Aloe and aloe vera: healing properties andcontraindications, recipes at home

Update: October 2018

Aloe is more than 500 species of succulent plants of the family
Ksantororevy. Especially prevalent on the Arabian Peninsula in
Africa. Of all its many kinds, the medicinal value
have about 15, the most famous are aloe vera or
the present, the birthplace of which is the Mediterranean, and the agave
or aloe vera which is cultivated from wild african
kind of.

Aloe preparations for over 3000 years are used in healing and
cosmetic purposes, externally and internally. Plant is
natural biostimulator. Medicinal properties and contraindications
Aloe spelled out in many medical writings, however the study
plants does not stop to this day.

Morphological description

The appearance of aloe is quite varied, from miniature
ornamental plants to trees with a height of 8-10 meters. For all his
species are characterized by xiphoid leaves, extending from the stem-base;
the edge of which are quite sharp thorns. Leaf color
ranges from pale green to rich green. The roots
fibrous, located near the surface.

From the stem 1 time in 2-3 years, in the period from January to April
grows a long peduncle with flowers from red to white,
which are collected in a multi-flower thick brush. Aloe flower has
intense odor that can cause headaches. Fruit is
cylindrical box.

In artificial conditions it multiplies with the help of babies or
sprouts that quickly release roots in water. In the natural
the environment is propagated by seeds and children. Is light and
moisture-loving, not resistant to cold plant.

Features leaf plants

Aloe leaves have an unusual structure and includes a gelatinous
гелеподобное ядро, окруженное слоем juice и тонкую, крепкую кожицу.
Leaves can accumulate large amounts of water, significantly
increasing in size. Leaves are closed to preserve moisture.
pores that prevents evaporation of water in case of insufficient water
receipt from the outside. With prolonged drought visually reduced
leaf size due to the consumption of a reserve of moisture. also in
adverse conditions the plant discards the lower leaves in order to
save a life.

Difference between aloe vera and agave

In addition to external morphological features, plants differ
by composition. So, aloe vera is characterized by more meaty
leaves, therefore, contains a greater amount of gel.

Какой алоэ полезнее: По информации
research conducted in 2011 in the Venice Scientific
Institute in Italy, found that homemade aloe is 200% richer
beneficial substances.

In our conditions it is easier to use agave – available and
unpretentious culture for home cultivation. But you can
apply a more exotic look – aloe vera, healing properties
whose recipes are similar to using agave.

Collecting and harvesting aloe

лечебные свойства алоэMaximum useful substances plant
accumulates by the age of five. Bottom and
medium leaves that are harvested together
vaginas. Remove them very carefully, excluding breakage or
tearing of the leaf, at any time of the year (at home cultivation).

Свежие листья подходят для получения juice и других лекарственных
forms – before cooking they should be stored in the refrigerator 10-12
days for maximum disclosure of useful properties. At t
00С сырье хранится около месяца: для этого листья
washed, dried and wrapped in foil loosely.

Dry raw materials in shade, ventilated area, whole or cut
in pieces. After drying, the leaves become wrinkled,
cellular at fracture and are very fragile. Store in paper or
fabric bags 2 years.

Often the question arises – why maintain a shot sheet, why
Can not use it fresh? Exposure allows you to get
biostimulated leaf products: cold processes
vital functions are slowed down and to maintain vitality
cells begin to produce unique biostimulants.

Chemical composition

The leaves contain many useful ingredients (about 200) that
and determine the value of culture:

  • water (up to 97% by weight);
  • esters;
  • traces of essential oils;
  • acids: citric, cinnamic, malic, amber, chrysophane,
    L-kumarovaya, hyaluronic, isolimonnaya, salicylic, etc .;
  • tannins;
  • resins;
  • flavonoids, incl. catechins;
  • beta carotene;
  • enzymes;
  • bitterness;
  • minerals: phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, calcium, iron, magnesium,
    manganese, chromium, zinc, cobalt, and others;
  • amino acids: threonine, methionine, leucine, lysine, valine,
    isoleucine, phenylalanine;
  • simple sugars: fructose, glucose;
  • polysaccharides, incl. acemannan;
  • vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E, retinol, choline;
  • steroid molecules: sitosterol, composterol and luteol;
  • antraglycosides: nataloin, emodin, aloin, homonataloin,
  • substances of the phenol group, incl. anthraquinone.

