Allergic cough: symptoms in children andadults treatment

Update: December 2018

A very frequent inadequate response of a person’s immune system to
external factors is an allergic cough whose symptoms
can ooze with runny nose, sore throat, itching in the nose, cutting
in the eyes and lacrimation.

Аллергия  — настоящее наказание для современного человека,
for chasing convenience, comfort, pleasure – 
advanced technologies give the rapid development of chemical
industry, the automotive industry, the abundance of electromagnetic fields in
everyday human life – all this has a colossal
negative effect on immunity. It has long been known that any
an allergic reaction is a failure in the body’s protective function,
when the immune response is aimed at seemingly harmless, not
life-threatening agents – pollen, food, wool
animals, even frost and sun can be the culprits of cold
allergies or allergies to the sun.

Such a reaction is by nature a person should not be, and its
The appearance of the majority of the population of the planet suggests that
humanity is at the line of self-destruction, no one about it
thinks deeply, but this is only the beginning of the changes that
may lead in several generations to irreversible global
changes in public health.

Already, children are born with innate tendencies to
allergic reactions, how many children suffer from 2-5 years
bronchial asthma, and to live, just to breathe, forced
use hormonal drugs that depress the already
impaired immunity. How many children suffer from different types
food allergies when a child can practically eat nothing from
what is sold in finished form in stores. If humanity
do not stop, soon all products will be generally unsuitable for
use, and the air can not be inhaled without special
cleaning up.

Deep causes of allergic cough in children and

A pronounced increase in various allergic diseases in people in
recent decades, many experts explain several

  • Impact of excessive hygiene

This theory is based on the fact that with the progressive development
culture, the emergence of standards of hygiene, comfortable conditions
accommodation, excessive cleanliness in the rooms, a person reduces
contact with many antigens, while the immune load, especially
in children, weakens. The human body is so designed that the immune
the system must constantly confront, fight with a certain
the number of infections, viruses, fungi. Since the load
weakens, the body starts a war with harmless antigens,
perceiving them as pathogens. This pattern
confirmed by various studies claiming that
families, where there are many children, and also where there is a dog in families, there are children
suffer less from various allergic manifestations than in families
with an only child and perfect cleanliness (Dogs reduce
probability of allergies and atopic dermatitis in children). AT
developing countries, long-term studies find out that as
The increase in population welfare and cleanliness in the country is observed
and an increase in immune disorders in the population.Кашель при аллергии

  • Antibiotics

It is also noted that the use of antibiotics in the first year of life
child, as well as children born at caesarean section – more often
others suffer from bronchial asthma, suffer from allergic
cough and other types of allergic manifestations.

  • Chemical food

Most chemical, non-natural products (with dyes,
preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors, etc.) or
themselves are allergens for many allergic people
either gradually breaking the functions of the endocrine and nervous system,
create favorable conditions for the development of allergies.

  • The true cause of allergies is still not clear.

But, most theories about the impact of modern man-made
environment can not explain why these factors on some
people have influence, others do not. Of course the genetic
inclination affects children whose parents are allergic
– the risks are much higher than those of those whose close relatives are not
suffer from allergies. But, apparently, soon will be opened
and proven other reasons.

Which cough is considered allergic?

How to distinguish cough in allergies from cough with a cold? This
the question interests many, because it is often impossible
determine the cause of the disease or identify a specific
allergen based on the presence of cough only. More often,
allergic cough occurs after contact with animals,
various household chemicals – washing powder,
shampoos, soap and toilet paper with flavors, all cleaning
means, especially with chlorine-containing substances in the composition, as well as
plant pollen in spring and summer, perfume or
cosmetics – perfume, perfume cream, just homemade
dust or pet care products. AT большинстве
cases of allergic cough accompanied following symptoms
signs of:

  • Allergy symptoms occur suddenly, with no other signs.
    disease, after contact with an allergen.
  • Allergic cough mainly has a long lasting
    for more than 3 weeks without any signs of a cold –
    fever, chills, weakness.
  • In almost all cases, it is accompanied by such a symptom as
    allergic rhinitis, that is, there is a runny nose, tearing,
    possible itching of the skin or mucous membranes, therefore
    itchy throat, nose, man often sneezes.
  • Sometimes a cough appears immediately after or during contact with
    allergen: for example, in a perfumery, cosmetics or
    a carpet store where the acrid smell of chemical dyes and
    Tissue causes both allergic cough and strong headache.
    pain in the forehead. And sometimes the cough only appears at night, and at
    throughout the day does not bother.
  • Allergy cough is usually dry, without sputum (causes of dry
    cough). Sometimes it can be wet, but the sputum in this case
    transparent, not purulent (yellow-green color), but colorless

