Anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology – withadnexitis, endometriosis, erosion

Update: October 2018

Virtually no disease related to female organs
reproductive sphere, is not without the appointment of candles that
used either vaginally or rectally.

This is especially important in the treatment of gynecological inflammatory
processes. Anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology apply
In addition to advantages and a number of drawbacks,
all other drugs.

Candles as a dosage form

Candles (suppositories) are considered one of the dosage forms
medicines and consist of a base (which gives shape
candles) and medicinal substance. Characteristic feature
suppository is their ability to persist in solid form
at room temperature and air to melt until liquid
body temperature. According to the method of introducing candles are divided into 3 groups:

  • rectal – are introduced through the anus into the rectum and
    may be in the form of a cigar, cone or pointed cylinder;
  • vaginal – inserted into the vagina and come in the form of balls,
    ovoid or conical;
  • sticks – are inserted into the cervix, ureter, into the outer
    auditory canal and so on.

The advantage of suppositories is that the medicinal
the substance enters the blood quickly (after 30 minutes about 50%, after
1 hour – 100%), bypassing the digestive tract, without being exposed
destruction in the liver. In addition, candles that are introduced
vaginally, in addition to generalized action have local
impact on the focus of damage. When using suppositories
almost no allergic reactions, and the introduction itself
Candles are quite simple and painless.

Candles for women with colpitis

When the vaginal mucosa is inflamed, they talk about
colpitis (vaginitis). Depending on the infectious agent,
caused the inflammatory process, vaginitis may be specific
(for example, Trichomonas, fungal, gonorrheal, etc.) and
non-specific (staphylococcal, streptococcal, polymicrobial).
Distinctive signs of colpitis are discomfort in
the area of ​​the external genital organs (unbearable itching, burning),
increase in vaginal whiter, as a rule, they have an unpleasant
odor, possible fever, pain below
abdomen, urination disorders.

The primary importance in the treatment of colpitis
therapy aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and
suppression of their activity. In the first 3 – 4 days appointed
douching (no more than 2 times a day, see how to do it
douching) antiseptic solutions (chlorhexidine, rivanol,
sodium bicarbonate, potassium permanganate) and / or herbal decoctions
(calendula, chamomile, lemon balm, sage). Simultaneously with
douching prescribed anti-inflammatory suppositories.

Treatment of vaginal suppositories of colpitis depends on the pathogen, then
there are selected such suppositories that are most active in
respect of one or another pathological microflora. Therefore, any
the drug is prescribed only by the gynecologist by the result
clinical picture, laboratory tests and patient history,
self-medication is unacceptable and dangerous.

Non-specific vaginitis

Противовоспалительные свечи в гинекологииWhen nonspecific
colpitis usually assigned suppositories, the main components
which includes a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug
and / or antiseptic. To good anti-inflammatory candles

  • Полижинакс, состоит из неомицина, нистатина,
    polymyxin B, prescribed 2 times a day for a period of 5 – 14 days,
    (the price is 6 pieces. 280 rubles, 12 pieces. 450 rubles)
  • Terzhinan, это комбинация тернидазола,
    neomycin, nystatin, prednisolone, appointed once a day
    in the evening for 10 days (price 240-400 rubles)
  • Meratin combi, состоит из орнидазола,
    неомицина, нистатина и Бетадин - свечи при кольпитепреднизолона, вводится 1 свеча
    before bed for 10 days
  • Микожинакс, комбинация метронидазола,
    chloramphenicol, dexamethasone and nystatin, duration
    treatment 7 – 14 days, introduced 1 – 2 candles per day
  • Гексикон, главное вещество хлоргексидин
    digluconate, a course of therapy 7 – 10 days, you must enter 1 candle
    daily (price 250 rubles)
  • Бетадин — активное вещество йод, прописывается
    twice a day lasting 6 – 12 days (280-350 rubles)


If gardnerell is detected in a smear, candles are assigned.
The main active ingredient in which is metronidazole. AT
This list includes: Микожинакс