Medicinal properties of aloe

Each therapeutic effect of a plant is determined by a group.
полезных в-в, содержащихся в aloe.

  • Antibacterial, incl. vs staphylococci, streptococci,
    typhoid, intestinal, diphtheria and dysenteric bacilli,
    vsовирусное и vsогрибковое – за счет ацеманнана,
    aleolitic, phenylacrylic, chrysophane and cinnamic acids,
    vitamin C;
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic – salicylic acid,
    bradykininase enzyme, steroid molecules;
  • Antitoxic – acemannan, aloin (a substance derived from
    anthraquinone), phenolic components, the enzyme catalase;
  • Antioxidant – manganese, copper, vitamins C and E, molecules
    anthraquinone and phenol;
  • Choleretic – zinc, selenium and inositol components;
  • Calming – magnesium, manganese, vitamins of group B;
  • Laxative – anthraquinone and phenolic substances;
  • Pain reliever – salicylic acid, bradykininase enzyme;
  • Hypoglycemic – two acemannan fractions – Erborran A and B;
  • Antiallergenic – Bradykininase Enzyme;
  • Anti-cancer – aloemodyne, which is a molecule
    anthraquinone, acemannan, antioxidant vitamins and minerals;
  • Wound healing, incl. in respect of sluggish, long
    processes – vitamin C, bradykininase enzyme;
  • Regenerating – vitamin C, enzyme catalase, anthraquinone;
  • Immunomodulatory – due to polysaccharides, magnesium, enzyme

The plant enhances the secretory activity of the digestive
glands (hrizovanovy acid, sodium), normalizes exchangeable
processes, has a tonic, nourishing, rejuvenating and
moisturizing effect on the skin due to the activation of fibroblast growth,
relieves itching and irritation. Promotes damage regeneration
skin without scarring. Lowers blood cholesterol and
promotes the breakdown of cholesterol plaques. Eliminates
inflammation in the biliary tract, normalizes gall function
the bubble.

The use of various dosage forms of aloe

Fresh Juice

  • Chronic gastritis with low acidity, a tendency to
    constipation, colitis, diseases of the biliary tract, stimulation
    digestion and appetite. Appointed and with a long cough.
    Withнимают three times a day. по 1 tsp before meals.
  • Tuberculosis. Withнимают three times a day. по 1 tsp before meals.
  • A wide range of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes: wounds, burns,
    fissures, lupus, trophic ulcers, skin radiation lesions,
    eczema, epithelioma, herpes sores, psoriasis. Also
    helps with acne. Juice the pathological elements 5-6
    once a day.
  • Used for joints in inflammatory diseases for
  • Inflammation of the nasopharynx and gums, ulcerative stomatitis. Lubrication
    juice damage, irrigation or turunda with juice.
  • Cervical erosion, vaginal candidiasis. Tampons soaked
    juice administered overnight in the vagina, 2 weeks.
  • Acute rhinitis. 2-5 drops in each nostril 4-5 times
  • Улучшает защитные силы организма vs инфекционных агентов –
    по 1 tsp утром и вечером, before meals.

Sabur – one stripped juice

  • Atonic and chronic constipation.
  • Stimulation of digestion.
  • Choleretic effect.

Accepted in diluted form, at 0.03–0.1 g for 1 reception
once a day.


