Antibiotics for angina in adults

Update: October 2018

Angina is an infectious disease most often caused by
two microorganisms – staphylococci and streptococci. I.e
this disease is contagious. The severity of the disease depends on the severity
lesion of tonsils.

The onset of angina is always acute, accompanied by an increase.
temperature to high numbers, symptoms of general intoxication,
an increase in the size of the tonsils, pain when swallowing, the appearance
pustular raids in the throat, pain and swelling of the anterior cervical
lymph nodes.

Sore throat has a term – acute tonsillitis, most often while
заболевании поражаются  миндалины по типу:

  • lacunar tonsillitis – film yellowish raids covering
    whole surface or located in lacunae
  • follicular tonsillitis – nodules appear on the tonsils
    -white = yellow, small, translucent through the mucous.
  • ulcerative-membranous

Viral sore throat

Самой распространенной причиной  воспаления и отека глотки
is a viral infection – influenza, ARVI (the difference), but to
angina after acute respiratory viral infection results
purulent flora. Viral sore throats also include
herpetic, enteroviral, adenoviral (see treatment
enterovirus infection).

Bacterial sore throat

According to statistics, bacterial tonsillitis is caused by the following
bacteria: 10 percent – streptococcus with staphylococcus,
10 percent – only staphylococcus, 80 percent – hemolytic
streptococcus. Less common are throat infections such as gonorrhea (
women) and chlamydia. Therefore, before prescribing antibiotics for
angina in adults, the doctor must determine what caused the inflammation.
Sore throat in children, especially in small, weak and frequently ill,
is purulent in nature, which manifests itself in the form of follicular
tonsillitis, lacunar tonsillitis. With positive streptococcal test
and if the patient has the following symptoms, the doctor should immediately
prescribe antibiotics:Antibiotics for angina in adults

  • Lack of rhinitis and cough
  • High temperature (over 38 ° C)
  • Painful and enlarged cervical lymph nodes
  • No rash on the body (scarlet fever excluded)
  • Visible plaque on the glands, the tonsils are very red and

Fungal sore throat

Такая ангина вызывается дрожжеподобными грибками,  когда на
background long-term treatment with antibiotics and other provocative
factors there is a decrease in local immunity in the oral cavity.
Its difference is that the symptoms of intoxication are weak, the temperature
body is not high. Loose raids resembling cottage cheese are formed on
pharyngeal mucosa, they are easily removed, while being exposed
inflamed, smooth “lacquered mucosa.” With fungal tonsillitis
the doctor prescribes antifungal drugs.

Specific angina

With some infectious and viral diseases, often
secondary angina is observed when against the background of organ damage and
systems in the throat are observed angina changes. Angina
accompanied by the following diseases:

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What antibiotics to drink for tonsillitis?

Everyone knows that antibiotics harm the body, especially
uncontrolled use of them. Independent application of any
medicines are unacceptable, especially antibacterial
drugs. According to some studies more than 50
percent of patients stop taking antibiotics against angina
as soon as the symptoms of the disease were relieved, and only 20
percent strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation until complete

At the same time in cases where inflammation in the oral cavity
it is difficult to work without them and what antibiotics to take
for angina, which course – only the doctor must determine, based on
the severity of the disease, in the dosage and duration of treatment, calculated by
the weight and age of a sick child or adult. Antibiotic selection
for angina in adults depends on the bacteria that causes the sore throat, on
the presence of allergies in a patient to certain drugs. Duration
приема антибиотика обычно от 5  до 10 дней (пенициллины 10
days, macrolides 5 days).

Which antibiotic is better for sore throat? In the absence of allergies to
Penicillin antibiotics are best used, they
bring the least harm to the body, and are effective in
streptococcal infection, so the best antibiotic for sore throat:

First row antibiotics

Penicillin Bicillin powder for w / mouse. introduction of 12-20 rubles. 1 PC
  • Amoxicillin (40-100 руб),
  • Flemoxine Soluteb (220-400rub),
  • Ospamox (80 rub),
  • Amosin (60 rubles),
  • Ecobol (60 rub)
  • Ospamox (80 rub)
Amoxicillin с клавулановой кислотой When bacteria are resistant to amoxicillin more effective

  • Amoxiclav (120 -250 rubles)
  • Augumentin (150-250 rub)
  • Flemoklav (270-370)
  • Rapiklav (320 rub)
  • Ecoclav (320 rub)
  • Klamosar (360 rub)

Second row antibiotics – macrolides

  • Azithromycin 110-130 руб (в двойной дозировке в течение 5
  • Sumamed 220-360 rub.
  • Azitrox 280 rub
  • Hemomitsin 150-240
  • Azidrop 300
  • Zi factor 230
  • Sweetrox 230
  • Nitrolide 300
  • Ecomed 130 rub.
  • Spiramycin 230 руб.
  • Rovamycin 1150 -1500 rub.
  • Clarithromycin (200-250 руб)
  • Fromilid (300 rub)
  • Klacid 380 rub.
  • EcoSetrin 200 rub.
  • Klasine 200 rub.
  • Clarbakt 240 rub.
Josamycin Vilprafen 520 rub.
Midecamycin Macropen 250-300 rubles.


  • Panzeph tabl 350 rub
  • Iksif Lupine 470 rub suspension
  • Supraks suspension 580, capsules 670, tab. 1000 rub
  • Cefotaxime 12-50 руб 1 PC. for w / mouse.
  • Цефтриаксон 20-30 руб 1 PC for w / mouse.
  • Роцефин 500 руб 1 PC for w / mouse.
  • Ceftazidime 80 руб 1 PC for w / mouse.
  • Фортум 200-400 руб 1 PC for w / mouse.
  • Цефобид 280 руб 1 PC. in / mouse
  • Сульперазон 450 рб 1 PC in / mouse.
Cefepime (4th generation)
  • Цефепим 100 рбу 1 PC. in / mouse
  • Максипим 180 руб 1 PC. in / mouse
  • Цефомакс 100 руб 1 PC. in / mouse

When the pathogen angina is already resistant to one or another
there is no noticeable improvement within 72 hours
(the temperature does not decrease, the raids remain, the general condition is not
improves), in this case, the antibiotic must be replaced by another. And in
If there are allergic reactions, you can use other
broad-spectrum antibiotics (see How to take
antibiotics – 11 rules).

A prerequisite for a speedy recovery is
gargling. There is a detailed article on this. How to gargle
with angina.


At very high temperatures it is also necessary to use
painkillers, antipyretics to relieve pain when
swallowing, headache, reduce weakness from intoxication:

  • Efferalgan Upsa
  • Ibuprofen tablets
  • Paracetamol
  • Panadol

However, it is a well-known fact that if the temperature in angina is less
38.5 degrees, it is best not to shoot it down, because during an increase
body temperatures are actively produced antibodies to bacteria
and viruses that caused the disease. Therefore, if the temperature can
endure, then shoot it down is not desirable. When prescribing an antibiotic,
which are sensitive to bacteria that cause inflammation, temperature
falls and improvement occurs in 2-3 days.


In the absence of antibacterial treatment, this disease is formidable.
its complications, such as otitis, sinusitis, glomerulonephritis,
rheumatic fever, encephalitis, myocarditis, pancarditis,
pericarditis, acute pyelonephritis, hemorrhagic vasculitis, etc.
Antibiotics for angina in adults rather quickly
the course of this unpleasant disease.

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