All signs of short neck syndrome in babies


  1. Causes
  2. Signs of the syndrome
  3. Syndrome treatment
  4. Massage
  5. What to do to parents

The birth is behind, and mom finally met the baby. But worth whether to worry if the crumbs clearly noticeable defect – the so-called short neck.

This syndrome is very demonstrative, the baby is contracting, and his head seems to be sitting on the torso. Most parents are leads to panic.

How to recognize a baby’s short neck in time? Why arises this defect, and is it a defect at all?

Is treatment necessary? How it can help with this syndrome massage?


The syndrome was first documented in 1912 doctor neurologist M. Klippel and radiologist A. Feil. AT In the scientific community, the short neck is called Klippel-Feil Syndrome.

This anomaly is not a disease. This is a feature of the spine. a newborn.

In most cases, it passes to the moment when the child one year old. In rare cases, short neck syndrome develops into a severe anomaly.

Even an unprepared person can notice a syndrome in crumbs she catches her eye at the first glance. There is a feeling that the baby’s neck is very short, practically absent, and the head located directly on the torso.

Anatomically, everything is in order. Shoulders go up and neck becomes invisible. Subsequently, this may lead to overstrain of the muscles of the cervical-occipital region.

What can cause short neck syndrome in babies:

  • Congenital chromosomal diseases, changes in 8, 5, 12 chromosomes. A defect in the development of the spine of the embryo appears already at 8 weeks of gestation.
  • In 70% of cases, the anomaly is inherited from parents, in 20% of cases – from relatives of parents.
  • Birth injury leading to cervical deformity the spine as well as the spinal cord.
  • Symptoms in infants may result from overstretching of the cervical muscles during passage through the birth canal. Muscles reflexively contract, the “accordion phenomenon” occurs. Exactly in these children there is a significant tension of the cervical-occipital the muscles.

Signs of the syndrome

Short neck syndrome in infantsSome parents notice that the chubby cheeks of their babies hang over their shoulders, but consider it just a cute feature of the child. And only neonatologist or neuropathologist during a routine examination informs mom and dad about such a feature of the baby as a short neck.

Sometimes the syndrome in infants is recognized by an obstetrician who takes a woman has a childbirth, according to classic symptoms. The brightest of them is cropped neck.

Signs of Klippel-Feil syndrome in baby:

  • Hairline too low;
  • Low motor activity in this area;
  • The presence of a shortened neck;
  • Muscle weakening;
  • The shoulder blades and shoulders are raised up;
  • Fusion of the cervical vertebrae, a change in their number or size;
  • The baby has a restless sleep.

It is still unknown what the number of defective vertebrae.

Syndrome treatment

A doctor who finds an anomaly will explain to parents what it means and then suggest solutions to the problem.

The very first thing to do is to get a collar. Shantsa. It is a soft bandage that is worn on neck baby.

Its main function is to fix the cervical vertebrae, and also in improving the blood supply to the brain of the baby.

The duration of wearing the collar, as well as its size should determined by a doctor. Collar care constantly, as it is in direct contact with skin the integument of the baby. If neck irritation occurs or diaper rash, you should smear it with lotion or baby cream.

In addition to wearing a bandage, the doctor prescribes physiotherapy, medical gymnastics and massage. In severe cases, you have to decide a problem by surgery.

As physiotherapy, babies are electrophoresized. Essence electrophoresis procedure is that through electrodes impregnated a special solution, pass the ions of the drug. They evenly penetrate into the cells of the baby.

Gymnastics and physiotherapy exercises give excellent results. AT the full course of treatment includes hardening, exercise, and also a massage that helps relieve muscle tension.


Massage with a short neck in the baby

Massage scheme prescribed for infants with short syndrome neck, the same as with a crank. It can be produced specifically trained nurse with sufficient experience.

Be sure to find out when a massage therapist is required for babies.

Features of the massage procedure and preparation for her:

  • An hour before the massage procedure, the child needs to be fed. It is impossible do the procedure on an empty and full stomach.
  • If the baby is naughty, you need to postpone the massage.
  • If during the procedure the child shows discontent, you need stop the massage.
  • The optimum indoor temperature is 22-24 degrees.
  • Do not massage before bedtime.

The procedure should begin with soft strokes of the whole body. baby. Then they delicately stroke the neck and shoulders, rub them.

Do corrective exercises of the cervical spine. Then alternate stroking the tummy and legs with stroking the neck.

The same manipulations are carried out with the baby, turning it over stomach. Finish the procedure with neat kneading legs and hands.

What to do to parents

What does the short neck of the baby mean?If you have a doctor reported that your child has a short neck, most importantly – not panic. Now the baby needs love and care more than ever parents.

All instructions of the pediatrician must be followed. the baby will recover by his first birthday. But still there low probability of complications.

The first danger of short neck syndrome in hidden abnormalities internal organs. It’s important to constantly undergo examinations, appointed by the pediatrician. The fact is that in 40% of children with the syndrome short neck, severe kidney defects are noted.

The second danger lies in the increased tone of the collar zone, due to which oxygen starvation may occur. And this is in the future can adversely affect the baby’s vision. – how many months the baby begins to hold his head.

Read in this post what poses are best to feed. baby.In the worst case, motor activity of the neck and head decreases due to changes in the spine. it can lead to complex neurological problems.

To avoid these complications, you need to recognize in time syndrome and monitor it regularly. Couples with the family had relatives with short neck syndrome, it’s worth contacting to specialists for examining and preventing the birth of a child with similar anomaly.

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