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Update: October 2018

Amplipulse therapy is a common method.
physiotherapy treatment in which the effects on the body
turns out to be sinusoidal modulated currents (SMT). 
First held in 1963. Refers to electrolysis,
used as a therapeutic, rehabilitative and
prophylactic methods. One of the most effective varieties
electrotherapy for diseases of the bones and joints.

Let’s talk about the indications and contraindications of the impulse,
Consider the popular methods and features of the procedures in
домашних conditions.

Amplipulse therapy: the essence of methods and positive effects

What is this procedure? The action of CMT is based on the same principles
what is the treatment of diadynamic currents:

  • rhythmic effect of SMT on nervous and muscle tissue through
    spinal mechanisms leading to the elimination of pain;
  • rhythmic contraction of muscle fibers leads to improvement
    peripheral circulation and lymph flow, the formation
    vascular collaterals and improved tissue trophism.


  • Procedures promote relief of inflammatory processes and
    resorption of infiltrates, elimination of edema, activation
    regenerative processes, improve metabolism, prevent
    atrophy and increased muscle tone.
  • Amplipulse activates the vasomotor center, has
    vasodilator effect and helps relieve vasospasm.
  • In addition to the stimulating effect on skeletal muscle,
    sinusoidal currents increase the tone of the biliary tract,
    ureters, bladder, intestines, stimulate secretion
    pancreas, stomach, adrenal glands, activate the liver
  • SMT relieve bronchospasm, enhance the function of external respiration and
    ventilation of the lungs, improve the drainage of sputum.

SMT differs from diadynamic currents – softer
action that allows you to apply the method for acute neuritis with
significant vegetative-vascular disorders and other
pathological processes even in the acute phase (see

Due to the deep penetration into the tissue, it is possible to act and
on smooth muscle. Analgesic effect after a single
effects are higher in diadynamic currents, in the case of SMT this effect
проявляется после курса procedures. Neuromyostimulating effect of SMT
depends on the depth and frequency of modulation of currents – it is stronger,
when exposed to direct currents, but weaker than
fluctuating currents and DTT.


Indications к проведению амплипульса для всех возрастных групп,
including children, the following:

  • neuroses and neurosis-like states of various
  • pathologies of the peripheral nervous system: neuritis, neuralgia,
    plexitis that flow with significant vegetative-vascular
  • paresis and paralysis;
  • autonomic dysfunction of the NA;
  • migraine;
  • diseases of the joints and spine
    degenerative-dystrophic nature: osteochondrosis of all departments
    spine, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica,
    periarthritis, spondyloarthrosis and other arthrosis;
  • damage to the nerve roots;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • closed bone fractures;
  • scoliosis;
  • reflex tonic pain syndrome;
  • muscle wasting after prolonged immobility of the patient against the background
    injuries, surgeries;
  • occlusive diseases of the peripheral arteries;
  • vascular atherosclerosis;
  • lymphostasis;
  • chronic gastritis with severe secretory insufficiency
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • intestinal and gallbladder dyskinesia (but only if not
  • reflux esophagitis;
  • chronic colitis;
  • dysfunction of the female reproductive system;
  • inflammatory gynecological diseases;
  • atony of the bladder;
  • atony of the prostate gland;
  • impotence;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • hypertension stage I;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic bronchitis and pneumonia;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammations of internal organs (kidneys, lungs, etc.);
  • urolithiasis (including acute period with renal
  • eye disease.

Is it possible to make amplipulse with a combination of several diagnoses?
Yes, but not in parallel, but with courses with interruptions that
establishes a doctor.


Contraindications амплипульса являются абсолютными и обязательно
taken into account when prescribing treatment:

  • individual intolerance;
  • epilepsy;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the presence of an implanted pacemaker;
  • cardiac arrhythmias and cardiovascular disease (hypertension II and III
    degree, sinus bradycardia);
  • phlebeurysm;
  • the presence of a metal implanted joint;
  • systemic blood disorders;
  • purulent diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • bleeding and tendency to them;
  • malignant tumors;
  • open fractures;
  • high temperature;
  • alcohol, drug intoxication.

Amplipulse is most often prescribed for osteochondrosis and
rheumatic diseases, to relieve pain, improve
trophism of cartilage, muscle tone and normalization of exchange

Amplipulse therapy can Combine with mud therapy, ultrasound,
cryotherapy and magnetic therapy.

