All about rickets in infants: symptoms, causes,treatment (prophylaxis and vitamins). Consequences of rickets

у грудничка рахит

Rickets in a child: forewarned – forearmed!

What is rickets?

Children’s health is the focus of attention of parents.
For a growing organism to form correctly, it needs a whole
complex of vitamins and minerals. Most of them are baby
gets breastfed or adapted feeding
a mixture. But потребность в витамине D не всегда восполняется и в
случае соблюдения этих правил, поэтому что такое рахит, многие
Moms know firsthand.

Рахит — это обменное заболевание, которое
occurs when there is a deficiency in the body of vitamin D (calciferol), with
This affects the child’s musculoskeletal system, the internal
organs, nervous and endocrine systems.

Causes of rickets in children

According to various sources, the symptoms of this disease are observed in about 40
percent of children up to a year. In countries where there is a shortage
sunlight, this figure is higher.

Чаще всего рахит у детей до года возникает оттого, что
while still pregnant, the woman did not pay enough attention to her
lifestyle and health. For example, if the expectant mother is hard
endured the last months of pregnancy, she was late
toxicosis, or she was too fond of diets, limited
consumption of foods that contain animal proteins

In the postnatal period, premature risk of rickets
children, babies born during the cold season
children “artificiality” and toddlers living in adverse
conditions. Рахит у грудничков может спровоцировать
mom’s unhealthy food: if she is afraid of gaining excess weight
too little, favors low-calorie foods,
limits the consumption of milk, meat and fish.

Помимо этого, существуют следующие причины

  1. inadequate child stay in the open air in general and
    the sun in particular;
  2. tight swaddling and limited physical activity
  3. lack of breastfeeding, early transition to mixed
    or bottle-feeding (especially mothers who are
    use non-adapted milk formulas);
  4. disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, congenital pathologists
    (celiac disease, lactase deficiency, dysbiosis);
  5. propensity to frequent diseases;
  6. taking anticonvulsants;
  7. rapid weight gain in a child (with the need for
    Calcium increases).

How to determine rickets in infants – SYMPTOMS

The disease manifests itself gradually.

Первые симптомы рахита можно обнаружить на 4-8
week baby’s life:

  • ребенок плохо ест: у него снижается аппетит,
    his usual portion is not fed, and the feeding process itself
    takes less time than usual;
  • малыш становится беспокойным: беспричинно
    shudders, often turning over during sleep, becoming more
    capricious and fearful;
  • нарушения сна: малыш плохо засыпает, часто без
    causes wakes up, shudders in a dream or crying out loud, sleep itself
    short and superficial;
  • повышается потливость: даже в прохладную
    the weather gets wet, wakes up in wet clothes, sweat has
    specific sour smell and taste, diaper rash and prickly heat after
    cures appear again;
  • the hairs on the back of the head fall off. In detail
    about it;
  • отмечаются нарушения стула: несмотря на
    habitual diet may appear diarrhea, constipation.

If this is ignored, after a few weeks
грудничков развиваются следующие признаки

  • Muscles are in low tone;
  • The kid doesn’t hold his head well, he doesn’t hurry to roll over on his stomach,
    crawl, walk;
  • Teeth erupt later;
  • Later the spring is closed;
  • The shape of the skull may change: the head becomes elongated
    nape is flat, frontal bumps appear;
  • Abdominal distention;
  • The chest is deformed, the pelvis becomes narrow,
    bend legs.

Severe forms of rickets impose on the physical condition, and on
психику ребенка: заметно отставание в development. There are rough
deformation of the chest, bones of the skull, limbs.

In some particularly neglected cases, children cannot
independently sit and stand up. Cardiovascular
system is observed breathing difficulty, tachycardia. Liver
increases in size.

Healing rickets is possible – TREATMENT

Any disease is easier to cure if you start doing it on
early stage, so if you suspect rickets, you should turn to
pediatrician. It is he who will establish the final diagnosis and
подскажет, как лечить рахит.

Even if this disease has passed into a difficult stage, doctors rarely
resort to hospitalization. They usually prescribe a procedure that
can be carried out at home, designed to eliminate the lack of vitamin D
and correct the violations that occurred in the body.

Лечение рахита основано на комплексе процедур по коррекции
regime of the day, physical activity (walking) and the diet of the mother and

It is necessary to make more frequent walks with the baby in the fresh air.
If the weather contributes, you can take air baths,
to temper. Солнечные ванны НАИБОЛЕЕ
effective, but in hot weather overheating must be avoided
(hardening in the sun).

The diet of the child should contain enough protein and
minerals (especially important calcium and phosphorus), vitamins.