Sometimes in determining the allergen, there are difficulties, because
In today’s world, an allergen can be anything. But if to be
very attentive to yourself and your health, you can understand that
specifically causes inadequate response. Even passing by or along
a wide highway with a million cars, a person can start coughing.
It is also noted that a remedy such as Domestos, most
causes bronchospasm or allergic cough as a result
chlorine vapor poisoning, which is very large in this tool
concentration (Domestos, etc., see how household chemicals affect

Food allergies can also cause coughing. Symptoms
Food allergies besides coughing are quite a few – these are skin infections.
rashes, and allergic conjunctivitis, and itching of the skin,
swelling, redness, diarrhea, and even vomiting. Moreover, to determine the food
products for which an allergic reaction occurs are much easier
than other aeroallergens.

There are cases when ascariasis causes bouts of dry cough in
during 2 weeks, when the larvae of helminths are in the migration stage,
fall into the lung tissue. Therefore, in the diagnosis of cough should
exclude possible ascariasis (see Ascaris symptoms, treatment).

Types of allergic manifestations, except cough

Very often, an allergic cough is accompanied by the following

  • Allergic skin reactions – swelling, itchy skin, rash,
    urticaria, extreme manifestation is atopic dermatitis
  • Allergic rhinitis – tickling in the nose, itching in the mouth and nose,
    liquid, watery nasal discharge, sneezing attacks,
    nasal congestion with a decrease in smell, sometimes children appear
    also itching, pain, tinnitus. У многих весной начинается pollinosis,
    which coincides in time with the flowering of the poplars and most
    perceive malaise as an allergy to poplar fluff, in fact
    In fact, this is a reaction to the flowering of other plants, and allergies to fluff are not
    it happens.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis – watery eyes, itchy eyes,
    redness and swelling of the eyes, discharge from the eyes is not purulent, but
    only tears, sometimes there is a burning sensation in the eyes, a feeling of sand in
    eyes, photophobia is less common.
  • Bronchial asthma – coughing and choking.
  • Allergic laryngitis and pharyngitis are characteristic of them.
    hoarseness, burning sensation and coma in the throat.
  • Food allergies – usually accompanied by vomiting,
    diarrhea, enterocolitis, enteritis, as well as skin manifestations,
    allergic cough.

Where to look for the cause of allergic cough – the main

Аэроallergens — это воздушные allergens, которых находятся в
air in huge quantities:

  • Пыльцевые allergens — пыльца деревьев, сорных и даже
    medicinal herbs, decorative flowers and flowers of vegetables and
    fruit trees.
  • Эпидермальные allergens — перхоть, шерсть, пух животных и перья
    the birds.
  • Бытовые allergens — книжная пыль, домашняя пыль, в ней обилие
    house mites and cockroach allergens. Also all kinds of household
  • Fungi allergens – both at home and
    out of house
  • Пищевые allergens — это также может быть любой продукт,
    sometimes an allergy is caused not by the vegetable itself, the fruit, but by its origin,
    imported processed fruits and vegetables grown in artificial
    conditions with an abundance of chemicals may be allergens due to their
    non-natural growing, chemical treatment for lengthening
    shelf life, etc.
  • Medicinal products – almost any medicinal
    agent, dietary supplement may be an allergen.
  • Allergens of insect poison – bees, wasps, bumblebees, mosquitoes, midges and
    other stinging insects.
  • Chemical and biological substances from any industrial

One interesting pattern is that if a person has
allergic manifestations at certain periods of flowering and growth
plants, sometimes some food also causes
intensification of its manifestations, the so-called cross-allergic
reaction. The table lists the products that cause
усиление аллергии при pollinosisе в определенное время года.

