American doctors do not prevent hundreds of thousandsstrokes

Update: February 2019

According to scientific evidence, atrial fibrillation is widely
known as atrial fibrillation, increases the risk of developing
stroke many times. As a consequence, patients suffering
this pathology, require oral anticoagulants
(OAS) – drugs taken by mouth and warning
blood clots. This is confirmed by numerous works of scientists.
SLA therapy reduces the risk of stroke by 2/3 of the initial level.

Also, recent studies say that oral
Direct acting anticoagulants (DOAC) are even more effective than the first
drug options. Their difference is that they are directly
inhibit the formation of fibrin – the basic substance in a blood clot.
Now in America there is no understanding of the real benefits of DOAC.
Doctors do not pay enough attention to these medicines.


It would be very good if all patients with atrial
Arrhythmia received prophylactic treatment. Unfortunately, in the USA by this
can not boast.

There is a study led by
cardiologist-electrophysiologist Lucas N. Marzhets (University
Colorado), whose results were published by the Journal of the
American College of Cardiology. Scientist with a group of assistants
processed the data of 655 thousand patients with atrial fibrillation taken
from PINNACLE Registry (National Cardiovascular Database

Observation results say: for the past seven years
American doctors have increased the coverage of anticoagulant therapy only
by 8.3%. This means that 4 out of 10 patients are at high risk.
one or another type of stroke, they do not completely lower. More
In addition, doctors prescribe preventive therapy at a dosage below
recommended by the whole 35% of patients.

The current situation in the United States shows that such disregard for
большой вероятностью может повлечь за собой сотни тысяч strokes.
But they could have been prevented.

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