The state of health is positively affected by physical therapy,
massage. Such a complex should include respiratory
exercises, stroking the legs, arms, feet, abdomen, chest and back. For
strengthen the baby’s muscles need to be rotated from the back to the tummy
to fix the reflexes of walking and crawling (supporting the child,
give it the right position). Wiggle on fitball or on
руках помогут успокоить нервную ситему baby


To overcome the tearfulness, lethargy, irritability,
normalize the mental state of the child, should be protected
from excessive impressions and external stimuli (noise, bright


With increased excitability of the baby good therapeutic
baths with the addition of needles extract (on 10
liters of water at room temperature – 1 teaspoon). They are shown
excitable kiddies. If the baby’s muscle tone is reduced, he’s
there is lethargy, can help the bath with the content of marine
salt. To prepare the solution is necessary to 10 liters of warm water.
добавить 2 столовые ложки salt. 10–12 procedures are enough to
provide a positive effect.

Drugs for rachitis – VITAMINS

All medicines should be taken only as directed.


  • Аквадетрим — водный раствор vitamin D3
  • Девисол, Вигантол, Видеин — Масляные растворы
    vitamin D3

Among the drugs that are taken with rickets, the most
effective recognized solution of vitamin D.

But и здесь существуют нюансы: витамин D3 более эффективный, чем
vitamin D2, and the aqueous solution is more prolonged in its effects and
absorbed by the body better than alcohol or oil.

В любом случае, витамины при рахите должен назначать
the pediatrician, he will select the type of drug, its dosage, determine
terms of treatment.

Often, the therapeutic dose of vitamin D (it is 2000-5000 ME)
you need to take 30–45 days, and then daily
maintenance (prophylactic) dose – from 400 to 500 ME. One
a drop of vitamin D3 oil solution contains approximately 420 IU

Vitamin D intake must be accompanied by constant monitoring.
urinalysis, in order to avoid overdose, because its large
doses can have a toxic effect on the body.
Overdose of this drug may cause a decrease in
appetite, nausea, vomiting, urinary retention, constipation and even
cramping of the limbs.

If anemia occurs on the background of rickets, it is treated with drugs.
iron in the form of syrup or drops.

By observing all the requirements, you can improve your condition very quickly.

Prevent rickets is easier than cure – PREVENTION

профилактика рахита

The health of the child must be taken care of long before his birth
– during planning, as well as during pregnancy. By about 28
the week of fetal development, the child’s body begins to actively
store vitamins. Vitamin D accumulates in the liver, fat and
muscle tissue of the fetus. During this period, a pregnant woman should
pay special attention to your lifestyle:

  • regularly visit the antenatal clinic;
  • eat regularly and fully;
  • more often in the open air;
  • protect from colds and infectious diseases;
  • walk a lot.

Sometimes a doctor may recommend taking vitamin D in
prophylactic doses or prescribe a multivitamin for
pregnant women.

Профилактика рахита проводится с рождения ребенка и
especially needed premature babies, with underweight, in
the first months of life, as well as those born in autumn and winter and even
spring periods. Enough to comply with the regime, a long walk on
fresh air, getting plenty of sun, temper and physically
развивать baby

Prevention of rickets video:


Грудное вскармливание – лучшая защита от
many diseases, but only if your menu is present
the required amount of nutrients. Nursing mom needs
streamline your diet: eat more dairy and
fermented milk products, take a multivitamin (nursing
breast mothers). If your baby is an “artificial artist”, you need to choose
such an adapted milk mixture that would maximally
resembled the composition of female milk. (A very detailed article on

In the future, introducing supplements, it should be borne in mind that vitamin D
eat exclusively in animal products (meat,
liver, butter, yolk of eggs) and systematically offer them
baby Do not abuse semolina. Besides the fact that she
may cause allergic reactions, it also prevents
calcium absorption in the small intestine.

Fish fat

профилактика рахита - рыбий жир

Children from the “risk group” are advised to carry out medication
rickets prevention. One of the most popular tools is
fortified fish oil.
It can be given to children
starting from four weeks of age, gradually increasing

It should be remembered that prevention is under control
district pediatrician.

In order to prevent medications (vitamin D, fish
fat) must be given for a certain period.

There is a so-called rule of the letter “p” – apply vitamins
in those months of the year with the letter “p” in the title. May and
the summer months are usually sunny, so in the medication
prophylaxis need disappears.

Rickets cannot be taken for granted – IMPLICATIONS

Дети, перенесшие рахит

Последствие рахита

Чаще всего рахит не представляет опасности для жизни baby But
если ничего не предпринимать, симптомы проходят,
а последствия рахита остаются.
Often children
who have had this disease, suffer from dairy and dental caries.
permanent teeth. Curvature of the legs. There may be lag in

Due to skeletal changes, scoliosis, flat feet,
pelvic deformity. Schoolchildren rickets echoes appear as
myopia, anemia, reduced immunity and pain (frequent
bronchitis and pneumonia).

People of mature age may develop osteoporosis.

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