  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract acute and chronic course.
  • Posthemorrhagic and hypochromic anemias (in combination with
  • It helps with intoxication, after long illness for
    recovery of the body. Recommended for asthenic

Назначают по 1 tsp дважды-three times a day., за полчаса по приема

Aloe liquid extract in ampoules

  • Eye diseases: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, iritis, progressive
    myopia and others
  • Chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, YABZH and 12 perstnoy
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Inflammatory gynecological diseases.
  • Common diseases with a long, chronic course
    (chronic arthritis, scleroderma, epilepsy, etc.).

Designed for subcutaneous injection course of 25-50 injections of 1
мл (взрослым) и 0,5 мл (детям старше 5 лет) однократно в day. With
If necessary, injections are prescribed by a repeated course.

Fedora aloe vera extract, eye drops, dietary supplement

  • Hyperopia and myopia;
  • Dry eye syndrome;
  • �”Night blindness”;
  • Myopic chorioretinitis;
  • Diabetic retinopathy;
  • Blepharitis;
  • Cataract.

Assign 1 drop 2-5 times a day, in each conjunctival

Liniment aloe

Prevention and therapy of skin lesions during the radiation period
therapy. Apply on the affected skin 2-3 r per day, cover over
sterile cloth.

Aloe at home – recipes of traditional medicine

Improved digestion, appetite, recovery after protracted

250 гр меда смешать со 150 гр juice алоэ, добавить 350 гр
good fortified red wine. Insist 5 days. Withнимать до
еды по 1 st.l., 4 раза в сутки 14 дней.

Gastrointestinal diseases

В керамической емкости смешать: 15 гр juice алоэ, 100 гр жидкого
honey, 100 grams of goose fat liquid, 100 grams of cocoa.  По 1 st.l.
on reception, having dissolved in 200 ml of hot milk, between receptions


4 stalks of aloe, aged 10 days, chop and mix with 1
a bottle of red wine or 1 liter of alcohol, insist 4 days.
Take 100 мл (вино) или 40 капель (на спирту) трехкратно в

Oncological diseases

Aloe preparations are recommended by a short course, up to 30 days
maximum. Should prepare fresh formulations, store them no more than 5
days in the refrigerator (with long-term storage of finished products
aloe lose their healing powers). Use aloe with honey
High Quality. Honey diluted with aloe juice in 1: 5. Take 1
tsp three times a day. before meals. The same mixture can lubricate the skin.
before a radiotherapy session.

Rhinitis infectious and allergic, incl. with a cold

Squeeze the juice from the leaf and strain. Clear the nasal passages from
mucous contents and then bury 1-3 drops in
each nostril after 3-4 hours. A similar method is used when
antritis, only 5-6 drops of juice are instilled.

Inflammatory diseases of the throat (pharyngitis, laryngitis,

Mix the juice and warm boiled water 1: 1. Gargle with throat
3-5 times a day. После процедуры выпить теплое молоко с 1 tsp juice

Inflammatory and other diseases of the eye

Aloe juice 1 ml pour 150 ml of hot water, cool and rinse
Infusion of the eye 3-4 times a day.

Inflammatory gum disease

100 g of crushed leaves insist in a sealed container for 60 minutes,
strain. Use for rinsing the mouth.

For diabetes

Withнимать свежий сок по 1 tsp три раза в день before meals. Can
dilute it in water.

Chronic constipation

Chop about 150 grams of aloe leaves, removing the spines, add to
gruel 300 grams of liquid warm honey, insist day, heat and
strain. Take 1 tsp an hour to eat food daily
in the morning

Aloe with hemorrhoids

The treatment is carried out without exacerbation, in the absence of bleeding from
knots. Especially effective in the initial stages. Candles. Slice
pulp sheet without skin and thorns to coat with a mixture of honey and oil
creamy, enter the rectum. Repeat twice in the morning and
in the evening. Broth for lotions and compresses: 5 leaves of the plant
chop and pour 500 ml of water, put on a quarter of an hour on
water bath. To moisten in a cooled broth clean gauze and attach
to the nodes for 15 minutes (lotion) or half an hour, covered with cellophane
(compress). Can смачивать в отваре марлевым тампон и аккуратно
put him in the anus for half an hour (with internal

