An overview of diarrhea medicine for children andadults

Update: November 2018

Диарея или на простом языке — понос, происходит когда любой
trigger factor causes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract
shrink too fast. A frequent chair can be simply caused.
stress or increased nervousness, such as before an exam or
job interview, sometimes the body reacts to
get rid of the ingestion of an unusual product.

However, often loose stools and frequent bowel movements are
a symptom of several dozen different human diseases. What kind
medication to drink with diarrhea? Before rushing to choose
drugs for diarrhea, you should find out the reason for the appearance of such
disorders, especially if diarrhea occurs in a child.

Причины поноса у детей и adults

  • Poisoning after drinking is not fresh or polluted
    food products. The most common causative agent of acute intestinal infections
    is salmonellosis, campylobacter, shigella, or cholera vibrio,
    as well as rotaviruses, astroviruses, caliciviruses, noroviruses and
    adenoviruses (see gastric flu (intestinal flu).
  • Eating unusual food, changing climate, water consumed.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome from spicy, acidic foods and
  • Lactose intolerance occurs when there is a shortage of production
    lactase – a splitting sugar enzyme in dairy products,
    therefore not digested milk sugar causes bowel spasms,
    gas and diarrhea.
  • Any inflammatory processes in the colon – ulcerative colitis,
    benign (polyps) and malignant neoplasms in
    rectum or colon.
  • Many medicines are accompanied by side effects.
    actions that interfere with normal digestion and cause
  • Stress, excessive anxiety.

What medicine for diarrhea to choose?

In a healthy person, diarrhea most often goes away in several
days If diarrhea is caused by anxiety and stressful situation, then
fixing drugs, binders, and
sedatives. If it is irritable bowel syndrome,
then it is necessary to establish the reason for its appearance, if it is dysbacteriosis
intestine, then the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment with probiotics
(treatment of dysbacteriosis).

If diarrhea is caused by taking unusual foods or due to
overeating, indigestion, then you should take enzyme preparations.
With diarrhea from medication – should
consult with your doctor about possible replacement of the drug
on the other, or on its cancellation.

In cases of food poisoning or intestinal infections,
pills for diarrhea will not help, especially if the child has diarrhea and
there is a rapid dehydration, which is very dangerous for
of life. In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible and
establish a diagnosis. You should also seek medical attention.
if a:

  • The chair is too abundant and frequency of more than 6 times a day
  • Diarrhea lasts more than a day
  • There is a suspicion of food poisoning.
  • The chair is mixed with either bright blood or feces black, which
    also indicates hidden blood.

An overview of diarrhea remedies

It is impossible to determine what will be the most effective remedy for
diarrhea in each specific clinical case. We offer a list
some well-known, popular, effective drugs for diarrhea,
which are accepted by a doctor for various reasons
появления диареи, поноса у детей и adults (см. весь

Кишечные противомикробные препараты для детей и adults при


Enterofuril, Stopdiar, Mirofuril, Nifural, Adisort,
Nifural, Ersefuril

very effective medicine for children for diarrhea, with intestinal
infections, это противомикробный препарат, обладающий широким
spectrum of action. Composition: Nifuroxazide Противопоказания: возраст
child up to 1 month, premature newborns. That is his
safe to use for babies. Price:

  • Энтерофурил таблетки 270 — 370 rub., суспензия  360
  • Стопдиар 160 rub.
  • Мирофурил 300 rub.
  • Адисорт 280 rub.
  • Нифурал 280 rub.
  • Эрсефурил 450 rub.


Immunobiological, antimicrobial, antidiarrheal drug.
Increases local immune defense, provides anti-toxic
действие в отношении бактериальных  энтеротоксинов, улучшает
enzymatic function of the intestine. Instructions for use
Enterolа. Composition: лиофилизированные Saccharomyces boulardii
Contraindications: children under 1 year can not be used. Price:
200-280 rub.



antimicrobial for diarrhea, has a wide spectrum
действия, при дизентерии и прочих кишечных infections. Composition:
Phthalylsulfathiazol Indications: these tablets for children with diarrhea
approved for use from 2 months. Price: 20 rub. Safe not
expensive and effective drug.


antimicrobial drug, shown in food
токсикоinfections, дизентерии. Composition: Furazolidone Противопоказания:
children up to a year, pregnancy, lactation, liver disease and
nervous system. Price: 50-60 руб 10 шт.



antimicrobial for diarrhea caused by intestinal
infection, with dysentery, colitis. Composition: Sulfaguanidine
Contraindications: during pregnancy, lactation, children
грудного age Price: 40-50 rub.



anti-diarrhea, has astringent, absorbent
action. It has antibacterial and antispasmodic action.
Composition: танин, этакридин Противопоказания: с осторожностью во время
of pregnancy.

rel=»noopener»>список препаратов пробиотиков).

