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Update: October 2018


  • About Scabies
  • Why is itch sometimes difficult to cure?
  • Rules for the successful treatment of scabies
  • What means of scabies are used in Russia?
  • Possible complications of treatment

Today in the pharmaceutical industry a sufficient number of drugs
drugs that are intended for the treatment of scabies, however
in some cases, it is difficult to treat conventional therapy.

Because all ointments from scabies, sprays, solutions are effective only
with proper use and compliance with some hygienic
rules during and after treatment.

The choice of remedy for scabies depends on the experience of the doctor, cost and
availability of medication in local pharmacy chains, ease of use
and other consumer properties.

About Scabies

After infection, after 1-2 weeks, the person begins to manifest
symptoms, sometimes the first signs of scabies may occur a little
earlier or vice versa only in a month. To the main symptoms
scabies include:

  • With typical scabies, symptoms begin with localization in
    interdigital folds, folds of arms, legs, in the navel, then
    The process extends to the rest of the body.
  • For scabies, pruritus is most characteristic, and since
    mite is active at night, itching increases during sleep.
  • With the intensive spread of scabies mites appear
    pimples, blisters, rashes, due to constant scratching and
    sores can appear when attaching a secondary infection,
  • To distinguish scabies from other skin diseases – when
    scabies you can notice the scabby moves – these are mite mites, twisted
    strips up to 7 mm, whitish, in them the female lays from 10
    up to 25 eggs.

Scabies is not transmitted to humans from pets, this
the disease is characteristic only for people. Most common infection
happens among family members, neighbors in a dorm, genital
partners, that is, with close, close contact, it is not rare that
tick occurs when a person is in a hospital,
business trip, on vacation or stay with relatives. Insofar as
ticks are more active at night, and therefore the transmission of the pathogen
usually occurs at night.

Why is itch sometimes difficult to cure?

Nearly 80% of patients go to dermatological centers for
about ineffectively carried out earlier treatment of scabies. Should
Be aware that all substances used for therapy act on
adult ticks without destroying embryos whose development period
is 4 days. Therefore, a non-lump sum is necessarily necessary.
treatment, but also re-skin rehabilitation on the 4th day, which kills
larvae hatched from eggs.

Studies claim that among 195 patients after
single treatment with permethrin cream clinical
recovery was observed only in 46% of patients.  Therefore none
of the currently used drugs in Russia should not
apply once.

Scabies is a disease that is not always easy
diagnostics, as it sometimes complicates other skin diseases:

  • Most often, the diagnosis is not difficult to establish, but there are
    atypical options for the occurrence of scabies or its combination with other
    dermatological diseases.
  • The main criterion confirming the diagnosis of scabies is
    the result of the study of scraping from the outbreak, as well as clinical
    picture of rashes.
  • In clean patients who wash their hands thoroughly and each
    day take a shower, the rash is usually scanty, the progression and
    the spread of the disease is slow, typical
    scabby moves are rare.
  • In the summer-autumn period, there has recently been observed in Russia
    high incidence of scabies.

Read also our articles on home treatment for scabies,
and also about the types of scabies: symptoms, treatment of this parasitic

Rules for the successful treatment of scabies

  • Before you begin treatment, you should change the next,
    bed linens, washcloths and take a shower.
  • You can not take a bath or shower during treatment.
  • Any means – ointment against scabies, solutions, sprays
    used for the night, the skin of the head under the hair does not handle
    need to, should be processed the whole body, not just the affected
  • After treatment again, bedding should also be changed.
    underwear and take a shower.
  • Previously, bedding and underwear should be boiled
    5-10 minutes in washing powder or soda solution, but with
    the presence of an automatic washing machine is enough to choose
    a long program with a maximum temperature – this
    will be enough for disinfection. After that, for loyalty,
    iron iron on both sides.
  • Pillows and blankets should be held outdoors for 5 days.
    The same goes for things that cannot be washed or toys,
    shoes – they should be sealed in plastic bags and
    wait 5 days.
  • Upholstered furniture and mattresses to spray with destruction
  • Local remedies for the treatment of scabies can not be used
    longer than recommended by the doctor, despite continued itching,
    as this may provoke an itch already from the drug and cause
    the signs overdose.
  • If itching continues after treatment, continue taking it.

What means of scabies are used in Russia?


  • A-steam aerosol 600 rub.,
  • Spregal from scabies 900-1000 rubles.

аэрозоль “Спрегаль” (Франция) Insofar as этот препарат не
has effects on mite eggs, therefore body treatment is shown
on 1 and 5 day. Spregal is considered the most effective remedy for
scabies and less toxic among all foreign drugs.

Spregal and A-pairs are easy to use, have no unpleasant
smell, but can cause allergic manifestations by inhalation, and
part of the drug is also absorbed into the blood through the skin.

Benzyl benzoate эмульсияBenzyl benzoate

  • ointment 20% 30-40 rubles.,
  • emulsion 200g. 150 rub., 50g. 20 rub.
  • lotion -20% 50ml. 140 rub.

What scabies ointment helps better? This is benzene benzoate. AT
pharmacies can buy benzyl benzoate as an ointment, emulsion,
лосьона. It is cheap and very effective.
Emulsion is more practical to use than ointment. She is easy
washed, does not stain clothes, is easily applied to the skin, the only
an insignificant disadvantage is not a sharp peculiar smell.
Benzyl benzoate мазьOintment, 10% benzyl benzoate, has
концентрацию  недостаточную для терапии взрослых, но подходит
for the treatment of children.