Skin damage: wounds, abrasions, ulcers, frostbite

Mix honey and fresh juice 1: 1, add medical alcohol – 1
st.l. 200 ml of the mixture, store in the refrigerator. Lubricate
damage 3-4 times a day, lay cotton on top

Dilated capillaries, skin redness, wrinkles

Every evening on cleansed face to apply aloe juice,
Thoroughly beat it with your fingers for 1-2 minutes. Course – 12
procedures every other day. For the prevention of skin aging, frostbite,
sunburn, dryness, you can take a leaf of aloe, cut it
along, remove the spines and lubricate the cleansed skin of the mucous face
Side in the morning or in the evening 1-2 p per week.

Aloe for hair

To stimulate growth, strengthen, hair loss. 1 st.l.
boil leaves of crushed leaves for 10 minutes in 500 ml of water, cool and
strain. Wipe the scalp 2-3 r a week with a decoction, not
wash off. From hair loss make mask – gruel of crushed
leaves rub into the hair roots, cover with cellophane and leave for 20
min, rinse with warm water.

To preserve youthful skin

Маска из алоэ: 1 st.l. сметаны ~ 20 % смешать с 1 tsp juice алоэ
и 1 tsp the yolk. Stir and apply on face and neck when
the first layer dries – another layer and so for 20 minutes. Wash off
water contrasting temperature. Repeat once a week.
Suitable for all skin types. Can добавлять по 1 капле juice в
usual face cream or eye gel.

Impotence, impotence

  • Mix in equal parts: aloe juice, butter, goose
    fat, powder from dry rosehips. Preheat the mixture, not
    allowing boiling. Take 1 st.l., трехкратно в сут.,
    растворив в 200 мл горячего молока, за 30 мин before meals. Store in
    the fridge.
  • Mix: 30 grams of chopped parsley seeds, 350 ml of red
    wine, 100 grams of crushed rosehips, 250 grams of honey and 150 grams
    juice aloe. Insist 2 weeks, shaking the contents 1 time per day.
    Take 1 st.l. трижды в день before meals.


  • Acute digestive disorders;
  • Hypersensitivity to aloe;
  • Hypertension;
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Hemorrhoidal and uterine bleeding, menstruation (especially
    laxatives from plants);
  • Pregnancy (internal reception);
  • Children age up to 3 years. Outwardly – it is possible from year to year, but 2 times
    lower concentration.

Side Effects and Overdose

Несоблюдение дозировки препаратов растения, особенно juice,
leads to an overdose of antaglycosides and can cause poisoning,
the symptoms of which are diarrhea with blood and mucous films,
intestinal inflammation, tenesmus, blood in the urine. In pregnant women is possible

Prolonged internal use of the leaves entirely, with skin,
is fraught with the development of oncology, because the peel contains aloin,
substances in large doses which are carcinogenic. So in
an experiment conducted by American experts as part of
National Toxicology Program, have order half rats
who were given high doses of a plant extract derived from
whole leaf in the large intestine have developed benign and
malignant tumors.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products – a storehouse of useful
substances or another snag gullible population

On the shelves of pharmacies and shops you can find numerous
drugs and products containing aloe vera or aloe vera.
Cosmetic “whales” such as SCHWARZKOPF, ST. IVES
Aloe-based product lines that are in demand.

However, in the course of numerous studies of American and
Israeli scientists found out that during long-term storage and
conservation many valuable substances of a plant are destroyed or lose
its biological activity. At the same time the healing effect of the plant,
as a natural biostimulator based on a comprehensive cumulative
action of all its components that do not provide value on
separately, because contained in relatively small quantities.
It turns out that bioactive substances potentiate each other, rendering
proper therapeutic effect.

Hence it should be concluded that homework is correct.
prepared and stored preparations of aloe are more effective than
synthesized products and medicines from aloe that have been processed and

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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