Antibiotics used to treat intestinal infections only in

Alpha – Normiks (Rifaximin)

broad-spectrum antibiotic, intestinal
antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drug, used when
острых кишечных infections, диарее путешественников и etc. Composition:
Rifaximin is an antibiotic that acts only in the digestive tract.
Contraindications: children under 12 years old, intestinal obstruction,
ulcerative intestinal lesions. Price: 650-700 rub.



Antimicrobial, antifungal agent. Used when
infections caused by intestinal amoebiasis, diarrhea
dysbacteriosis and as a prevention of diarrhea and intestinal infections.
Composition: Тилихинол, Тилихинола лаурилсульфат, Тилброхинол
Contraindications: can not be used for children under 18 years. Price:
300-350 rub.


Broad-spectrum antibiotics that act not only in
lumen of the intestine, but also on the entire body. These are reserve drugs,
shown only in cases where there is no other means “at hand”
or other means do not help.

These are Ciprofloxacin (Tsiprolet Tsifran, Tsiprobay, etc.), Ofloxacin
(Tarivid, Zanotsin) and other drugs.

Probiotics taken with diarrhea on the background of dysbiosis
intestines, after taking antibiotics, with dyspepsia, after intestinal
of infections

Lactobacterin Lactobacterin

antidiarrheal drug, normalizes digestive
intestinal activity, restores immunity, improves
exchange processes. Composition: Живые лактобактерии Противопоказания:
Гиперчувствительность, кандидоз Price: 120-150 rub. (prices 2018
of the year)

Bifidobacterin Bifidobacterin

produced in capsules, tablets for diarrhea, in the form of dry
drug that requires dilution with water. Are taken with food
токсикоinfections, кишечных infections. Composition: Живые бифидобактерии
Special instructions: not recommended joint reception with antibiotics,
do not dissolve the drug in hot water and store in dissolved
the form. Price: 100-150 rub.

Florin Forte

This powder is composed of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Shown at
дисбактериозе, кишечных infections, детям и взрослым.

Цена 500-650 rub.

Bifikol сухой от поноса Bifikol

показан для применения при дисбактериозе, при кишечных infections
– salmonellosis, dysyntria, viral diarrhea, with inflammatory
diseases, colitis, enterocolitis. Composition: Кишечные палочки и
Бифидобактерии бифидум Price: в аптеках 230-250 rub.

Bifiform Bifiform

Bifiform — кишечнорастворимые капсулы, источник витаминов группы
В и  пробиотических микроорганизмов — лактобактерий,
bifidobacteria. Composition: Энтерококкус фециум и Бифидобактерии лонгум
Противопоказания: Bifiform Малыш можно принимать детям старше 1
года, Bifiform можно принимать детям старше 2 лет. Price: 500


Linex — популярное антидиарейное средство, препарат нормализующий
intestinal microflora. Composition: Lactobacillus acidophilus,
Bifidobacterium infantis, Enterococcus faecium Contraindications:
hypersensitivity is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with
hot food, alcohol. Price: 400-500 rub.


Atsipol — противодиарейное средство, показан при кишечных infections,
after taking antibiotics, for chronic colitis, dysbiosis.
Composition: живых ацидофильных лактобацилл и полисахарида кефирного
грибка. Contraindications: hypersensitivity
Price: 300-350 rub.


antidiarrheal agent, used for dysbacteriosis
different etiology. Composition: Лактобактерии ацидофильные
Contraindications: children’s age (for table), candidiasis,
hypersensitivity (not in the pharmacy chain as of 2018



аналогичен Biobactoneа, может применяться одновременно с
antibiotics or chemotherapy. Composition: Лактобактерии ацидофильные
Price: 350 rub. 30 tab.


the combination of lacto-and bifidobacteria, is used when unstable
stools, diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite. Composition: бифидо и
lactobacillus. Application: can be applied to children from 6 months,
cold storage. Price: 350-400 rub.

Hilak forte

Hilak forte

Hilak forte лекарство от поноса, которое
regulates the balance of intestinal microflora. Composition:
biosynthetic lactic acid, its buffer salts, products
exchange of normal intestinal microflora. Indications: for infants
age Price: 200-400 rub.

RioFlora Immuno

Риофлора иммуно RioFlora Immuno, Риофлора баланс — БАД, в
The composition of which includes a balanced combination of probiotics.
Composition: 9 штаммов пробиотиков. Indications: possible применение детям
older than 3 years. Price: 200-400 rub.


Composition: Лиофильно высушенная биомасса молочнокислых бактерий
Lactobacillus acidophilus Indications: possible применение с 6
month old

Price: 160 руб 20 капс.

Primadofilus Bifidus, children, junior

Composition: это БАД, бифидобактерии и лактобациллы. Indications:
normalization intestinal microflora Application: Bifidus
взрослым — по 1 капс. 1 p / day 2-4 weeks., Baby babies
1/2 tsp 1 r / d 10 minutes before the morning feeding, 1–5 years 1 tsp.
1 p / d, Children 6–12 years old Junior 1 capsule per day for 2–4 weeks. Price:
700-1100 rub


Composition: Streptococcus thermophilic, Bifidobacterium BB-12e,
Lactobacillus paracasei. Indications: dysbacteriosis, diarrhea,
токсикоинфеции Price: 320-400 rub.

