Allergy eye drops: a list

Update: October 2018

The list of eye drops for allergies is not very big – because here
Only three groups of drugs are included. We will consider them according to their strength.
impact and side effects, we indicate their prices.

Please note: an optometrist must prescribe the drug, so
as there are many nuances that are visible only during an internal examination.
Our information is exploratory in nature and helps
identify cheap eye drops – analogues of prescribed drugs,
and the possibility of use for children.

Types of antiallergic eye drops

Allergy eye drops are three groups of drugs:

  • antihistamines;
  • cromones;
  • glucocorticoids.

They показаны при аллергии глаз, которая может быть результатом
eye contact with substances – medicinal, food and industrial,
animal saliva, plant juice. Looking for antiallergic eye
drops and allergies to blooms if your immune system is not
tolerates a certain type of pollen.

  • Antihistamine eye drops from
  • If necessary, they are connected to Cromons.
  • The harder allergic conjunctivitis, and the more prescription
    disease, the higher the probability of assignment of glucocorticoids

Immediately you should make a reservation that, like other local means
drops with GKS rarely give systemic complications: they do not lead to
osteoporosis, nor to adrenal insufficiency (stretch marks,
increase blood pressure, excess weight).

However, these remedies for redness and irritation should
prescribed by the attending physician strictly according to indications, taking into account adverse
actions and history of the patient, and not to be bought on their own in
the nearest pharmacy on the advice of a pharmacist or pharmacist. remember, that
glucocorticoids are immunosuppressive cellular and
humoral immunity, i.e. overwhelm him. And even local
remedies inhibit local immunity.

A visit to an ophthalmologist is required! By the way, hormonal drops
severely contraindicated in bacterial conjunctivitis, which
also accompanied by redness and eye irritation, as well as
allergic reaction. To determine the nature of inflammation can only

Antihistamine drops in the eyes


Active ingredient: Azelastine hydrochloride 0.01%. Analogs:
not. Blocking histamine receptors and stabilizing fat membranes
cells, significantly reduces the release of biologically active substances,
provoking allergic swelling, itching and tearing.

Препарат не показан детям младше 4 years old. Provided
круглогодичного применения должен использоваться только с 12 years old.
He is not appointed in the first third of pregnancy and lactation.

Immediately after instillation, the medicine may cause
local discomfort, increased tearing or sensation
foreign body in the eye. This is not a reason to cancel the drug, since
irritation goes away after a few minutes of action
medication. Extremely rarely recorded side effects in the form of dryness.
in the mouth. taste disorders, difficulty breathing. If simultaneously with
the drug is prescribed eye agents of other groups, between
the use of drugs is recommended a break of fifteen

Price: 600 r


Действующее вещество: олопатадин Analogs: Визаллергол 0,2%
Available in bottles of 5 ml. This is the second popular
antihistamine. The drug was not tested on children under 3 years old, no data.
for use in pregnant and lactating.

Price: 500-680 r, Vizallergol – 410-520 r


Active ingredients: diphenhydramine (antihistamine),
naphazoline (vasoconstrictor), zinc sulfate (antiseptic). Analogs:
по данному набору препаратов полного аналога not.

  • Polynadim is a drug based on naphazoline and diphenhydramine.
    Those. It does not contain antiseptic – zinc sulfate.

These remedies reduce tearing, relieve redness, reduce
burning sensation in the eyes. Противопоказания: беременность, лактация, дети до 4 years old.
Polynadim is allowed from 3 years

Цена: Ocmetilized — 210 р, Полинадим – 30-60 р


Active ingredients: diphenhydra (antihistamine) and
interferon-alpha (antiviral agent). Analogs: аналогов по
двум составляющим not. Дифенгидрамин содержится в Ocmetilizedе и
Polynadime It is indicated for viral conjunctivitis, accompanied by
allergic component, with xerophthalmia, after keratoplasty
and during cornea transplantation. Contraindications: intolerance

Price: 330-440 rubles – from the manufacturer FirnM, 55 rubles – from
manufacturer Synthesis

Vizin Alarm

Действующее вещество: левокабастин. Analogs:
not. Indications: allergic conjunctivitis. Contraindications: children
under 12 years old, lactation, pregnancy, kidney failure, allergy
on the drug, wearing contact lenses

Price: 340 r

Eye drops with Cromons


Active ingredient: Disodium salt of cromoglycium
кислоты (Cromohexal) – 2% раствор во флаконах-капельницах по 10
ml. 1 ml. r-ra corresponds to 20 mg. действующего substances.

Analogs: Лекролин

Allowed to refuse use of glucocorticoids or
significantly reduce their dose. Pronounced therapeutic effect
facilities manifested by the end of the first week from the start of therapy.
The tool reduces the manifestations of not only allergies, but also discomfort,
associated with giant conjunctivitis on the background of wearing lenses, and
also smoothes out symptoms after keratoplasty.

It is indicated for allergoconjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis and
keratitis, including seasonal. Not suitable for children under 2
years old.

Lecrolin is contraindicated in case of individual elevated
sensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as in children up to 4
years, pregnant and lactating.

