Allow the dog to sleep with you?

Update: February 2019

The September issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings magazine reported
the news that sharing sleep with pets in one
beds can significantly reduce the quality of night rest.
This conclusion was made by scientists at the Mayo Clinic in collaboration with Dr. Lois

We all love our pets. American Veterinary
The association provides data that more than 40 million
Americans are holding a dog. Moreover, more than 50% of this amount
people consider it a full-fledged member of the family with whom you do not want
part even at night. But not everyone thinks so:
a certain group of owners do not allow a four-legged friend in their
bed, because it dramatically reduces the quality of their rest in front of a new
in the afternoon.


To find out how does sleep with a dog, a doctor
The crane together with its group attracted 40 people to the experiment and
pets. The hosts did not have established sleep disorders at the time.
the beginning of the test. On average, a selected group of people:

  • was 44 years old;
  • 88% were female.

Dogs also had an average of 15 kg weight and
five years old. To assess the quality of night rest, scientists
used accelerometer for seven nights.

As a result, the doctors received the following:

  • Before going to bed the hosts spent about an hour
    together with your dogs. It is somewhat shortened.
    the duration of their rest.
  • The effectiveness of human sleep was equal to 81%, and dogs –

Consequently, the dream of the owners suffered precisely in the case when the dogs
were with them in bed. Interestingly, if the pet was
just in the room, the person rested normally. Researchers yet
recommend not to sleep with the dog, even if it is very expensive
asking for your attention.

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