Ambulance with teething baby:TOP – 7 gels for gums

Teething – one of the most painful moments
in the life of a child. You can help him with the help of “improvised” means or
special preparations.

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  • 1 Signs of teething
    • 1.1 How to help the child
    • 1.2 How to use anesthetic gel
    • 1.3 ТОП — 7 гелей для прорезывания зубов
  • 2 How to avoid problems?


В возрасте 7 — 9 месяцев у детей начинают
milk teeth erupt. In most cases, this process is not
goes unnoticed by either the baby or his parents: a child
feels discomfort, becomes capricious, and adults, in their
turn, they think about how to help their little one, but at the same time
hurt Today there are several ways to facilitate
teething, one of the most effective among them are considered
special gels for gums. But is it always necessary to use them and
how safe are they?

Signs of teething

Depending on the individual characteristics of the child, the symptoms
teething are completely different, however
A number of common, most frequent symptoms:

  1. Increased salivation, swelling and redness
  2. Restless sleep, loss of appetite, desire to gnaw everything
    eye-catching items.
  3. The appearance of the white band before the immediate appearance
  4. General deterioration.
  5. Increased body temperature, rhinitis (runny nose), cough
    (mostly wet), diarrhea as possible concomitant
    teething process.

Important! If symptoms such as
diarrhea, fever, cough, chances are wrong
diagnosing the causes of their occurrence. There are often cases when they
caused by various kinds of infections (diseases), and do not have
nothing to do with teething.

In the process of tooth growth, the release of biologically active
substances that increase the temperature. Normal is considered
an increase in the range of 37 to 38.5 degrees. Diarrhea in such cases
due to stimulation of intestinal motility due to
constant ingestion of saliva. In cases where the temperature
exceeds the specified limit, and diarrhea lasts for several
дней более 3 раз в сутки, рекомендуется обратиться за
consultation to the specialist – pediatrician.

READING DETAIL: Со скольких месяцев режутся первые
teeth and in what sequence

milk teeth teething scheme

milk teeth teething scheme

How to help the child

Relieve discomfort help special rubberized
semi-hard teethers. Usually they are filled with water, they can
put in the fridge for a while and cool
the baby will feel a pleasant cold, which, together with a massage during
chewing time will reduce itching (teethers – types
teethers, advice on choosing). The child can himself
Massage the gums with a donut or a crust. If for
this is enough for your baby, then in the use of medicinal
drugs are not necessary.

прорезыватели для зубов

Most children very painfully tolerate this vital
period: can not sleep, constantly crying and asking for hands.
Such a state creates stress on the nervous system, especially
vulnerable at an early age. In such cases, for removal
gum inflammation, pain relief and normalization of sleep
You can apply specially designed for kids gels. They
safe and practically have no contraindications.

Note! not all products are suitable for
breastfed babies: getting on the tongue makes it harder
sucking process. In particular, it concerns drugs containing

In addition, try to give as much of your
attention, care, affection. Play, distract your child,
offer the breast (if you are breastfeeding), take it to your
sleep time, wear as much as possible on your hands.

How to use anesthetic gel

Before using the medication must be carefully
study the instructions and be sure to pay attention to age
restrictions. In case of violation of the requirements, the result may be
ineffective or short term.

For maximum effect when using gels
The following recommendations should be followed:

  • use with strong discomfort in a child;
  • use every 3-4 hours, but not more than 3-5 times a day;
  • do not apply a large amount of gel;
  • lubricate the gums with your finger (previously thoroughly washed!) or
    cotton swab, while making circular massage

Usually a medical drug is required when teething first.
teeth, for several days, and after one year.
The remaining teeth appear with less pronounced painful
by signs.

ТОП — 7 гелей для прорезывания зубов

Pharmacies offer a wide range of children’s gels, and at times
very difficult to make a choice. In accordance with the estimates and reviews
young mothers highlight the most popular:

  • Dentinox


Local anesthetic gel quickly eliminates pain and unpleasant
teething sensations teeth in children of different ages,
prevents the development of inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane
oral cavity due to chamomile infusion and a number of biologically active
substances. Disadvantage: contains lidocaine (allergies are possible
reactions; not recommended for breastfeeding). average price
– 320 rubles.

  • Holisal


Eliminates inflammation, swelling of the gums, provides painkiller
Effect. Does not wash off saliva, retains anti-inflammatory
action up to eight hours. Prevents the penetration of bacteria
viruses, protects the microflora of the oral cavity. Advantages: does not contain
lidocaine; indicated for use in breastfeeding, as
does not reduce the sensitivity of the tongue. Price – 280 rubles.

  • Calgel



It has a cooling, analgesic (local anesthetic)
action thanks to the hydrochloride which is a part lidocaine.
Anti-inflammatory gel, facilitates teething.
Advantages: моментальный Effect. Disadvantages: valid
briefly, up to 30 minutes; contains anesthetic. Price – 340

  • Baby doctor

Baby doctor

A remedy from plant extracts of Echinacea, chamomile,
plantain, calendula eliminates pain, prevents
the appearance of inflammation of the oral mucosa,
destroys bacteria, disinfects, heals, strengthens gums and
relieves irritation. Advantages: contains only natural
Components. Disadvantage: not pronounced anesthetic
act. Цена – 320 rubles.

  • Kamistad


The combined drug contains medicinal chamomile, has
antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing and
regenerating properties, relieves pain. Advantages:
reduces pain quickly, lasts for a long time. Disadvantage:
contains lidocaine. Цена – 220 rubles.

  • Dentol baby

Dentol baby

It has a fast analgesic effect. Pain relief in
for two hours. Contains benzocaine and auxiliary substances.
Disadvantage: обезбаливает на непродолжительный промежуток
of time. Цена – 180 rubles.

  • Pansoral

пансорал первые зубы

Soothes the gums thanks to its constituent
extracts, has a softening effect. Advantage: fully
natural drug. Disadvantage: не выраженный эффект
pain relief. Цена – 360 rubles.

How to avoid problems?

Often young parents neglect the information contained
in the instructions, and eventually get a lot of unpleasant
consequences. Possible complications:

  • inflammation and suppuration of the gums;
  • allergic reaction;
  • rash.

Inflammation and suppuration of the gums

Usually such phenomena do not pose a great danger to
baby health. They не требуют врачебного вмешательства и при
proper care after some time disappear. Recommended
process gums with tissue swabs previously moistened with
herbal broth (medicinal chamomile, sage, calendula). it
contributes to the removal of inflammatory processes and destroys

Allergic reaction or rash

All gels for gums can be divided into three groups:

  1. обезболивающие — с содержанием lidocaine.
  2. anti-inflammatory.
  3. homeopathic – plant-based.

The most common allergic reactions occur on the anesthetic –
lidocaine (lidocaine hydrochloride). In this case, you should stop
use the gel with its content and replace it with another, for example,
based on extracts from medicinal herbs – chamomile, calendula and

To avoid problems, follow these steps:

  1. Use the gel only in cases where teethers and
    other “improvised means” do not help, the child cries a lot,
  2. For the selection of medication, consult your dentist, tell
    about all the features of your baby, individual intolerance
    certain components (if any).
  3. If side effects occur, stop immediately.
    use the drug and visit the doctor.


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    actionable advice. Video consultations of experts, plus personal
    experience mummies

Gel is an extreme remedy that is needed
use only when other methods are not
bring effect, and the baby suffers greatly. Parents should strictly
comply with all requirements of the annotation and in no case allow
situations when a child receives pain relief at the very first squeak
in the form of medicines. Compliance with the most simple recommendations will help
facilitate the period of teething in your children and avoid


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