All nourishing and moisturizing facials inhome conditions

Update: October 2018

The skin of the face is a kind of protective shell, takes on
themselves “blows” of nature, cosmetics and ecology. The most “painful”
female problem is dry, scaly, poorly hydrated
facial skin that cannot be masked with tonal creams and

Thousands of cosmetic masks that correct these conditions can
found on store shelves. However, not all of them
effective and do not always meet the promises of the manufacturer, and
cost, as a rule, a lot.

In this article, we present the available recipes of the most popular and
effective home masks, allowing you to return a healthy look and
natural moisture of the skin.

Why are moisturizing and nourishing masks?

  • Any mask is a specific composition of components
    which are mixed with each other are applied to the skin of the face.
  • The face mask quickly solves a specific skin problem, with
    which creams and other care products fail.
  • Moisturizing masks moisturize skin cells and intercellular
    space, making the skin elastic, naturally moisturized and
  • Nutritious masks saturate skin cells with nutrients
    they stop the premature aging of the epidermis, prevent
    dryness, tightness and flaking.
  • As a rule, the separation of nourishing and moisturizing masks into two
    conditional groups – both those and others perfectly fulfill both global
    functions (see also hair loss masks).

Who needs to do them?

Moisturizing masks are suitable for absolutely any skin type and

  • Such masks are especially recommended after 30 years when skin
    begins to undergo age-related changes;
  • help in periods after intense sun exposure
    (tanning in the sun, in a solarium);
  • help restore the natural water balance of the cells after
    sauna and steam room visits.

Nourishing and nutritional moisturizing masks are recommended.

  • recovery from exposure to frost, cold, wind or
    scorching sun.
  • dullness and uneven skin color;
  • tightness;
  • peeling of the skin on the face;
  • combination skin;
  • dry skin;

Owners of healthy skin should:

  • in the warm season – once a week apply moisturizing
  • in the cold period – nourishing and moisturizing use 1
    once in 7-14 days

Moisturizing face mask – homemade recipes

The most basic moisturizing facial mask is soaked in
mineral water gauze, which should be held on the skin 10-15
minutes Rescue if absolutely no time for long

Carrot and Egg

Ingredients: 1 medium carrot grate a large grater, enter 1
egg yolk and mix until smooth.


  • Vitamin A heals and softens the skin;
  • B9 protects from the sun and radiation;
  • K prevents hyperpigmentation;
  • carotene and vit. With rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, promote
    collagen production.


  • due to the content of vitamins and melatonin softens and moisturizes
    skin also promotes cell division;
  • antioxidant selenium protects the skin from negative external


  • Apply to skin for 30 minutes.
  • Repeat twice a week
  • Not recommended for allergies


Ripe red tomato medium size through a sieve,
mix with 2-3 drops of olive oil.

  • contains natural antioxidants (A, C, E), important in the fight against
  • potassium promotes the penetration of moisture into the cells;
  • lycopene protects against negative solar influence;
  • fruit acids improve the complexion, give it

Нанести плотным слоем на кожу, выдержать 20 minutes To repeat
once a week. Not recommended when bent on

 Vegetable and egg

By plucking yarrow flowers, hypericum, chamomile and a couple
hop cones pour into a glass and pour boiling water in a volume of 50 ml.
Strain the cooled solution, add 0.5 tsp. honey and 1 yolk,

  • yarrow heals microdamages and tones
  • зверобой обеззараживает и омолаживает увядающую skin;
  • chamomile has a powerful regenerating and anti-inflammatory
    action, keeps moisture in the cells;
  • шишки хмеля содержат фитоэстраген, омолаживающий skin;
  • honey slows aging and oxidative reactions leading to
    cell death, retains moisture, cleanses the skin and eliminates

Apply on for half an hour. Since the consistency is watery, you can
apply repeated layers of the mask as it dries. To repeat
once a week.

 Honey Dairy

  • Mix 1 tsp. honey and warm milk, a little beat the composition
    until homogeneity.
  • Apply to the skin or pre-soak in a clean mask
    gauze, and in this form put on the face for half an hour.
  • To repeat once a week.

Milk fatty acids soften the skin and proteins nourish the cells.
A complex of vitamins fights aging and destroys free ones.
radicals. Gives the skin dullness and inner glow.


Fresh cucumber small size to clear from the skin and seeds,
grate, add 2 tsp. сметаны, mix.


  • a large percentage of water in the vegetable perfectly moisturizes the surface
    skin layers;
  • retinol smoothes and fights inflammation;
  • potassium retains moisture in the cells;
  • biotin and tocopherol are involved in recovery processes
  • Vitamin K eliminates swelling, fights pigmentation;
  • Niacin gives healthy skin color.

Sour cream:

  • Vitamin E normalizes cellular metabolism and rejuvenates
  • organic acids have a natural whitening

Apply to the skin, putting a towel around the face (a mask can
потечь), выдержать 20-30 minutes To repeat once a week.

