An infant does not eat well – causes and whatdo

A long-awaited event happened in your family – born
kid. At first it seems to mom that the difficulties are over, but it turns out
a child is already a person like you, with your desires and
preferences. He himself can not tell about it, only screams.
And very often and loudly!

грудной ребенок плохо ест

what do, если грудничок плохо ест

Тут главное – не нервничать, а попытаться разобраться в
the problem.

There are situations when your baby eats very badly – with
This may be faced by the mother of the firstborn, and a more experienced woman.
Давайте рассмотрим подробнее разные ситуации  и попытаемся
find out the cause of poor appetite.

Почему грудничок плохо ест и что do в этом случае

Breast attachment problems

почему грудной ребенок плохо ест

You still in the maternity hospital notice that your baby does not eat well.
The reason for this may be improper attachment to the chest. TO
Unfortunately, not all maternity hospitals are taught this. (how to
put the baby to the chest)

  1. Проблемы с молоком. Milk disappears. Child
    willingly takes a breast, sucks, but does not eat, since mum has not enough
    milk. TOак быть? Try to restore lactation: drink more
    liquids, decant after each feeding, drink lactogonic tea
    based on dill seed. More to be with the child, set with
    there is close emotional and physical contact (“skin to skin”). What if
    Milk still disappears, finish feeding the baby with the mixture. Only
    one breast is given first, then the other, and then the mixture.
    It is advisable before you go on mixed feeding,
    consult a pediatrician.
  2. Много молока. If there is a lot of milk, and it beats
    a strong stream in the child’s mouth so that he begins to choke,
    – it can also reduce the baby’s appetite. what do? Little
    decant before feeding, weaken the stream of milk.
  3. Молоко может изменить свой вкус, если вы съели
    some new food. Child может отказаться его пить. what do?
    Carefully monitor the baby’s reaction to your food (which can
    There is with GW nursing mother).

Congenital abnormalities

If the baby is physically unable to suck, i.e. he may have
some kind of pathology. For example, a short bridle. But it will become
immediately known in the maternity hospital. Measures taken
by specialists.

The stomach hurts

  • Child берет грудь, немного сосет, а потом начинает истошно
    shout, arching “bow”. Most likely, the baby has normal
    colic, they are also called physiological. Digestive system
    child is imperfect. Food movement causes swelling in the intestines.
    and pain. Child отказывается от груди на момент приступа, сильно
    shouts, he is not to eat. what do? – Remove or reduce colic.
    Обычно месяцам к 3-4 колики проходят;
  • But it happens that the baby also takes the breast, begins to suck,
    then throws with a cry. It is possible that the baby
    dysbacteriosis and severe stomach pain. The disease
    confirmed by special analyzes. And the treatment is prescribed
    by doctors. Suspected dysbiosis can be if you were treated
    antibiotics (after cesarean section surgery) if the infant is
    for some reason, also passed antibiotic therapy. Color and smell
    baby’s stools change from yellow to green with mucus. This is necessary
    tell the doctor necessarily. More about dysbiosis in infants


ребенок плохо ест

If your family has weather sensitive people, then
a baby can also react to a change in weather by refusing food and
scream. If such symptoms are pronounced, it is better to turn to
to specialists. Moreover, if the fontanel on his head at this time strongly
swells, pulsates. It may be talking about increased
intracranial pressure. You need to take medicine.



TO 4 месяцам младенец начинает отвлекаться на окружающих. is he
notices what you are wearing what came up dad or brother somewhere
заиграла музыка и т. п. TOормление прекращается, ребенку уже не до
food. TOак быть в такой ситуации? Close up in the room alone, be in
silence, without a harsh light. Then the chance to feed the baby

Got sick

  • Child хочет есть, берет грудь, начинает сосать,
    бросает и кричит
    . Pay attention to his nose: free
    whether he breathes or sniffs heavily. Do not be alarmed if breathing
    difficult. what do? Try to clean the nasal passages;
  • Могут болеть уши. TOогда он начинает сосать и
    swallow, pain intensifies. To prevent him from starving, decant
    milk in a clean bottle and give a little with a spoon. TOак проверить
    Are your ears sick? Slowly click on the trestle (protruding part
    ear to cheek), if the child is twitching, screaming, then you must call
    pediatrician and initiate treatment;
  • Во рту обнаружились белые пятнышки (молочница
    or stomatitis), which may increase in size. Under them
    bright red mucous. Be sure to treat, because the child
    из-за боли может отказаться от food.  Contamination can

    • от матери во время родов,
    • если женщина не моет грудь перед кормлением,
    • если в рот попали грязные соски, игрушки,
    • если слизистая рта была повреждена.

You need to see a doctor, because with stomatitis may be an increase
temperature To not lose time, baby’s mouth is rubbed after
feeding with gauze swab solution of baking soda. Solution
It is prepared like this: a glass of chilled boiled water is taken 1
teaspoon baking soda. Mother’s breast is processed before
by feeding. Read more about thrush in the mouth of a newborn.

Teeth are cut

Еще одна причина отказаться от food. Pain in the gums during
teething reduces appetite. In this case, the child’s gum
before feeding grease with special gels. These drugs
Bought in the pharmacy. See the article on related issues during the period.


It happens that an infant eats poorly because it is by nature
�”Maloezhka”. Eats a little and recovers too little. If not
no abnormalities in the central nervous system, then
it means your child is just that in itself. If he has a good
mood, he is active and joyful, then cause for concern

Bad mood

It so happens that the crying baby is not approached immediately, as he
awoke. The kid starts screaming louder and louder. TOогда мама
still takes him in his arms, he is not able to grab the chest. what
do? – soothe. Give him a pacifier, and after a few seconds
offer a chest. If again does not take, return the dummy and give
doze off for a few minutes. The baby calms down, then
wakes up and quietly eats.

So, we tried to understand the main reasons why
an infant does not eat well. If the baby is active, then the appetite could
gulf temporarily. What if состояние ребенка вызывает беспокойство,
немедленно обращайтесь к врачу. You can call
ambulance Главное – учитесь понимать своего baby Is not
so difficult if constantly watching him.

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