All about proper storage of expressed chestof milk

The most valuable and useful for your crumbs, of course, is
breast milk. And not one alternative food can not
compare to the benefits of breastfeeding. About him
преимуществах знает почти каждая мама, но как хранить
сцеженное грудное молоко правильно в разных условиях знают не
everything. During lactation, a young mother may encounter different
problems and situations, for example:

  • the need to go to work;
  • the child has bitten through the chest;
  • the baby suddenly refuses to take the breast;
  • an urgent need to leave;
  • другие любые жизненные обстоятельства когда ребенка
    you have to leave home with a nanny, grandmother, with loved ones.
хранить сцеженное грудное молоко

Правильное хранение грудного of milk

И в эти периоды, для максимально аккуратного решения проблем,
moms try to pump and leave the milk, so as not to violate the regime
baby nutrition (How to express milk by hand). And arises
закономерный вопрос, в чем хранить грудное молоко и сколько
Is it stored without loss of useful properties?

Important! Sterilize expressed
грудное молоко не нужно! Do not use milk after
expiration of storage!

Емкости для хранения сцеженного грудного of milk

There are several types of storage tanks: glass,
plastic and plastic. These can be packages and various
containers, cups, bottles.

Video instruction on the use of packages for storage
of milk

The main criteria they must meet are:

  • sterility;
  • closure density;
  • ease of use;
  • desirable dimensional scale.

Before purchasing a container, you should decide for what purposes
she intended.

If for freezing, it is better to buy special
disposable plastic bags.
Their advantage is that
they are hermetically and easily sealed, sterile, made of
very dense polyethylene and ready for use. Also on
they already have a measuring scale and there is a place for inscribing the date and
of time. Such packages are sold in any pharmacy.

depressed chest storage bag
of milk

Некоторые мамы используют для заморозки одноразовые
polyethylene liners for bottles, but this is not reliable. For
storage, they are not adapted and when freezing the seams may burst.
By defrosting, all the contents just flow out. But if you are forced
after all to use them, then for reliability pour milk in
double pack. And do not store for a long time.

Depressed chest storage containers of milk

Depressed chest storage containers
of milk

Большей популярностью среди твердой тары пользуется стеклянная,
plastic is in second place and plastic is in third. But
Scientists have proven that milk can be stored without compromising quality.
in plastic and in glass.

For удобства выбирайте емкость, которая будет содержать только
a dose sufficient for one feeding. Mandatory on the container
specify the date and time of pumping.

How to store breast milk for a walk

Сумка термос для бутылочек

Сумка термос для бутылочек

Молодые мамы могут столкнуться еще с одной проблемой — как
хранить на прогулке сцеженное молоко. For этих целей на
The market has several options for thermobags, as well as
special thermoses for bottles. This is quite convenient, especially
if you are on vacation for a long time and you can
stock up on several servings of food.

Where to store breast milk

В перерывах между кормлениями и сцеживаниями нужно
adhere to certain conditions for proper storage
грудного of milk.

  1. If you plan on keeping milk for a long time, the best way is to
    freezing. Freeze only fresh milk, but before
    freezing it must be left in the refrigerator for a period
    from 1.5 to 2 hours. And do not forget to write the date and time.
    A frozen product, of course, loses some of its beneficial
    properties, but it is definitely better than artificial mixtures.
  2. Если же сцеженная порция of milk будет использована в течение
    a few days, it is best to keep it in the fridge. Milk in
    chilled will retain almost all the nutrients.
    The main rule – do not store on the door.
  3. If fresh milk is drunk during the day, then store better.
    him in a room in a sterile container and tightly closed.

Правила разморозки и нагрева of milk

For разморозки порции of milk сначала помещаем ее в холодильник,
so that there is no sharp temperature drop. Then pour a portion
in a feeding bottle and heated in a water bath. For
удобства подогрева of milk можно приобрести подогреватель для

Never Heat Milk for Microwave Feeding
ovens, do not heat in saucepans, do not boil – it will lose all of its
beneficial features.

Никогда не замораживайте вновь уже размороженное breast milk.
In this case, too, all properties are lost.

How much to store breast milk

Оставляя запасы грудного of milk необходимо знать где, сколько
time and at what temperature it can be stored.

In a refrigerator:

В холодильнике сцеженное молоко может сохраняться до 24
часов при температурном режиме от +4 + 6 градусов.
At the same time it should be placed as deep as possible. Fresh milk
must be cooled before being placed in fridge.

In the freezer:

В морозилке сцеженное молоко при температуре от -13 до -18
degrees are kept from a month and even up to three months, while
temperature from -18 to -20 degrees no more than a year. Before freezing
Milk is cooled in the refrigerator.

At room temperature:

При комнатной температуре (от +19 до +22 градусов) свежий
продукт может храниться не более 10 часов. At a temperature not
выше +25° молоко может сохраняться не более 6-ти часов (4-6
hours). More than 25 ° – up to 3 hours. Scientists have investigated that
вещества, которые входят в состав грудного of milk, могут
counteract the reproduction of various microbes, so milk is not

Сроки хранения грудного of milk (наглядная таблица)

Комнатная до 25°С Up to 6 hours
In the refrigerator (without freezing) 4 ° C – 6 ° C До 24 часов
In the freezer with a common door Up to 2 weeks
In the freezer with a separate door -18 ° C До 3 месяцев
In the freezer -20 ° C Up to 1 year (see video)

Хранение сцеженного грудного of milk — это отличное решение
of many problems associated with the violation of the feeding regime of your
baby Even if you have to be absent for a period
time, your baby will not stop receiving your love, protection and
all useful vitamins. The most important thing, of course, is to know the rules and
Storage conditions of this indispensable food for your crumbs.

On the subject of pumping:

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  • What you need to know about pumping

How to store expressed breast milk? Parenting Tips – Union
pediatricians of Russia

Real advice from mummies. Nina Zaichenko

Советы от Марии Бежко

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