The time of onset of allergies, the pollen of these plants causes
Foods that may increase allergies. Medicinal herbs and preparations based on them, which also
increase the allergies

from APRIL to mid MAY

Alder, hazel, birch, poplar

 pears, apples, peaches, nuts, cherries, parsley, honey,
potato, kiwi, celery, tomatoes, olives, cognac, plum,
carrots, apricots
 pine cones, pine buds, lime blossom, birch
buds and leaves

 from the middle of MAY to JUNE

grass and meadow herbs

 rye and wheat bread, macaroni, semolina, oatmeal,
rice, millet, muesli, beer, wheat vodka, kvass
 oats, rye, wheat

 from the middle of July to the middle of October

wormwood, ambrosia, hemp, cyclamen, sunflower, quinoa

 halva, sunflower oil, seeds, mustard, zucchini,
cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, honey, mayonnaise, melon, vermouths, eggplants,
spinach salad
 dandelion, chamomile, mother and stepmother, dogrose, chicory,
tansy, burdock, wormwood, sunflower, yarrow, succession,
 Yeast and mold mushrooms  blue cheese, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt,
sour cream, grapes, dried fruits, kvass, beer, champagne, dry
the blame
 penicillin antibiotics, brewer’s yeast, vitamins
group B

Long dry cough in a child – may be a precursor
bronchial asthma

Usually the cough in allergies in children is dry before it starts.
the child may complain that he is short of air and difficult
breathe – this state is a formidable signal that
child mild asphyxiation, bronchial obstruction and trachea, that
угрожаемо в дальнейшем развитием bronchial asthma. If
allergic coughing attacks, choking symptoms in a child not
stop, these may already be symptoms of the onset of obstructive
bronchitis or asthma. Parents should take very seriously
any allergic reactions of the baby, starting with a normal diathesis,
since this is a wake-up call, the baby’s
allergies in general, which often cause such
diseases like asthma, atopic dermatitis,

Prevention and treatment

How not sad, but if you have an allergic cough, treatment,
which the doctor prescribes, most often symptomatic because
medicine does not know such serious, deep internal changes
how to treat. The main actions of an allergic person are
reduce contact with the allergen, as well as:

Identify allergen

First of all it is necessary to decide on the allergen causing
cough and other symptoms in a child or an adult. It is possible
do a blood test for a suspected allergen and pass
full diagnosis by an allergist. Knowing the enemy in person, you can try
avoid contact with him or minimize his influence.

Living conditions

Create the best living conditions for allergies. Since the winter
a person spends most of the time indoors, and the air at
heating is always dry – it increases the cough and other symptoms.
Treatment should be to reduce the provoking factors in
apartment and at work:

  • Daily wet room cleaning, the use of various
    humidifiers and air purifiers – improve climatic conditions
    and relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and cough
  • Get rid of all carpets, rugs and other
    “dust collectors”, books should be stored in closed cabinets and
    periodically vacuum them.
  • Also a source of allergy can be ground from under the room.
    plants, or the plants themselves may serve as an allergen.
  • The curtains should not be heavy in order to wash them as often as possible.
    and they dried faster.
  • Wallpaper for the room should be as smooth as possible.
    since dust accumulates in folds and protrusions.
  • The allergen may be a woolen or duvet or
    pillow – replace it with an artificial one.
  • For children, it is better to minimize the presence of soft toys,
    try to buy rubber or plastic toys, preferably not
    cheap Chinese that emit harsh chemical odors
  • Cosmetics, hygiene items – everything should be
  • The doctor may recommend to alleviate the symptoms of allergies
    various antitussives.


Antihistamines are, of course, shown to alleviate the condition.
drugs, our article has a complete list of all the pills from
allergies that are by far the most
preferred which do not have a sedative effect and
have a prolonged action – Tsetrin, Zodak, Zyrtek, etc.,
the effect of which occurs within 20 minutes.

Inhaled glucocorticoids, Cromons

Hormonal drugs are prescribed by the doctor for bronchial
asthma: budesonide (benacort, pulmicort); ciclesonide (alvesco);
budesonide (benacort, pulmicort); ciclesonide (alvesco); azmokort,
triamcenolone acetonide, flunisolide (ingacort), fluticasone
propionate (flixotide).

Кромоны (стабилизаторы мембран тучных клеток) слабее по
effect than glucocorticosteroids – Sodium cromoglycate (Intal),
Nedokromil sodium (tayled).


Also, when allergic coughing, treatment with enterosorbents brings
your results. For this you can use polysorb,
Enterosgel, Filtrum STI, activated carbon, Polyphepan and
others. However, their use should not be long (no more than 2
weeks) because sorbents reduce the absorption of vitamins and
minerals, as well as they should be taken in between
food intake and separate from other medicines.

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