All about rattles for newborns

What could be easier – choose a rattle for a child? But
this choice must be approached very responsibly, since
именно с погремушки для новорожденных и начинается
the learning process of the baby. During the first year of life rattles
help the child to acquire various skills, contribute to his
psychoemotional and physical development.

 with rattles begins the learning process малыша

with rattles begins the learning process

Rattles для самых маленьких

The first acquaintance of a newborn child with toys occurs
through visual, acoustic and tactile contact. Kinds
rattles that parents should be guided by

  • Rattles, suspension. Rattles are suspended
    over the crib and stroller. Can be простые или  на мобильной
    basis with music module.
  • Rattles, bracelets and
    rattles socks.
     Fabric rattles on the ribbon with
    Velcro.  Are put on baby’s handle-legs and helps
    the development of motor coordination and muscle activity.
  • Rattles-ring (oval, rhombus, square,
    .  Conventional rattles in pens
    to kid.
  • Rattles-teethers. Rattles,
    intended during teething. Can be
    made in the form of a ring or any other shape, with cooling
    gel filler or without it, simple or textured
    silicone surface. Teether surface,
    in contact with the baby’s gums, soft enough not to
    to injure the gums under pressure, and moderately hard in order to
    ее пожевать, погрызть и просто «помусолить» во рту (см статью о
  • Rattles-rumblers. Soft fabric
    rattles with various rustling fillings in separate
  • Rattles, slingoys. Slingomas
    Often used to entertain and distract a child in a sling.
    rattle slingo toys tied to a sling. Sitting in a sling
    a five-month or more child is busy at this time not jerking his mother’s
    hair or earrings, and bright and pleasant to “taste and touch”

Mono materials can be used in all types of rattles.
(only plastic, cloth, silicone) or their mixture, which is more
interesting and informative for the child. But родителям следует
pay attention not only to what kind of rattle to choose, but also
на то, как выбрать погремушку для ребенка правильно.

How to choose a rattle?

When buying rattles for the first children’s games, young
parents must present the following basic

  • Environmentally friendly material and safety of the
    Rattles must be made of safe
    for the child of the material which is not emitting harmful substances. Rattles
    should not have sharp corners that can hurt the child. They
    must be strong and withstand the blows of a child by a rattle
    different surfaces or falling to the floor.
  • Bright colors, various forms and texture
    The brighter and more diverse appearance
    rattles, the more interesting they are for a child just starting out
    your knowledge of the world in a playful way.
  • Various filler, causing different sounds – crackling,
    ringing, crunching, rustling, etc.
    Here is of great importance
    the acoustic effect produced by rattles with beads of different
    magnitude or crispy filler.
  • The possibility of cleaning, boiling or washing.
    The child often pulls rattles in his mouth and throws them on the floor. In connection with
    By this, the rattle must withstand almost daily washing or


From what age do rattles give?

It is possible and necessary to give rattles to the baby practically with
of birth.

Concentrate and lead the eyes behind the bright and thundering
a newborn baby is capable of
two weeks of age.

Due to the developed prehensile reflex, the infant of this age
It can also hold (but no more than that) in the cam a little
rattle sizes of a certain shape – usually a ring or oval with
hanging on it small objects that make a sound when struck
each other.

На первом месяце жизни ребенок начинает держать
погремушку пока еще неосознанно и рефлекторно.

When does a baby start holding a rattle consciously?

One of the first rattles for newborn babies is becoming
rattle suspension on a cot or stroller.

Hanging rattles in the crib or коляску

Hanging rattles in the crib or

They могут быть как простые, так и на мобильной основе с
music module or without it. Hanging Rattle Toys
Usually removable and made of fabric or plastic. Such
rattles teach a newborn baby to focus on
static and moving objects, develop its visual and
hearing skills

Two-month baby rattle-suspension is already necessary
hang lower. Swinging hands and touching the rattles
the child will start to try to reach out and grab them.
The development of coordination and fine motor skills of hands begins.
through tactile sensations.

From about three months old, the infant begins consciously
hold the rattle ring in your hand, pull it into your mouth and try it on

разные виды погремушек

разные виды погремушек

Ребенок начинает обращать внимание literally everything – color
various sound fillers rattles or hanging bells. Have
child begin to appear their addiction to one or another
rattle that promotes mental and emotional development,
помогает the development of motor coordination and muscle activity.

Since the age of four months (age depends on the beginning
прорезывания первых молочных зубиков) ребенок начинает держать
rattle-teether, chew it and exaggerate in the mouth.

The five-month baby is very attracted by the rustling and crunchy
the sounds extracted from the rattles-rustles in contact with the palm –
This is the beginning of the development of causal relationships.

A five-month-old and older child in a sling is busy playing with
interesting and pleasant to “taste and touch”

Starting at the age of six months, the child holds, waves,
rattles, rings, rustles, crunches, any rattles already
on their own.

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