An active form has been discovered in Academician MSUtuberculosis

Update: February 2019

Активная форма tuberculosis (заразная для окружающих) была
found at the teacher of the Faculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University Mv
Lomonosov. In connection with this event, colleagues and students of this
establishments will need to be screened.

Polyclinic staff reported to Rospotrebnadzor about this.
incident immediately upon detection, namely on April 8, 2016, but
MSU was notified a week later – on April 15. Teacher actively
participated in public life, carried out various seminars,
meetings, speeches, went to all sorts of scientific meetings.

The university is trying to negotiate with the tuberculosis
dispensary to check eight hundred potential
sick They want to carry out this event in two stages:

  • The first stage will be held in April-May 2016.
  • the second is about half a year later.

Anyone who had direct long-term contact with an academician
will be required to undergo drug prevention for 2-3
месяцев (см. симптомы tuberculosis легких). To this contagious
the infection did not spread in the university premises in which
the teacher carried out his activities, was produced
disinfection. It consisted in spraying a special solution by
territory, which showed an epidemiologist. After some time
wet cleaning was performed. frfltvbr vue ,jkty ne,threktpjd

Based on statistics, Russia has a high level
incidence of tuberculosis, entering the top five countries in the world. And in
In recent years, there has been a trend towards an increase in the number of patients and
летальных исходов от tuberculosis (см. как передается

Koch’s wand is picked up first of all by people with weakened
immunocompromised and those that get a large number of mycobacteria
during contact. The longer the contact with the patient, the longer
the likelihood of the disease in the contact. And
the onset of the disease may be several years after
contact, which depends on the immunity of the infected (decrease
immunity on the background of injury, stress, another infectious
diseases, etc.).

People who are most susceptible to tuberculosis infection:
diabetics with a stomach ulcer or
duodenum, alcoholics, drug addicts,
HIV-infected, mentally unbalanced people, pregnant,
using large doses of hormones, if other
diseases of the respiratory system (obstructive bronchial disease,
COPD, bronchial asthma, etc.).

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