  • Гиналгин (Украина), содержат тинидазол,
    synestrol, vitamin C, lactic acid, daily before bedtime on
    7 to 10 days
  • Terzhinan, Meratin combi (Украина),
    Микожинакс (Украина) два раза в день
    lasting 12 days
  • Метронидазол, Флагил, Трихопол (влагалищные
    tablets) twice a day for 10 days
  • Клион-Д — состоит из метронидазола и
    miconazole, it is recommended to use 1 time per day for 10 days
    (about 200 rubles)

Colpitis caused by trichomonads

When finding trichomonads in the vaginal contents are assigned
candles with metronidazole (antimicrobial action, effective
against anaerobic microorganisms – Trichomonas) and its

  • Ginalgin, Klion D, Trichopol, Flagyl, Pitrid 1 per day on
    throughout 10 days.

Other suppositories are widely used:

  • Tinidazole (candles Ginomaks) for 10 days
  • Macmiror complex (500 rubles) consists of nifuratel and nystatin,
    therefore, it is used for chlamydia, candidiasis, trichomoniasis and
    nonspecific vaginitis, use a course of 8 days one by one before
    a dream
  • Terzhinan
  • Meratin combi
  • Mikozhinaks daily one for 10 days
  • Trichomonacid course for 10 days
  • Trichocide twice a day
  • Neo-Penotran (700-800 rubles) – Metronidazole and
    miconazole, twice a day for two weeks
  • Hexicon for 7 – 20 days three times a day.

Treatment with anti-inflammatory suppositories for trichomonas
colpitis is carried out in a three-month period (immediately after menstruation)
in cycles of 10 days.

Genital herpes

The main focus in the treatment of genital herpes is on
antiviral drugs. Locally used suppositories,
which components are anti-virus tools: 

  • A-interferon 1 – 2 times a day for 1 week
  • ATиферон дважды в сутки продолжительностью 5 – 7 суток
  • Poluden three times a day treated with vulva for 7 – 10 days
    and put ointment tampons into the vagina
  • In addition to candles, use ointments for tampons and treatment of the vulva:
    acyclovir, bonafton, epigen, alpizarin, megosin

Candida colpitis

AT лечении кандидозного кольпита применяют суппозитории с
antifungal effect: nystatin, natamycin, clotrimazole,
canesten Antifungal creams may be prescribed: pimafukort,
miconazole and oral tablets (flucostat,
pimafucin (see antifungal drugs in tablets), and see
Detailed overview of all the candles from thrush.

After conducting etiotropic therapy (suppression of activity and
death of the pathogen) in the treatment of colpitis begins the second stage,
aimed at the revival of the normal microflora of the vagina. Purpose
the second stage is to create conditions for breeding
lactobacilli and an increase in their number. AT список применяемых
candles include:

  • Бифидумбактерин (содержит живые бифидобактерии) ATагилакпрописывается по 1 суппозиторию дважды в день на
    during 5 – 10 days.
  • Bifikol (dried bifidobacteria) daily in one course
    for 7 – 10 days.
  • Azilakt once a day in the evening for 10 days (about 110
  • ATагилак (500 руб), Лактожиналь (400-450 руб), это
    lactobacilli, 1 vaginal capsule in the morning and evening total
    cycle 10 days.

In addition, the contents of ampoules with bifidobacteria and
lactobacilli diluted with water and injected on tampons intravaginally
(colibacterin, bificol, bifidumbacterin).

Candles with adneskite, endometriosis – with inflammation of the internal
reproductive organs

ATоспалительные заболевания внутренних органов женской детородной
systems are called specific (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis,
chlamydia and other) and non-specific microorganisms. ABOUT
inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis) is said when pains appear in
one or both of the inguinal areas, which are obtuse, aching and

Endometritis – inflammation of the uterus is characterized by pains below
abdomen, above the pubis and often occurs after intrauterine devices
interventions (abortion (consequences), curettage, operative
childbirth). Both adnexitis and endometritis occur with pronounced
intoxication syndrome, manifested by a significant increase
temperature, weakness, weakness, lack of appetite.