Buck set

Ingredients: probiotics and prebiotics – Streptococcus thermophilus,
Bifidobacterium breve. rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, B. infantis,
B. longum; Indications: дисбактериоз Price: 260-280 rub.

Medicines for diarrhea that slow down intestinal peristalsis

Loperamide при поносе Loperamide

аналоги Лопедиум, Им­одиум, Суприлол, Энтеробене, Диара,
Стоперан, Лофлатил (Украина, смектикон+лоперамид)

diarrhea remedies that are aimed at increasing
time of passage of contents in the intestine. These medicines increase
the tone of the anal sphincter, reduce the urge to defecate, slowing
intestinal peristalsis. Composition: Loperamide (инструкция)
Contraindications: acute intestinal infections, salmonellosis,
dysentery, children under 6 years old, can not be taken when
pregnancy in 1 trimester. Price: 25-40 rub.

Preparation with antisecretory action


This Racekadotril, which acts only in the lumen of the intestine.
It is used for the symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhea in adults.
The uniqueness of the drug is that it launches such biochemical
intestinal reactions that lead to a decrease in hypersecretion
electrolytes and water. Contraindications: children under 18 years old,
hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation. Side effects:
headache, swelling, urticaria, pruritus. Price: 550-700

Лекарства от поноса –  энтеросорбенты

Enterosgel Enterosgel

enterosorbent with a pronounced sorption and
detoxifying properties, removes toxic substances, bacteria,
food allergens, drugs. Composition:
Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate Contraindications: while
taking with other drugs may decrease the absorption of other
drugs and vitamins. Price: 250-300 rub.

Смекта при поносе

Smecta, Neosmectin

Smecta is an aluminosilicate of natural origin, has
выраженным  адсорбирующим свойством, стабилизирует слизистый
barrier of the gastrointestinal tract. Composition: Смектит диоктаэдрический Indications: разрешено
application for infants. Price: смекта 130-150 rub. for 10
tea bags. Неосмектин 140 -300 rub.


Polysorb МП, Атоксил, Силикс,

remedy for diarrhea, with a pronounced adsorbent
property, removes from the intestines exogenous and endogenous toxins,
pathogenic bacteria, antigens, allergens, drugs.
Composition: Кремния диоксид коллоидный Indications: эффективное средство
with intestinal infections, dysbacteriosis, poisoning. Price: 260-350

Activated coal от диареиActivated

Аналоги: Карбактин, Карбопект, Карболен, Ультра-Адсорб,

Provides detoxification, enterosorbing and
antidiarrheal action. Composition: Activated coal Особые
указания: окрашивает кал в черный цвет Price: 10 rub. activated
coal, Карбопект 100 руб, Ультра-Адсорб 300 rub.

Polyphepan Polyphepan

the tool has a high sorption activity,
detoxification effect, removes pathogens from the intestine
bacteria, toxins, drugs. Composition: Лигнин
hydrolysis Indications: possible use for children with breast
age Price: 80-90 rub.

Touring Touring

Provides astringent, anti-diarrhea, normalizes
electrolyte balance. Composition: натрия хлорид, калия хлорид, натрия
bicarbonate, glucose, dry chamomile extract. Indications: possible
use for infants.

Filtrum STIФильтрум сти

intestinal adsorbent used for diarrhea and vomiting in the background
food poisoning, acute intestinal infections (see instructions for
применению Filtrum STI) Composition: лигнин гидролизный Indications:
prevention and treatment of viral and bacterial intestinal infections
Price: 10 табл. 80 rub. 50шт 260 rub.

Herbal preparations for diarrhea

Burnet rhizomes Burnet

Herbal preparation containing saponins, vitamin C, tannins
substances, flavonoids, has astringent, tanning, antiseptic
действие, снижает моторику ЖКТ, оказывая antidiarrheal action.
Composition: Burnet rhizomes с корнями Противопоказания:
allergic reactions to herbal remedies. Price: 50-70

Blueberry fruits Blueberry fruits

A remedy for diarrhea, has anti-inflammatory, astringent,
antiseptic action. Used for diarrhea in the form of infusion
half a cup 3-5 times a day. Composition: Черники обыкновенной плоды Price:
80-100 rub.

Cherry fruits Cherry fruits

contains a lot of tannins, providing a binder and
antidiarrheal action. Contraindications: hypersensitivity
Price: 50-60 rub.

Гранат Pomegranate for diarrhea

The unique properties of pomegranate in that there is in its skin
substances that have a fixing effect on the digestive tract. To
use pomegranate for diarrhea should be pre-dried
crust pomegranate crush well. Then 1 teaspoon minced
raw materials pour 1 liter of water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes.
After 40 minutes infusion can be given to a child (no more than 1 tsp. 3
p / day) and an adult for 2 teaspoons 3 p / day.

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