Apparatus used for amplipulse therapy

Today, the following devices are used

  • �”Amplipulse” (models 4, 5, 6, 7, 8),
  • �”Amplidin”,
  • �”AFT SI-01-MicroMed”,
  • �El Aesculap Medteco.

The most commonly used devices 4 and 5 modifications.
�”Amplipulse-7″ can be used for
amplipulse therapy and electrophoresis, since it works in two

Each device is provided with electrodes for different parts of the body with
set of mounts. Current, pulse duration,
the duration of the procedure is regulated by switches on the main

For procedures using plate electrodes for
percutaneous imposition and electrode exposure
(rectal, vaginal, urethral, ​​intragastric), which
can be single or reusable. Also available round
electrodes on a manual holder.

With наружном применении используются гидрофильные прокладки.
The size of the electrode should correspond to the pain area.

How is the treatment carried out?


No special training with percutaneous exposure
would need. At the appointed time, the patient must appear on
procedure. Before you start installing the electrodes,
The nurse checks the condition of the skin in the affected area:
There should be no scratches, rashes, ulcers, wounds.

If intracavitary stimulation of the stomach is planned, the procedure
performed on an empty stomach.


The patient is on a couch in a lying, sitting position or
standing, depending on the intended area of ​​impact. Nurse
fixes the electrodes according to the scheme. Then the machine turns on and
tuned to a specific mode and type of work. Current strength
set in manual mode and gradually brought to the appearance
vibrations under the electrodes: the parameter most often increases with
each subsequent procedure to the maximum possible

The treatment is performed by relaxing the muscles, which depends on
patient: do not strain and worry.

Percutaneous exposure

On the skin area corresponding to the pathological focus,
impose a hydrophilic dressing, on top – the electrode and fix
elastic bandage or sandbags so that it
did not move during the session. The second is near, in the distance,
corresponding to the transverse size of the 1st electrode or with
opposite side, similarly fixed. If a
electrodes are used on the holders, the nurse fixes them
by hands.

Intracavitary exposure

Intracavitary electrodes must be sterile. They are smeared
Vaseline or a special gel, gently injected into the cavity.
Withменение амплипульса допустимо только на I режиме работы:
use a sinusoidal current that is metered
readings milliammeter. Therefore, before turning on the device you need
make sure that I mode is set. Use II mode
It is strictly forbidden, since electrolysis products may
cause chemical burns to tissues.

Current strength during intracavitary treatment is increased to
the occurrence of light vibration under the electrodes, and when performing
electrostimulation – up to muscle contractions noticeable

Average procedure time: 5-10 minutes per site, total
exposure duration – 60 minutes, daily, on a course –
10-15 procedures.

Modes of operation devices “Amplipulse”

The basis – the use of alternating sinusoidal current (5
kHz), amplitude modulated with a frequency of 10-150 Hz. Variable
the current of the specified parameters penetrates the tissue without significant
skin receptor irritation, therefore, does not occur under the electrodes
burning sensation. To enhance the exciting effect on
nerve and muscle tissues, inter- and proprioreceptors, frequency 5 kHz
modulated with a depth of 25-100% in amplitude by a low frequency.

Apparatus for amplipulse therapy have 2 modes of operation,
each of them, in turn, has 4 types of work.

I mode – sinusoidal current. Childbirth of work:

  • Type of work I: PM or constant modulation. Carrier frequency – 5
    kHz, frequency fluctuations from 10 to 150 Hz. Withвыкание тканей к
    this current develops quickly, so the current increases
    every 20-30 seconds Current is used to get
    ganglioblokiruyuschego effect.
  • Type of work II: PP or parcel – pause. Carrier frequency – 5 кГц,
    fluctuations in frequency from 10 to 150 Hz. Unlike PC current output
    carried out in intermittent mode, the duration of the parcels and
    pauses: 1-6 seconds Withменяется для электростимуляции скелетной
    muscles with a modulation frequency of 50-70 Hz, and for effects on
    smooth muscle tissue with a modulation frequency of 10-30 Hz.
  • Type of work III: NP or carrier frequency – parcel. Behind
    the sinusoidal currents of the carrier frequency of 5 kHz are currents,
    modulated by frequency oscillations of 10-150 Hz. Duration
    The unmodulated and modulated current packages are in
    range 1-6 sec. Has a small exciting effect on
    neuromuscular apparatus. Used in acute pain
    syndrome, as well as preparation before IV kind of work.
  • Type of work IV: IF or intermittent frequency. Parcels
    sinusoidal current modulated by oscillations of the selected frequency,
    change current modulated at a fixed frequency of 150 Hz.
    The duration of the current packages with these modulation frequencies
    regulated separately in the range of 1-6 seconds. Most commonly used
    to obtain an anesthetic effect or as an effect on
    trophic processes. The selection of the modulation frequency and
    the duration of the parcels, you can choose combinations that resemble
    diadynamic currents modulated by long or short

