Allergy to the sun – symptoms, treatment,the reasons

Update: October 2018 Summer is a great time for holidays, for
long stay in country cottages, for travel, travel
on the sea, in exotic countries. Swim and sunbathe
enjoy the sea water and warm up in the sun – what can
to be better?

However, in recent years
increased sensitivity in many people to the sun’s rays. it
allergic to the sun, whose symptoms occur either lightning fast –
in 20-30 seconds, or in a few hours, or for 2-3 days
after tanning In medicine, such an inadequate response of the body to
Excessive exposure is called photodermatosis or
phototoxic reaction.

Types of allergies to the sun

Exposure to sunlight causes a person to have different
противоестественные  реакций, которые называются

  • Phototraumatic reactions

This is a common reaction of the body after a very long stay.
in the sun, even in a completely healthy person after many hours
intense ultraviolet irradiation may occur solar
burns. We will not dwell on this option, since all
know that you can not sunbathe for a long time, especially from 11-00 to
16-00 hours.

  • Phototoxic reactions

may also appear in any person in the form of solar
burns – swelling, blisters, erythema. it чаще всего вызвано пероральным
or injecting some medicines, herbs,
products containing photosensitizers.

  • Photoallergic reactions

it is a pathological process that occurs only in people
whose organism for some reason rejects the UFO and their skin and
mucous membranes react to the sun’s rays as hostile,
alien, toxic external effects. it объясняется
immune disorders and a similar reaction manifests as papules,
weeping, vesicles and lichenization of the skin (rash with increased
pattern, which is accompanied by a sharp thickening of the skin, and
pigmentation, while the skin becomes rough and
worn out).

At risk for the development of allergies to the sun include:

  • Persons with diseases of the endocrine system
  • Persons with liver and kidney disease
  • Persons with various disorders of the immune system

How does sun allergy manifest – symptoms

Signs of allergies to the sun can be varied and
варьироваться  в зависимости от причин ее вызвавших, от
the age of an adult or child from provoking
internal or external factor. The most common symptoms of solar
Allergies are manifested by the following disorders:Аллергия на солнце симптомы

  • Redness, rash, itching, blisters of areas of skin exposed
    sun rays.
  • Allergy to the sun on the hands, on the face, on the legs, on the chest
    manifested as rough, small skin irregularities that
    sore, itchy, sometimes coalesce into swollen, reddened foci.
  • Sometimes there are crusts, scales, bleeding.
  • Most often, an allergy to the skin from the sun looks like
    urticaria, eczema or blisters.
  • Signs and symptoms of an allergy to the sun appear not only in
    places where there was active sun exposure if
    an allergic reaction occurs in the form of eczema, it can be in
    locations far from the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

In a physically strong, healthy body, no solar
allergies should not be. Therefore, allergies are especially common.
in the sun in infants, in children who are not strong after the illness, in
the elderly and those with many chronic diseases.

Causes of Sun Allergies

The most common allergies to sun exposure are people with first
skin phototype, which is also called Celtic. Skin such
people almost never sunbathe, but allergic reactions to
UV light occurs on it quite often.

Special substances photosensitizers or photoreactive agents
cause allergies to the sun, whose symptoms depend on
radiation intensity and the amount of these substances. In the body
a person who has undergone natural or artificial UV
(sunburn, tanning beds, UV lamps) these photosensitizers
cause changes, manifested in the form of allergies to the sun.

