drug reduces the immune responseflu virus

Update: February 2019

American scientists from the University of Massachusetts have identified
unusual side effect of the antifungal drug Amphotheresin
B, which is widespread for the treatment of fungal
infection, is prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy, and
also preparing for bone marrow transplant surgery.

It turned out that this drug affects the body and prevents
he fight the virus of SARS and influenza. The mechanism of action is as follows:
as it turned out, Amphoterecin destroys the IFITM3 protein, which
produced by the body to resist infection by the virus
the flu.

The fact that the protein IFITM3 is part of the body’s defenses and
thanks to him, the body fights flu and other respiratory
infections, scientists knew from previous experiments. During the series
new experiments on mice, scientists have found that rodents who
received amphothecrine, much suffered from flu symptoms
(flu symptoms in adults) due to a lack of protein


Амфотерецин разрушает белок, защищающий организм от гриппа

Amphotericin B is used only for life-threatening conditions,
fungal sepsis, infections of the abdominal cavity, disseminated
forms of candidiasis, peritonitis, analogues of this antifungal
The remedies are Amphocyl, Fungizon, Ambizom, Amfoglyukamin,
Ampholip. These antifungal drugs are not tablets.
lyophilisate for infusions.

Of course, it is too early to draw final conclusions and abandon
drugs, for this you need to conduct additional experiments and a series of
human clinical trials. But now we can with certainty
say that even time-tested drugs may have
completely unexpected side effects, and their reception lead to
hard to predict consequences.

The same conclusions can be made about the widely advertised
antiviral drugs for Orvi and flu, because research
their safety, if conducted, is very limited or not.
produced at all. In the meantime, patients taking
antifungal drug Amphoterocin B is advised to be especially
vigilant, try to be protected from colds, orvi and gippi, especially
those undergoing cancer treatment.

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