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Current information on coronavirus in JapanCoronavirus in Japan is a serious problem, but not yet spread to the scale of nearby South Korea.
There are currently 638 infections in Japan. coronavirus, 16 of which were fatal .— “For the last couple of days, we saw a larger increase in the quantity infected than last week, “said Yasuyuki Sahara, Senior Deputy Minister of Health, Japan. Sahara also warned that the next couple of weeks will be crucial in the country’s fight against coronavirus. “The coming weeks will determine Does the coronavirus begin to spread even more will decline. “- Yasuyuki Sahara.
Japanese medicine experts voice concerns over about testing methods for coronavirus. They believe that insufficient number of people being tested daily. “Current official statistics for infected Covid-19, most likely is just the tip of the iceberg “- Masahiro Kami, Executive Director of Japanese Medical Research Institute. Reason for Inadequate checks is that enhancing the outbreak of coronavirus will cause a serious blow to the medical system of Japan, as hospitals countries are very limited in capacity. For this reason, Ministry of Health calls for screening for coronavirus only people with acute symptoms Disease: Coronavirus outbreak in Japan is elevated control by the state in connection with the conduct in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that are not planned to be canceled, even despite the danger of infection.


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