All the benefits of dill in the period of breastfeeding

Sweet dill is not only common
seasoning, but also an indispensable component of the diet of women with breast
feeding. How can you not pay attention to him? After all he
is a real fount of useful substances, essential vitamins
and trace elements. It has unique healing properties and
In the form of teas and cocktails, it is widely used to increase lactation. is he
useful not only for mom. Dill water effectively fights
intestinal colic in babies. That’s why he enjoys incredible
popular with nursing moms.

The content of the article

  • 1 Dill and breastfeeding
    • 1.1 Why is dill so useful?
    • 1.2 Medicinal properties
    • 1.3 Precautions
  • 2 Does fragrant dill really help improve lactation?
    • 2.1 Dill recipes for lactation enhancement
  • 3 How does dill help your baby?
    • 3.1 How to make dill water at home?
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The word “dill” was derived from
Latinized Greek “anethum”, which translates as
�”Odorous”, “having a strong smell.”

Dill and breastfeeding

Allspice Dill is the most popular and delicious seasoning,
which is able to give the special dishes a special taste and a pleasant
aroma. is he незаменим при приготовлении супов и салатов, мяса и
side dishes. It can be added to various vegetable juices and they will become
healthier and more aromatic.

Therapists and pediatricians recommend the use of dill in breast
feeding is not accidental. Very often the problems of a young mother
become headache, heaviness in the stomach, sleep disturbances,
exacerbation of cystitis. Dill successfully cope with these ills.
His remarkable ability to increase lactation and
increase the amount of breast milk.

is he помогает и малышу. Fennel (pharmaceutical dill) is used for
cooking dill water that effectively eliminates
intestinal colic and cramps in the infant.

Experts advise to include dill in the diet of a nursing mother on
10th day after birth. It is consumed fresh, as
прекрасную приправу для витаминных салатов, первых блюд и side dishes.
Healing infusions are prepared from its seeds to improve lactation. Can
just fill the sachet with dill seeds and hang them in the room,
in which usually feed the baby. Believed to smell coming
of canvas bags, can affect the chest inflow

Why is dill so useful?

is he ценится как кладезь полезных веществ, способствующих
health promotion. is he богат жизненно важными для организма
nursing mother with vitamins C, B group, folic acid, E,
rutin, nicotinic acid, which provide optimal
metabolism, regulate blood cholesterol,
essential for good vision and body resistance to
infections. Its composition includes a strong antioxidant – carotene
(provitamin A).

Dill is an excellent source of valuable micronutrients such as
iron, phosphorus, calcium salts, potassium, zinc. It contains a large
the amount of fiber that helps the intestines, which is especially
important in the postpartum period. The unique property of dill is
the presence of anetin in its composition – an excellent antispasmodic
a substance that has the ability to expand vessels and
capillaries, which is especially valuable in the treatment of cardiovascular

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of dill are

  • Due to its beneficial composition, dill and its seeds
    indispensable in the prevention and treatment of heart, blood and
    gastrointestinal tract;
  • is he помогает нормализовать артериальное давление тем, кто
    suffers from hypertension;
  • Dill improves digestion and metabolism;
  • Cellulose contained in it effectively cleans the intestines and
    eliminates bloating;
  • Its use activates the secretion of gastric juice and it
    improves appetite;
  • Dill is famous for its excellent diuretic properties. Him
    used in the treatment of cystitis;
  • is he обладает отхаркивающими свойствами. Recipes based on it
    essential oils clear the airways and phlegm from the
    organism. Dill decoctions give excellent results in the treatment of
    cough, bronchitis and tracheitis;
  • Known and bactericidal properties. Seed Oils and Infusions
    help eliminate allergic itching of the skin, relieve inflammation and
    promote rapid wound healing.

All these healing properties combined with remarkable
the ability to enhance lactation make dill extremely useful
for women who are breastfeeding.