Homemade nourishing masks

Для ленивых питательная маска для лица в home conditions – это
any dairy product with fats consisting of: sour cream, ryazhenka,
milk, cream, soft cottage cheese and even lemon-based mayonnaise

Express solution: apply a thin layer of dairy product on the face
(pre-mixed with starch to impart density), withstand 10-15
min and rinse with water. Rescue in a situation where time is limited.


One third of a pack of fresh yeast diluted in 25 ml of warm milk,
wait until bubbles appear.

  • positive effect on cellular metabolism;
  • снимает inflammation и сухость;
  • returns healthy color;
  • a group of vitamins B and minerals helps stabilize the work
    sebaceous glands, is involved in the processes of regeneration.

Apply to the skin for a quarter of an hour. To repeat одно-двукратно
times a week.


Preheat about 30 ml of unrefined olive oil to
warm condition.

  • Vitamins A and D are involved in the renewal of the skin;
  • E protects against the harmful effects of free radicals;
  • carotene eliminates the effect of ultraviolet radiation;
  • phosphatides help retain moisture, and phospholipids strengthen
    cell membranes.

Soak cotton or oil bandage, put on face, cover over the top
waxed paper, then a towel, hold for half an hour. To repeat
once a week.

Cottage cheese

Fresh cottage cheese grind with one yolk, add 2-4 drops
hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp honey Hydrogen peroxide clears quickly
skin from toxic elements and bacteria. Cottage cheese:

  • Vitamin B2 is involved in the regeneration of the skin;
  • lactic acid soothes and moisturizes the skin, improves
  • reduces pigmentation, small inflammations

Apply for 15-20 minutes, evenly spread over the skin.
To repeat once a week.


One potato boiled in a uniform to clear, knead,
добавить пару ложечек молока и желток 1го яйца, mix.

  • увлажняет и освежает skin;
  • B vitamins regain elasticity, regulate
  • selenium as an antioxidant protects the skin from external negative
  • лютеин защищает кожу от УФ- impact;
  • choline is involved in cell division.

Нанести на кожу плотным слоем на 20 minutes To repeat
once or twice a week.


Two tsp. cereal boil with boiling water, to insist until thick,
выжать в кашицу 5-8 капель лимонного сока, mix. You can add fresh juice or mush instead of lemon juice
from any fruit – strawberries, apples, bananas, pears, kiwi,
oranges, peaches, persimmon, plums, etc.


  • cleanses the skin from dead epidermis, saturates young cells
  • zinc tightens pores, makes it silky;
  • selenium protects the skin, slows cell aging;
  • manganese relieves inflammation.


  • essential oil promotes better penetration of vitamins
    deep into the dermis;
  • lightens pigmentation;
  • тонизирует skin;
  • fruit acids soften the cornified epidermis, contributing to
    skin peeling

Apply to the skin, hold for half an hour. To repeat одно-двукратно в
a week

How often can you make masks?

Specifically, nutritional moisturizing masks should be done
once or twice a week. Skin care is not only about
saturating it with moisture and nutrition, but also periodic cleansing,
peeling, etc. – there are lots of other masks that also
essential for healthy skin.

More frequent use of the above recipes does not harm, but
will not be useful. If you notice that the effect of the mask has weakened, and
it doesn’t work so well anymore – it’s time to change the recipe to

Can I alternate different recipes of masks?

You can use 2-3 recipes, alternating them in optimal
sequences. But no longer worth a lot of components in
composition may cause allergies or even lead to the opposite.

Preparation for the conduct and features of the procedure

  • Once a suitable home face mask is selected,
    should be checked sensitivity to it, causing a little mask on
    the inside of the forearm and keeping track of the possible reaction.
  • Before applying the composition of the components of the skin should be carefully
    cleaned of makeup and dirt, ideally should be carried out
    after preliminary exfoliation of dead epithelium.
  • The best time to apply the mask is in the morning on rested skin.
    In the morning, the dermis best perceives any procedures and
    fully absorbs nutrients. If it does not work out
    time – you can make a mask before bedtime.
  • Immediately before applying a beneficial formulation.
    it is necessary to rinse the skin several times with contrasting water, changing
    warm and cool water. This will greatly enhance the local
    blood circulation and activates all cellular metabolic processes,
    allowing you to more effectively respond to mask components.
  • To moisturize and nourish the skin is important not only on the face, but also on the neck.
    But the area near the eyes should be avoided.
  • During a pleasant procedure, you should lie quietly and not
    talk, giving the composition to fully work on the skin.
  • If you experience discomfort or a burning sensation, the face should be washed, not
    waiting for the allotted time.
  • Moisturizing mask can be washed off with water at a comfortable temperature, and
    Here are the remnants of the nutrient composition as possible carefully removed
    a napkin.
  • After the procedure and cleansing from the remnants of the composition on the face put
    suitable cream.

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