All about the use of Lugol in sore throat

Update: October 2018

Lugol is an old, time-tested medicine, which is often
just used as an antiseptic when
infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oropharyngeal mucosa in
children and adults. That is, with chronic and acute tonsillitis, with
angina and stomatitis.

The composition of the drug

The main active ingredient of Lugol is molecular iodine,
which has a irritant, antiseptic,
бактерицидное действие и на  грамотрицательные и
gram-positive bacteria and pathogenic fungi. Even
staphylococcal flora, which is more stable, with long-term
The treatment also collapses. Part of the potassium drug iodide,
promotes dissolution of iodine in water, and softening effect
has glycerol.

Lugol’s use in sore throat

The use of this antiseptic is very effective in
the onset of the disease in the complex treatment of angina. At high
temperature, severe inflammation, oral medications are prescribed by a doctor
antibiotics. Otherwise, no one can guarantee that the patient will not get sick
rheumatism, glomerulonephritis or pyelonephritis to the nearest
a week


Until recently, the pharmaceutical industry produced
This tool is only in the form of a solution, but in recent years in the pharmacy
Lugol spray can be purchased. In case of sore throat spray
greatly simplified treatment with this wonderful
means.Люголь при ангине

How to use Lugol’s spray

With ангине, тонзиллите препарат применяется
locally for irrigation mucous pharynx, mouth, pharynx from 2 to 6 times
day depending on the severity of the disease. Spraying done
one click on the spray head. Before squirting
It is recommended to inhale and hold your breath. After irrigation in
For 30 minutes, it is advisable not to eat or drink. If by chance
the drug has got into the eyes, they should be washed well
enough water and then sodium solution

How to use Lugol’s solution

For angina, it is most convenient to use tweezers with
it with a cotton swab, you can simply wind cotton on a pencil and
produce lubrication of the mouth and tonsils. There is another old
the way to use Lugol is to sterilize a piece of cotton wool dipped in
solution and suck such a fleece for several minutes.

Otolaryngologists use this antiseptic to wash
supratonsillar spaces and lacunae, with purulent lesions
tonsils in the amount of 4-5 procedures in 2-3 days.

The advantages of using Lugol:

  • Most patients report high efficacy.
    because it has a strong antiseptic
    property. He also has an economical consumption, and solution, and spray
    enough for a long time. And what is important, many are satisfied with its low
  • The price of Lugol and pharmacies on average is: a solution of 10 rubles.,
    spray 100 rub.
  • Advantages of the spray in comparison with the solution: it is accurate
    dosage, ease of use, and the ability to use
    for children, as carrying out the lubrication of the throat in children is not always
    seems possible.
  • Another plus in favor of this remedy is that its use
    contributes to the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland, due to
    content of iodine.
  • The solution has a stronger effect than the spray.

Disadvantages of Lugol:

  • This drug has a rather specific taste and
    запахом, и зачастую смазывание горла у детей  вызывает рвотный
    reflex. Throat after treatment or irrigation unpleasantly bakes that
    causes children crying, moods, unwillingness to continue treatment.
  • Pediatricians also warn about the danger of its use
    young children, because during injection into the oral cavity
    laryngospasm may occur.
  • The solution is a rather thick liquid, therefore it is not necessary to lubricate
    comfortable, especially in children.
  • Spray sprays a fairly powerful jet, which also does not give
    uniform irrigation.
  • There is an opinion that Lugol’s solution for tonsillitis is not effective.
    use with a strong purulent process, as a thick solution
    interferes with clearing of gaps from pus and does not render effective
  • In many children, and in adults, recently found
    allergic reactions, iodine and other ingredients that make up
    drug is no exception. Allergies can manifest in
    swelling of the respiratory tract, rash, itching.
  • When the drug gets on clothes, and when treating a child of this
    it is very difficult to avoid, it practically does not wash off, leaving
    dark traces, which is a significant drawback.
  • It is necessary with caution to use Lugol in children with angina. With
    handling and injection should be very careful not to
    touch the back of the throat, because the reflexes in kids
    unpredictable, and this can easily cause vomiting in a child.

Side Effects of Lugol:

  • iodism – drooling, angioedema, urticaria, rhinitis, acne
  • skin irritation
  • tachycardia
  • skin allergies
  • nervousness
  • excessive sweating
  • sleep disorders
  • diarrhea in people over 40

Contraindications of Lugol:

  • adenomas
  • iodine sensitivity
  • tuberculosis lungs
  • nephrosis
  • угревая rash
  • furunculosis
  • pregnancy
  • hemorrhagic diathesis
  • chronic pyoderma
  • hives
  • with care for children under 5 years old with decompensated
    diseases of the liver and kidneys, with thyrotoxicosis

Lugol usually doesn’t cause serious side effects
tolerated and helps many cope with angina. In the case of
appearance of undesirable side effects of the drug, report
this to your health care provider who will replace it with another

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