Medyfox растворMedyfox концентрат для приготовления эмульсии
five%. A modern remedy for scabies. ATыпускается в виде флакона,
containing 24 ml of the drug (for ease of use per vial
marked). Withменяют наружно в виде свежеприготовленной
water emulsion, for which 1/3 of the contents of the bottle is added to 100
ml of warm boiled water. The finished emulsion 1 time per day (at night)
carefully rubbed into the skin of the body. Cannot be processed leather
face and neck, as well as the scalp. At the end of the course
treatment on the fourth day the patient must take a shower and hold
change of underwear and bed linen.

Цена: концентрат для приготовления эмульсии 100-120 rub.

мазь ATилькинсонаПростая серная мазь и мазь ATилькинсона

  • Sulfuric ointment for scabies 30-40 rubles.
  • ATилькинсона 100 руб.

(composed of sulfur, naphthalan ointment, liquid tar, water, soap,
calcium carbonate, manufacturer Permfarmacia. Verified
Sulfuric tar and sulfuric ointment are also used against time
scabies, they are rubbed for 5-7 days on the whole body. Ointment
ATинкильсона наносят 1 р/день в течение 3 дней.

A significant disadvantage of the treatment of scabies is sulfur ointment, as well as
и мазью ATилькинсона является то, что они неприятные на ощупь, плохо
absorbed, the skin takes on an unpleasant appearance, its use
disturbs perspiration, they have a sharp unpleasant smell and stain

Solutions by Demianovich

Prescription form to order, this is 6% hydrochloric acid solution, 60%
rr hyposulphite sodium. Treatment with this solution occurs in such a way.
Thus, 1 solution is first rubbed in (60% of hyposulphite solution
sodium), and then 2 solution (6% hydrochloric acid solution).
To perform rubbing should be in a warm room, after the procedure
it is airing.

How to make the treatment: 1 solution should be slightly heated,
rub carefully, starting with the hands, then the torso, legs, including
sole and toe, rubbing time 3 minutes for each area, then
there is only it takes 15 minutes, then you need to do
a short break for drying the skin and repeating the procedure.

After 10 minutes, rub in 2 solution, the sequence of processing
saved for each area for 1 minute, so should
hold 3-4 rubbing with 5 minute breaks for drying.
The whole procedure is repeated the next day. Then 3 days
patient can not wash (no bath, no shower can not be taken). Only
after 3 days you can swim. After treatment, the patient will not
very pleasant sensations, besides the solution has a smell

Very often, dermatitis that occurs on the background of scabies appears in
patients with improper use of drugs on their own
initiative (in 82% of cases), more precisely redundant and longer
application than prescribed and recommended by a doctor. Persistent itching
after treatment is a reaction of the organism to a dead tick, therefore
additional treatment does not require.

Possible complications of treatment

  • Post-scab dermatitis

One of the most common mistakes in the treatment of scabies
there is excessive use of scabies ointments, solutions,
therefore, in the future, the patient may develop postskabiozny
dermatitis, that is, contact allergic dermatitis.

This is usually as follows: the patient has completed the treatment,
but itching does not stop, worries with the same intensity. What about
does the patient think this?  The drug is not effective, it is necessary
change because the pathogen has turned out to be resistant to it and repeats
a course of therapy with a different drug.

After the new course, itching becomes even more intense, even
there are new rashes that are postskabiosnoe
dermatitis. However, it can arise not only from excessive
treatment, but also from the standard treatment regimen – in individuals prone to
allergic dermatosis, with hypersensitivity to benzyl benzoate
or other drugs.

Its difference from contact allergic dermatitis is
that only the skin of the trunk is affected, in those places where there is more
total has friction clothing, as well as proximal
limbs (which are closer to the body). ATысыпания при этом мелкие, без
clear boundaries, cracked and eroded, with fine peeling

Treatment of post-scab dermatitis is performed by sedatives.
antihistamine preparations (see tablets from
allergies), calcium supplements are prescribed, in some cases
strong rashes used zinc paste or mash. By
for the appointment of a doctor with severe dry skin may use
weak hormonal ointments (Sinaflan, hydrocortisone 1%). Bourne
acid can be applied to crusts and excoriation (Fukortsin).

  • Nodular scabies or scabious lymphoplasia

Scabious lymphoplasia is manifested by the following symptoms:
strongly itchy, dense, rounded nodules appear.
up to 1 cm in size, sometimes with a bloody crust. Most often nodules
localized in the inguinal folds, the inner thighs,
armpit, in the navel. It usually arises from excess
treatment, against the background of therapy with 2 drugs consistently.

With this nodular scabies, a combined treatment is carried out:
in the morning, apply hydrocartisone ointment 1%, in the evening – sulfur ointment,
also required the appointment of sedatives and antiallergic
drugs. Scabious lymphoplasia after treatment may persist
within a month.

In order for the treatment to be successful, you should visit
dermatologist for examination on day 7 after the start of therapy, then
every 10 days until a rash stops. With
the presence of scabious lymphoplasia, the doctor must examine the patient 1
once a week until complete cure.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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