Allergy to meat can occur after a bitetick

Update: February 2019

If a person is bitten by an infected tick, they can
deadly complications arise – Lyme disease,
rickettsioses, tick-borne encephalitis, etc. British specialists are now
added to this list is also a severe allergic reaction to

Just 10 years ago, information about a possible connection first appeared.
development of allergies to meat products after tick bites (for the first time since
this problem faced residents of the United States).


But this summer (2015) on the European continent
(UK), have registered 6 cases of allergy to
lamb, pork, beef and other types of red meat in humans,
subjected to biting ticks. Diagnosis of such an allergy is complicated
that hypersensitivity develops only after several
months after a tick bite and establish a causal
communication does not always succeed between these two events.

To cause an allergy to meat, you need to first tick
attacked any animal (pig, horse, cow, deer, sheep),
and only then man. In this case, when the animal bites in the saliva
tick попадает гликопротеин галактоза-альфа 1-3 галактоза, именно
he is at the moment of being bitten by a person and is carried into the blood, causing a reaction

After some time by eating red meat in
пострадавшего от укуса tick может возникнуть аллергическая реакция
of delayed type, while earlier he calmly ate meat products
without any reactions. In extremely rare cases, such an allergy.
may develop 4-8 hours after the bite and its severity may
to be different – from body rash, urticaria, vomiting and nausea to
anaphylactic shock. Read also Rare types of allergies

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