Phototoxic reactions могут быть вызваны определенными
substances to find out why there was such an allergy, should
know where such provocative substances may be contained:

  • In means of hygiene – in antibacterial soap
  • В косметических и парфюмерных средствах —  в большинстве
    lotions, perfumes, colognes, deodorants, lipsticks.
    Most creams that include peanut butter
    essential oils of all citrus, cumin, dill, bergamot, musk,
    amber, Hypericum, patchouli, bark of the cinnamon tree.
  • Sunscreens are a paradox, but precisely when applied
    sunscreens can get the strongest allergic
    the reaction. If such funds include PABK
    — парааминобензойная кислота и бензофеноны.
  • In some food additives – for example, in sweeteners.
  • When tattooing – because it is used
    cadmium sulfate adjuvant, it is also capable call
  • In household chemicals – for example, naphthalene balls.
  • В лекарственных препаратах  — причем, даже если после
    It has been a while since the drug has been lifted.
    weeks or months after ultraviolet radiation may
    an allergic reaction occurs because substances accumulate
    in the body and in the human skin and sometimes excreted very slowly.
    There are cases that the sensitivity to sunlight due to
    medicines last several months or even
    years old.

Gunter disease – a rare form of photodermatosis is a disease
Gunter or erythropoietic porphyria. Sick of this recessive
the mutation is fully consistent with the classic descriptions of vampires:
afraid of daylight and sunlight due to skin ulcers and cracks,
gradually turning into deformities and cartilage, rather pale,
have excessive thick eyebrows and eyelashes. Patients have tooth enamel and
urine may be stained pink. In ultraviolet light
tooth enamel glows blood-red. For today
the disease is still not completely cured

Pellagra is a rare disease also accompanied by
photodermatosis. Pellagra (rough skin) is a breakdown of absorption
or insufficient intake of nicotinic acid
(vitamin PP).

List of Drugs, Plants, and Symptoms
sun allergies

The instructions for use of a very large number of different
medicines contain indications of such a possible
side effect of both photosensitization and that
the action is extremely rare, about 1/10 000 cases. TO
such drugs include:

Oral contraceptives – Hormonal contraceptives

  • Fluoroquinolones – ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin,
    nolitsin and so forth.
  • Tetracyclines – doxycilin
  • Macrolides – Sumamed, Macropen, etc.
  • TOо-тримоксазол — Бисептол, ингибитор фолиевой кислоты
  • Pipemidovaya acid – used for the treatment of cystitis,
    pyelonephritis (palin)
  • Антимикотические — особенно Гризеофульвин, и прочие 
    antifungal drugs in pills.

NSAIDs – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,
antipyretic and analgesic – Ibuprofen and Piroxicam.
Аллергия на солнце лечение Antihistamines –
Diphenhydramine and Promethazine. TOардиологические средства, для терапии
cardiovascular disease:

  • Fibrates – fibric acids, drugs that lower cholesterol in
    of blood
  • Амиодарон  — противоаритмическое средство TOордарон, кроме
    того еще и  вызывает синюшный оттенок загара
  • Digitoxin – a cardiotonic agent
  • Atorvastatins – tablets from cholesterol, statins, to reduce

Antidepressants, sedatives – Doxipin, Melipramine,
some hypnotics. Thiazide diuretics – diuretic
Chlorothiazide and any other diuretics can also
call, либо усиливать кожную аллергию на солнце, ее симптомы.
Sugar-reducing preparations for the treatment of diabetes mellitus –
Glibenclamide and Chlorpropamide. Essential oils – bergamot oil,
lime lime, Hypericum, essential oils of almost all citrus
– lemon, mandarin, orange. TOортикостероиды — гормональные
cream and ointment with prolonged use. Boric and salicylic
acid, methylene blue, tar containing ointment.

Plants that cause allergies to the sun

Very often with special substances on the skin
furocoumarins, which are contained in meadow and other plants,
Also, when sunlight hits these areas of skin,
allergic to the sun. The symptoms of photodermatitis in this case

  • Rash and blistering
  • Skin redness
  • Severe itching
  • In place of the affected skin, pigmentation remains.
    a long time.

TO растениям — экзогенным фотосенсибилизаторам, которых следует
Avoid in the summertime include:

  • TOрапива, Гречиха, Лебеда, Ясенец, Лютиковые, Борщевик,
    Fig tree.
  • If taken inside herbs, it is also possible
    развитие симптомов sun allergies: Зверобой, TOлевер, Дудник,
    Donnic, Rapha, Barshevik, Yakortsy.
  • Sedge and blue-green algae can also cause solar
    allergic because they contain chlorophyll and phycocyan.