II mode of operation – rectified current. In this mode also
существует 4 вида  полусинусоидального модулированного тока,
Regimens are similar to diadynamic therapy. Has an annoying effect on
peripheral nerve receptors of the skin. Possible use for
the introduction of drugs into the body.

Main exposure pattern

Main exposure pattern, которая применяется при
osteochondrosis and other processes with severe pain,
performed like this:

  1. In the variable mode, type of work III, at a frequency of 100 Hz with
    modulation depth of 75%, sending for 2-3 seconds. for 3-5
  2. Then move to the V kind of work, at a frequency of 70 Hz with a depth
    modulation 75-100%, the duration of the parcels 3 seconds. for 3-5

In the treatment of pain syndromes, the approach is as follows:

  • severe pain: electrodes are set transversely relative
    the focus of pain or the length of the peripheral nerve;
  • large area of ​​land: divide the zone into several fields and
    affect them alternately;
  • procedures can be carried out twice a day, at least 3
  • the greater the pain, the greater the frequency and less depth

For the electrostimulation of muscle tissue used II kind of work, and
the location of the electrode is determined by the type of paresis / paralysis.
During the therapy of peripheral paresis, the electrodes are installed in
areas of motor points of the affected muscle and nervous tissue. With
central paresis – stimulates antagonists of spastic muscles.
Frequency, amplitude depth, modulation, duration of parcels
/ pauses are set individually

Procedures for procedures depending on the pathology

Withведем самые популярные методики амплипульса, используемые в

Impact on the central nervous system

Electrode size 6 to 2 cm with gasket placed over
supraorbital region, the second, of the same size, put on the head,
fix elastic bandage.


  • mode of operation I, genus IV;
  • sedative effect – modulation frequency range 100-150
    Hz, stimulation of the opioid system of the brain and analgesic effect – 70
  • modulation depth – 100% with a parcel duration of 2-3
    sec .;
  • current strength – 3-5 mA, until a slight vibration is felt under
  • duration – 15 minutes daily, course – 10 procedures.

Impact on the collar area (treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical

One electrode is placed in the lower part of the occipital region with
the seizure of the projection of the segments СIV-Тhn, the second – in the zone from IX
thoracic to I lumbar vertebra.


  • mode of operation I, genus I and IV;
  • частота модуляции -100 Hz;
  • modulation depth – 50-75% with a parcel duration of 2 seconds;
  • current strength – 10-15 mA;
  • duration – 3-5 minutes in each genus, daily, course – 10 -15

Impact on the neuromuscular apparatus of the eye

Hollow round electrode with gasket placed in the region of the orbit
the patient’s eye, the second electrode is fixed on the back of the head, enveloped
elastic bandages.


  • work mode I, type of work II;
  • частота модуляции — 50 Hz;
  • modulation depth – 100% with the duration of parcels / pauses 1-2
  • current strength – 4-5 mA;
  • duration – 15-20 minutes daily, a course – 10 -15 procedures,
    repeat courses are allowed.

Impact on the sciatic nerve (treatment of vertebral
lumboishalgia in acute and subacute periods)

Perform 2-3 styling on the following areas:

  • paravertebral-buttock or paravertebral
  • popliteal subpharyal;
  • the front outer surface of the tibia and the rear foot.


  • work mode I, type of work III and IV;
  • частота 70 Hz;
  • modulation depth of 50-100% with the duration of the packages 1-3
  • current 10-15 mA;
  • duration – 3-4 minutes for each area, daily, course –
    8-10 procedures.

Impact on the stomach (treatment of hypomotor dyskinesia in
postoperative rehabilitation period)

The electrode probe is inserted into the stomach, the second electrode is flattened
forms located outside in the epigastric region.


  • work mode I, type of work II;
  • частота 10-30 Hz;
  • depth of modulation 75-100% with the duration of pauses / parcels 5
    sec .;
  • current 5-10 mA, to the sensations of slight vibration in
  • длительность – 15 мин ежедневно, курс – 5 procedures. After
    completion of the course is performed transverse cutaneous amplified with
    the same current parameters.