Precautionary measures

Experienced doctors do not advise eating greens and seeds.
dill moms suffering from low blood pressure. Anetin entering
its composition, expanding blood vessels, can provoke a sharp fall
pressure. If you have hypotension, it can cause nausea,
weakness, dizziness, temporary loss of vision and even

Extreme caution should be used dill in the presence of the mother
susceptibility to allergies or in case of individual intolerance
this seasoning.

If there are large stones in the biliary ducts of a woman,
he is also recommended treat carefully. Him активные
components contribute to the formation of bile and its removal and can
cause an attack.

Does Fennel Dill Really Help Boost

In ancient times, doctors and healers thought dill was awesome.
means that the broth is able to increase the amount of the nurse
грудного milk Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers actively used
folk recipes based on dill and its seeds.

Today, common problems with mother’s lactation are also
decide with his help. By the power of the impact it can be
weaker than expensive pharmaceutical lactogenic drugs. But acting
slowly and gently, it is able to give a noticeable effective result
subject to daily use without long breaks.

Dill recipes to increase lactation

If you are breastfeeding exclusively and you need to
increase the amount of breast milk then you can try
dill tea

Make it easy:

  • Place a tablespoon of fragrant seeds into a large teacup.
    dill, pre-ground in a coffee grinder or blender;
  • Pour boiling water over them (250 ml);
  • Cover the cup and let the tea brew;
  • The resulting drink strain and drink in small sips before
    feeding the baby throughout the day.

Why chop the seeds before steaming? It will make tea
as useful as possible. This tea will not only increase the production
milk, but also has a slight hypnotic effect and will help to remove
nervous tension.

Enhance lactation helps and a wonderful cocktail of dill.
To make it:

  • On a coffee grinder or blender, grind the seeds of anise, dill,
    fennel and fenugreek, taken in equal proportions;
  • 1 tablespoon of the mixture obtained is steamed with boiling water (250 ml)
    and insist half an hour;
  • Then filter and drink 2 times a day for half an hour before the start
    breast feeding.

If you notice an allergic reaction in the baby, then
cocktail is better to cancel.


How to increase breast milk lactation at home
conditions (folk remedies and tablets)

How to restore lactation – 10 main recommendations

How does dill help your baby?

Many mothers are faced with such unpleasant phenomena as
colic, increased gas formation or bloating of the tummy in a child.
is he сильно плачет, выгибается и укачать или успокоить его при этом
just impossible. The cause of colic is air bubbles,
which irritate the intestines of the baby and cause pain.

For decades, mothers save their children with dill water,
which can alleviate the suffering of the child and eliminate
swelling of the tummy. You can buy it in finished form in pharmacies,
но помните, что срок годности такой водички не
more than ten days provided it is stored in the refrigerator.

укропная водичка

At the pharmacy, you can buy a finished product based on fennel seeds.
�”Plantex”, packaged in bags. is he разводится кипяченой водой
room temperature and is given to a baby from two weeks of age.
Before using it, it is advisable to consult with

How to make dill water at home?

For its preparation using fennel seeds. is he внешне похож
on ordinary fragrant dill, but has a more pronounced taste and

Recipe dill water for baby:

  • Grind a tablespoon of fennel seeds in a blender or
    coffee grinder and pour a glass of boiling water;
  • Insist for an hour and strain.

It is recommended for babies up to a month to drop 15 drops in one dose.
dill water on the tongue. Those who are older can increase their dose.
up to 25 drops. The number of receptions per day is better to coordinate with
pediatrician. Usually babies up to one month produce dill 2-3 times.
a day between feedings, and older children – 4-5 times. Dill
water can be diluted in expressed breast milk or in
cooked milk mixture.


Regular consumption of dill water does not cause a child
addictive and able to positively affect overall well-being
baby It can be given for the prevention of colic. Baby will become
calmer, less will cry and you can really
enjoy the joy of motherhood.

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Видео: Полезные свойства укропа

Интересные факты об укропе: Древние египтяне
used a decoction of dill with headache. From here, by the way,
healing “morning” properties of cucumber brine, relevant to
some of our fellow citizens, because dill with its very useful ether
Oil – a mandatory component when salting cucumbers.

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