Побочные: известны сухость глаз, нарушение четкости
of sight, feeling of irritated eye. In the treatment of this tool
not shown using soft contact lenses.

Price: 120 r, Lekrolin – 100 r

Eye drops with hormonal drugs

Dexamethasone Eye Drops

  • Oftan Dexamethasone 180 rub,
  • Maxidex 280 rubles,
  • Dexamethasone 50 rub.

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate in the form of drops for the eyes is a bottle
in 5 ml, where for every milliliter there is 1 mg of active
substances. Glucocorticoids for topical use combine
anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity, that is
shown as with atopy (allergies), and with various
inflammatory processes except bacterial infection
(eye tuberculosis, blenney).

  • Contraindication is a fungal process and herpes
    lesions. Do not use local GCS with boosts.
    intraocular pressure.
  • After instillation into the conjunctival sac, the drug is active in
    within 4-8 hours. The drug penetrates not only the conjunctiva and
    cornea (in case of damage to their epithelium, the rate of penetration
    above), but in small quantities into the systemic circulation, from
    which is completely displayed in 6 hours. Therefore, pregnant women do not
    must use dexamethasone in drops if benefit to the mother
    do not exceed the risks to the fetus. The drug is used to accelerate
    healing after surgery on the eyes. Effective with
    corneal injuries of non-infectious origin, including

К побочным эффектам относят ощущение жжения и
lacrimation immediately after contact with the eye. With long
high-dose therapy may develop glaucoma and steroid
clouding of the lens.

Взаимодействия: На фоне приема дексаметазона усиливают
its effect Warfarin, Fentoin, barbituric derivatives, but
calcium channel blockers (Amlodipine, Verapamil, Nifedipine),
indirect anticoagulants, hypoglycemic pills, insulins and
Macrolide antibiotics (Erythromycin) reduce their effects.
Carbamazepine weakens the effect of Dexamethasone. Simultaneous
use of dexamethasone and antipsychotic drugs or
Azithioprine increases the risk of cataracts. Hormonal contraceptives in
such a combination can cause hirsutism or acne.
On the background of GCS, cardiac glycosides are worse tolerated. Taking hypothiazide
can lead to a drop in blood potassium levels. Therefore, the drug
refers to prescription.

For those who use lenses, it is worth remembering that before
instillation of the drug lens must be removed, and after the introduction of drops
wear them no earlier than in 15-20 minutes.

The drug is stored at temperatures from 2 to 8 degrees (door
refrigerator). The opened vial is usable for 30

The best eye drops for allergies

It is very difficult to say which allergy drops are best without seeing

So, when allergic conjunctivitis begins, it is good.
help antihistamines for the eyes:

  • Vizin Alarm;
  • Alergodil;
  • Opatanol.

If the eyes are watery strongly, it is better to take a complex drug:
Okumetil or Polynadim. If it happens in the winter and most likely
lacrimation due to viral agent. Then it is worth
consult with your doctor about ophthalmoferon or drip separately
Vizin alarm, separately – drops with interferon.

If allergic conjunctivitis is an annual affair, it is not worth it.
wait until he develops. Start to drip Croons for 1-2
months before the development of “eye allergy” and continue for as long
how much the doctor will prescribe.

Drops with hormones are appointed, basically, a short course. They
used for severe allergies or after eye surgery. Their
prescribe if chronic inflammation and other treatment

Cheap Allergy Eye Care

If you want to buy cheap allergy eye drops, then
focus on a group of drugs. So, the cheapest:

  • from antihistamines – this is Polinadim, Vizallergol, Vizin
  • Cromons have about the same cost: 100-120 p;
  • from hormonal – this is Dexamethasone with the name

What antiallergic drops can children

Allergy eye drops for children are not allowed from the very
of birth. For different drops of age is different:

  • Cromohexal – from 2 years;
  • Vizallergol – from 3 years;
  • Opatanol, Allergodil, Okumetil and Lekrolin – from 4 years;
  • Vizin Alarm – с 12 years old.

Drops with Dexamethasone can be applied up to a year, but strictly according to
indications. If allergies are not so severe, babies under 2 years old are prescribed.
systemic antihistamines in the form of syrups.

What to do if you are allergic to eye drops?

If you are allergic to eye drops, the procedure

  • stop treatment with this agent;
  • wash eyes: first time with boiled water, then –
    sterile sodium chloride solution of 0.9% of ampoules;
  • we dig our eyes with Vizin Alergy or other antihistamines
  • take systemic antihistamines (tsetrin,
    Loratadin, Erius) – 3-6 days.

Antiallergic eye drops are not allergic to develop
should, but in rare cases, it can happen. In this case
actions should be like the previous paragraph, except
eye instillation with antihistamines.

Thus, there are several types of antiallergic
eye drops. What eye drops will help for allergies in
your case, you can only say the results of the inspection
conjunctiva (assessment of the state of its vessels). And even after
The doctor’s appointments are not 100% guaranteed that you take 2-3 days and all
will fall into place, so you do not hurt your eyes!

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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