Impact on the stomach and duodenum 12 (treatment
gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer disease)

The goal is an analgesic effect and trophic stimulation. 2
электрода размером 200 см2 располагают в следующем
order: one – in the pyloroduodenal zone, the second – in V-IX projections
thoracic vertebrae on the back.


  • mode of operation I, genus III and IV;
  • частота 70-100 Hz;
  • modulation depth of 50-75% with a package duration of 2-3
    sec .;
  • current strength – 15-20 mA, until a pronounced vibration occurs in
    electrode overlay areas;
  • duration – 3-5 minutes for each type of work, daily course
    – 10-15 procedures.

Effects on the prostate

Rectal technique requires the use of special
electrode. The patient is on the side, legs bent and brought to
to the stomach. One, a special electrode is introduced into the rectum 5-7 cm,
the second is fixed above the pubic joint.


  • mode of operation I, genus II;
  • частота 10-30 Hz;
  • modulation depth 100% with a duration of pauses / parcels 5
    sec .;
  • current strength – 15-15 mA, until a pronounced vibration occurs in
    electrode overlay areas;
  • duration – 15 minutes, daily / every other day, course – 10-12

Features of treatment in childhood

Amplipuls small children are used only in alternating
mode, treatment is allowed from 5-6 months of age (devices

Straightened regimen prescribed for children from 2-3 years.

Methods of treatment and technique are similar to those in adults with
the only difference is that the intensity and duration of the procedures
reduced by half or a third. Electrode area should
match the size of the lesion, so it is smaller
than in adults. Electrodes are fixed exclusively by the method
bandaging, providing a snug fit. Electrode end
wires are fixed along with electrodes for warning

Density current density: in children under 2 years – 0,015-0,03
мА/см2, 3-7 лет — 0,04-0,08 мА/см2.
Be sure to monitor the state throughout the procedure.

After амплипульса кожу следует смазать глицерином, наполовину
diluted in boiled water so that there is no irritation and

Amplipulse therapy at home

Home amplipulse allows treatment without visiting
medical institution.

The mobile device is Amplipulse-7. it
multifunctional medical device for sinusoidal treatment
low-frequency modulated currents in two modes: constant and
variable The device has an electro-puncture mode that allows
act on biological active points. Can be used in
medical institutions, sports medicine and home

Provides trophic, stimulating, analgesic,
vasodilator, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory,
absorbable effects in various pathological conditions.

Sold in a case by type diplomat, made of
insulation material. The top cover is removable and provides
free access to the device. Included – a set of disposable
electrodes. The working position is horizontal. The device has
4 independent channels, allowing to influence 4 procedural
fields. Modes of operation and electrode overlap schemes depend on
indications for the procedure and are described in detail in the instructions for treatment
the use of amplipulse. There is an indicator showing the time to
the end of exposure, within 30 seconds. after graduation
sound signal.

Amplipulse at home is allowed only after appointment

Safety during the procedure

All devices belong to the II class of protection, do not require grounding
and can be used as in the physiotherapy department, as well as
in other departments of the hospital, as well as at home. Low frequency
currents are not dangerous to humans, but use the apparatus that came out of
malfunctioning or having defects or faults is prohibited!

A medical professional is required to follow safety precautions when
the installation of electrodes and the procedure, carry out
visual control of the patient’s condition.

The inclusion of the device in the network, the choice of areas and types of SMT
perform at the zero position of the adjustment knob. If during
procedures need to move the electrodes to another part of the body,
the amount of current also needs to be reduced to zero.

It is forbidden to wipe the case and control panel, to replace
details when the machine is turned on. With нарушении работы аппарата
you should immediately disconnect it, including from the power supply
electrical network.

Answers to popular questions from readers

What are the sensations during the procedure?

The procedure is painless. During the session, the patient feels
slight vibration in the location of the electrodes and
muscle contraction. For some people it may seem
unusual and unpleasant, but certainly not painful.

How many amplipulse treatments will be needed for treatment

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease that can
cure only in the first stage. To pause
degenerative-dystrophic processes, stopping pain and
prevent exacerbations, need about 10 sessions.

Is the procedure safe?

With соблюдении рекомендуемых параметров и отсутствии
contraindications procedure is absolutely safe.

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