Aloe juice from the common cold in infants

Young children have an increased tendency to
runny nose and nasopharyngeal diseases. If you believe this medical
statistics, 60% of all calls to ENT are associated with symptoms of edema
nasal mucosa. This is because babies are
age bodies are not yet fully formed
for the health of the nasopharynx. Especially when it comes to babies,
which the structure of the cartilage of the nose is not conducive to free cleansing from


We treat baby from a cold

Children under one year old breathe only with their nose (small children do not breathe through their mouths
are able) and suffer greatly if the mucous and the child swells
rhinitis appears. When the spout is clogged, the newborn cannot
free to eat, sleep, cry a lot, experiencing great discomfort.
The treatment of rhinitis in these small children is very different from
how we treat a runny nose ourselves. Use vasoconstrictor drops
newborns can be with great care, as they have
side effects and even addictive. Rinse baby’s nose
also very difficult. How to be?

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Aloe vein treatment

Choosing a cold treatment method for a baby up to a year, pay attention
on folk remedies. Most Grandma’s Recipes
really effective. Among them is a plant that is just
a few days is able to rid the baby of a cold at the same time
strengthening its immunity and acting as a prophylactic
from many infections. This is aloe.

Полезные свойства алоэ

Полезные свойства алоэ

Целебные свойства алоэ неоспоримы. About them it was known yet
our great-grandmothers who have successfully used aloe for treatment
colds. Сегодня алоэ входит в состав многих лекарств, его
Pediatricians appoint children. So why is he so helpful?

  • сок алоэ содержит в себе большое количество микроэлементов
    and vitamins that affect local immunity, strengthening
    mucosal resistance;
  • as part of aloe, there is an antibiotic that infects bacteria;
  • substances with antiseptic effect in juice
    алоэ уничтожают микробов и вирусы;
  • aloe juice relieves and relieves swelling;
  • the action of the juice of this plant instantly;
  • does not contain highly allergenic and toxic substances harmful

How to apply aloe?

It must be remembered that, like any medicine, use
алоэ нужно осторожно и с умом, четко atдерживаясь безопасных
dosages. Its juice is very concentrated, so in its pure form
It is extremely undesirable to use it in children under one year old. To bring
juice to the desired concentration, it must be diluted with water (boiled!)
in the proportion of 1: 3 (newborn – 1: 5). Consider how to
Prepare aloe medicine for the treatment of rhinitis:

  1. A plant that can be used for treatment should be
    не меньше 3 years old.
  2. Wrap a few of the lower, fleshest leaves in the dark
    paper and put in the fridge for 12 hours.
  3. Soaked in cold leaves, finely chop and squeeze the juice through
  4. Dilute the juice in the ratio indicated above.
  5. Warm to room temperature. Can be used!

Если закапывать носик: сок алоэ (разбавленный
водой) закапываем пипеткой 3-5 капель в каждый носовой проход.
We dig in 2-3 times a day. See the article how to properly bury
грудничку капли в носик

Video: How to properly drip nose small
to kid

Протираем слизистую: классический водный
раствор алоэ необходимо использовать, смачивая тампон или
a cotton swab and rubbing the nasal mucous membrane of the baby 3 times a day.
But the classic recipe can not be limited to, adding for
effect other ingredients.

Aloe Veggie Recipes

The following recipes have long and repeatedly been tested as
potent remedies for the treatment of rhinitis in children under one year.
However, due to the fact that some components may be
allergenic, before you test them on your baby, spend
проверку, капнув меленькую каплю препарата на запястье to kid.
Just making sure that there is no allergy, you can begin treatment.

  • Aloe with garlic. 1 garlic clove
    pour a liter of boiled water and let it brew for 4 hours under tight
    closed lid. Mix 1 tablespoon of infusion with the same
    the amount of liquid honey and pure aloe juice and wipe your baby
    spout up to 6 times a day with a swab dipped in solution.
  • Aloe with honey. Take liquid honey,
    Mix in equal proportions with aloe juice and boiled water.
    Moisten baby’s mucous several times a day, especially before
    a dream.
  • Aloe with olive oil. Boil
    oil (for disinfection), cool. Mix with pure aloe juice
    in a ratio of 3: 1 and use several times a day, lubricating
    emulsion nasal mucosa baby.

Вот тут можете почитать о рецептах алоэ с
медом, о противопоказаниях и о atменении во время различных
diseases not only in children but also in

Contraindications and side effects

In order not to harm the health of infants, be careful.
at applying aloe juice. When in doubt, is it worth
use this tool, consult a pediatrician.
Monitor the condition of the child during treatment: if it is
worsening, swelling increases or allergy symptoms appear if
the baby cries hard and long after lubricating the nasal passages
means, immediately stop using it.

It is worth remembering that aloe juice is a potent remedy, and
a small body may not immediately get used to it. For
10-20 minutes after use in a baby can be observed
tearing, sneezing, irritation of the nasal mucosa, itching in the nose.
This is the normal action of aloe caused by active substances in its
composition, and it should not cause concern. If it seems to you
that the discomfort is too great, you can reduce the concentration of juice
plants, increasing the amount of water. Be healthy!

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How to treat a runny nose in a child. My experience

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