Products with photoallergic action

The following products have such a provocative effect:

  • Before you go out in the sun do not cut, do not eat, do not drink
    juices from such products, as hands and lips may suffer from
    inadequate response of the body to sunlight: carrot juice,
    sweet peppers, figs, citrus juices, sorrel, celery,
  • Sensitivity to ultraviolet rays also increase:
    spicy dishes, alcoholic beverages, especially wine and champagne, everything
    products with an abundance of dyes, artificial additives and
  • Increased risk factor for developing allergy symptoms
    the sun exists in persons already allergic to coffee, nuts,

Лечение sun allergies

TOогда появляется аллергия на солнце – чем лечить эту странную
reaction? First of all, you should find out the true reason for the appearance
аллергической реакции на ультрафиоyears old. If it is medicinal
drugs that or herbs, then you should cancel these remedies or
eating foods. In case you can not refuse
use of necessary medicines, it is best to avoid
any skin contact with the sun, you need real protection from UV radiation.

  • Creams and ointments

And if it is not related to taking any drugs, then
should investigate possible internal failures
systems and organs in the immune system as well. What means
drugs, allergy pills for the sun exist? What are
sun allergies and creams?

Creams and ointments with corticosteroids are very effective, but their
use should be only for severe allergies
sun, treatment with these drugs should be prescribed only
a doctor. The course of treatment with such serious ointments should be short,
since their long-term use itself can cause various
skin disorders, erythema, rosacea, vasodilation on
addiction and their frequent development is rapidly developing
use may result in skin atrophy.

Among non-hormonal creams and allergy ointments can be
use Fenistil gel, Desitin, Gistan, La Cree, Dexpanthenol,
Panthenol, Radevit, Elidel, Protopic, Losterin, Vondekhil, La Cree
(for more information about these creams and ointments, see ointments from dermatitis).
Also a list of gels, creams, ointments in our article on the treatment of solar
burns – Flotseta, Actovegin, Psilo-balsam, Solcoseryl, Vinilin,
Karotolin, Livian, etc.

  • Antihistamines

After a comprehensive examination by a therapist, a dermatologist,
allergist-immunologist and establishing the cause of allergy doctors can
prescribe antihistamine drugs. Depending on the
The causes of photodermatosis to someone are very good;
someone does not help at all.

Among them you can try Klaritin, Suprastin and Tavegil.
Antihistamines 3 поколения, такие как Цетрин и Зодак
very effective in various allergic reactions, do not cause
drowsiness and have a prolonged effect, they can be applied
a long time.

  • Vitamin therapy

One of the causes of allergies may be a decrease in
immunity, vitamin deficiency, so vitamins such as vitamin
C, group B, vitamin E, and nicotinic acid may be
one of the components of the complex treatment of allergies to the sun.

  • Cleansing the body with enterosorbents and abundant drinking

It should be as quickly as possible to clean the body of allergens and
toxins, for this you can use sorbents, such as Polysorb
MP, Filtrum STI, Polyphepanum, Enterosgel. You should also drink
as much as possible of clear water per day, more than 2-2.5 liters, this
will help the body more likely to remove allergens from the body.

  • Folk methods

If there is no possibility to urgently consult a doctor, then
you can try to find among the folk remedies those that may
will help for the first time to soften the skin inflammation – this is fresh juice
cucumber, cabbage or potatoes. Potato and cabbage juice
has amazing softening and fast healing properties
wounds, skin lesions. Infusion also has a softening effect.
calendula or celandine, which can make cold

When pathological photosensitive reactions appear, the doctor
should tell after what time the reaction to the sun,
what were the manifestations, what did the rash look like and how did you feel
by this.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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