AT лечение воспалительных заболеваний внутренних половых органов
enters, first of all, antibacterial drugs. As well as
intravenous infusions and antibiotics are prescribed suppositories, as with
adnexitis and endometritis.

Treatment with suppositories for adnexitis and endometritis pursues several
goals. Rectal suppositories are suppositories,
the main components of which are non-steroid
противовоспалительные средства (НПATС). НПATС обладает рядом

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic;
  • antipyretic.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are realized for
счет способности препаратов группы НПATС подавлять синтез
prostaglandins forming in huge numbers during
inflammation and cause pain. Rectal anti-inflammatory suppositories
appointed simultaneously with the start of antibiotic therapy with the general cycle
7 to 10 days: Свечи с красавкой

  • candles with indomethacin 1 time in the evening
  • Movalis candles 1 time before sleep (active ingredient
    myeloxicam) for 5 – 7 days
  • свечи ATольтарен утром и вечером
  • candles with belladonna 1 to 3 times a day (strong
  • Diclofenac suppositories daily for 1 suppository
  • Flax candles (active substance ketoprofen) once for 7

ЛонгидазаAnti-inflammatory candles for adnexitis and
endometritis is prescribed and intravaginally. AT первую очередь,
pursuing the goal of reorganizing the vagina and suppressing the anaerobic
microflora, in particular, Trichomonas.

Fluomizin and terzhinan are the main vaginal suppositories.
substance suppositories is metronidazole. Treatment cycle
продолжается 7 – 10 days, прописываются по 1 – 2 suppositories

After the end of anti-inflammatory therapy (as
candles, and injections or tablets) must be restored
normal vaginal biocenosis. For this, candles are assigned with
bifidobacteria and lactobacilli (bifidumbacterin, acylact and
others). Also in the recovery period with inflammation of organs
pelvic applied candles Longidase.

Candles “longidase” is a drug that has
proteolytic properties and prevents the formation of adhesions or
resolves them. In addition to the enzymatic activity of longidase
normalizes immunity, has antioxidant and
anti-inflammatory properties. The course of treatment is long, from 14
до 21 дня, суппозитории вводятся ректально по 1 перед a dream.

Candles for cervical erosion

More than half the representatives of the weaker sex and childbearing
ages have cervical erosion. AT случае, когда многослойный
squamous epithelium located in the vaginal part of the cervix
exfoliated, and the place of the defect is “occupied” by the cylindrical cells
epithelium lining the cervical canal, talking about cervical erosion

Therefore, a more correct name for the disease is an ectopia.
(выход клеток цилиндрического эпителия) шейки uterus. Factors
provoking cervical ectopia varied, but therapy
disease is the destruction of the pathological area on
cervix chemical, electrical, laser and other
in ways.

It follows from the above that there are no candles from erosion.
cervix, all suppositories are appointed before and after radical
treatment of ectopia.

On the eve of the treatment of ectopia of the cervix (by any method: laser,
cryodestruction, radio wave, etc.) with a preventive purpose
назначаются противовоспалительные свечи (на протяжении 5 – 7 days
every evening). This prevents the development of postoperative
inflammatory processes of the cervix. Usually used

  • Hexicon, Poliginax, Livarol (antifungal drug) and

After cauterization of ectopia of the cervix after 4 – 5 days after
manipulation is recommended to introduce candles that have not only
bactericidal properties, but also providing wound healing,
antioxidant and stimulating effect on the organism as a whole and on
plot with a wound surface.

  • Например, effective при лечении в послеоперационном периоде
    cervical erosion sea buckthorn candles, Depantol candles, Suporon,
    Galavit, Galenofillipt, fitor candles, as well as Revitax and
    Evkolek. Treatment with candles with reparative properties is assigned to
    period of 10 – 14 every day for 1 candle in the evening.

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