And scary and want a second child. Help momaccept choice


In fact, to make this decision is not so difficult
enough to make out a few important points that
помогут  родителям в их выборе:

1. Physical readiness of the mother.

The very first thing that should be made out is whether mother is physically ready.
take on another pregnancy, it will not harm her and
future baby? Especially this issue concerns women transferred
cesarean section, women over 40 years old or recent

If the mother has pathologies, then you should listen to the doctor and
wait for the full restoration of the reproductive system.

2. Psychological readiness of mother.

If physically mother is ready to give birth, now you need to understand whether
is she to this emotionally? To do this, answer these questions:

  • Do I want a second child?
  • Does my husband want more children?
  • Will I love my children equally? (Of course
    will you)
  • Am I ready to take care of myself as a child for the next 9 months?
  • Am I ready to sacrifice my figure?
  • Am I ready to feel strong maternal pain again?
  • Готова ли я  к очередным бессонным ночам и крикам?
  • Am I ready to devote myself to two children?
  • Am I ready to spend the next 3 years in the fullest way of life?
  • Am I ready to fight double diseases? After all, if sick
    1 child, then probably the second will get sick.

If the answers to the questions were more positive, then you are ready to
replenishment in the family and it remains to understand whether your family can
pull this important event financially.

3. The material well-being of parents.


You have already understood that you definitely want and can give birth to a child, but
bites one “BUT” – money. A bunch of them immediately appear.
советчиков в лице друзей, родителей: «Куда вам второго? You with
one closely in the apartment “,” And what are you going to feed
second? “,” This is not a kitten you start! “.

But the truth is, as a young family get along in one-room
Khrushchev four? Salaries are barely enough for food, the head of the family with
labor will pull four mouths. Hopeless situation? Not
of course! Ныть на тему «Not денег» можно бесконечно. Even millionaires
�”Cry” that they have little money and they do not have enough. Just need money
learn to spend wisely, plan a family budget. Mom can
start working at home at the computer without stopping from the children. AND
The main plus is the maternal capital. Thanks to him parents
will be able to expand the living space.

A crib, baby clothes, too, do not have to initially buy – all
this is probably left from the firstborn.

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Benefits with a second child:

  • It will be great for your children to grow together (if the difference is no more than 5
    years old).
  • Again on maternity leave! This can also be considered a plus.
  • Maternal capital.
  • Benefits for the rent and garden.
  • Again the first Agu, the naive loving look, the first steps …

What is not worth taking into account:

  1. Advice from relatives, friends, etc. Give birth and bring up YOU, not
    friends, listen to your husband only.
  2. The presence of pets. The fact that the baby will be allergic to
    wool is 5%.
  3. Children do not get along together. Well, this is utter nonsense. Together
    get along, even cats with dogs.

Previously, in Soviet times, all people did not live richly, however
all two children – it was the norm. So what if you really
both wanted a second child – go forward boldly and no one
listen up

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