All about Mantoux vaccination

Many people call the Mantoux test vaccination, however
vaccination is not. Vaccination is put in order to
create immunity to the causative agents of a disease. With what
then is the Mantoux test and from what it is made? Mantoux test
done not to develop immunity to the causative agent of tuberculosis
Koch’s wand, but in order to assess the presence of this immunity in
baby This test is known to all since childhood as a “button” and is
completely harmless to a child, but very important in terms of
diagnostics. Parents Mantou test raises many questions on
which we will try to find answers.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why do the Mantoux test?
    • 1.1 Do I have to put Mantoux?
    • 1.2 Indications and Contraindications
    • 1.3 Mantoux reaction mechanism
    • 1.4 Dimensions “buttons”
    • 1.5 Complications after the Mantoux test
    • 1.6 Care for the “button”
    • 1.7 What happens if you wet
    • 1.8 Restrictions on food and home
    • 1.9 Should I be afraid of a positive Mantoux reaction?
  • 2 Vaccinations before and after Mantoux
  • 3 Mantoux test — Школа доктора Комаровского

прививка манту детям

Why do Mantou test?

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As we have said, the Mantoux test makes it possible to assess the presence or
lack of child immunity to pathogens of tuberculosis. The main
The Mantoux test is used to reveal among

  • Primary infected (those who first “caught”
    tubercle bacillus);
  • Infected for over a year;
  • Carriers of the tubercle bacillus (those who have
    causative agents of tuberculosis, but no symptoms of the disease);
  • Those who need revaccination against tuberculosis.

All this information is needed to confirm the diagnosis there,
where he is and prophylaxis in case a child

Do I have to put Mantu?

Refusal of vaccinations is now not uncommon, so parents
are often interested in whether or not to put Mantoux. Mantoux tests
are not enforced, so be sure to set
�”Button” no one can. If parents object to
tuberculin test to their child – they write a refusal. However who
strongly recommends conducting Mantoux tests, especially in countries
where tuberculosis is very common. Russia refers to this
categories of countries, so Russian parents better not to neglect
this breakdown.

Indications and Contraindications

Planned first Mantoux test is done in 1 year. Do this trial before
year makes no sense, since the child’s immune system
formed, and the results will not be reliable. Starting from 12
months, Mantoux test done every year, and, it is desirable to do
her every year at about the same time.

If there is no indication for more frequent testing –
Mantu put once a year for prevention. If the sample gives
positive results or someone close to the child is sick
tuberculosis – a “button” can be done 2-3 times a year.

In some cases, the Mantoux test needs to be postponed. Contraindications
for her:

  • Chronic and acute skin diseases;
  • Any infectious diseases;
  • Allergies of any kind;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Some somatic diseases (bronchial asthma,

Mantoux reaction mechanism

The Mantoux test is in other words called the tuberculin test.
Tuberculin is a substance that is injected into the body in order
to assess the degree of his “dating” with the stick Koch. is he
It is a “hood” of bacteria tuberculosis. That is, the living
there are no microorganisms in it.

Tuberculin is injected intradermally with a special syringe
side of the forearm. What happens after this in the body?
Particles of bacteria that have fallen under the skin, begin to “attract” to him
immune system cells T lymphocytes. However, they react to tuberculin
not all T-lymphocytes, but only those that have already dealt with tuberculosis
wand. This process is called the “Mantoux reaction.”
Due to the accumulation of lymphocytes under the skin in the place where it was introduced
tuberculin, a seal is forming – a papule, or that

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Dimensions “buttons”

The most important thing when conducting a Mantoux test is to measure correctly.
result. The injection site often becomes red and inflamed, appears
swelling and compaction. The result of the test in this case will be
only the diameter of the seal, the size of the redness does not affect
the result is an individual response.

Measure the diameter of the papule only using a rigid transparent
rulers, and then these dimensions are compared with the norms:

  • 0-1 mm – “negative reaction”;
  • 2-4 mm – “doubtful reaction” (the child falls into the group
  • from 5 mm – “positive reaction” (high probability of illness,
    but one Mantoux test is not diagnosed, we need additional
  • from 17 mm – “hyperergic reaction” (a serious sign

Sometimes a Mantu test ends with a false negative or
false positive reaction. In the first case, the infected
child’s Mantoux reaction is negative; in the second, on the contrary,
healthy – positive. This happens with immunodeficiencies,
oncological diseases, after hemodialysis, as well as if
the test procedure was conducted with violations. Sometimes the reason
lies in the tuberculin itself, which is incorrectly transported or

By nature, the Mantoux reaction can be attributed to one of the types
allergic reactions, so the result and
features of the body. That is why the manta test is estimated at
dynamics, that is, in comparison with samples from previous years. Disturbing
The symptom is a change in papule size by more than 6 mm.

Complications after the Mantoux test

Mantoux test is usually very easily tolerated by children. In rare
side effects occur after it: may increase
lymph nodes, fever. Sometimes children complain of weakness.
and headache. All this is quite rare, but if after
Mantoux’s vaccinations have a fever – no need to worry
just give the child antipyretic and monitor the condition.

Care for the “button”

“Buttons” are measured on the third day after the introduction of tuberculin.
This means that all 3 days need to follow some rules.
Some kind of special care “button” does not require, but there are things that
you should not do so as not to affect the result:

  • do not disinfect the place of injection, smear it with “green paint” or
  • do not glue the place of vaccination with a plaster;
  • do not touch the reddened area of ​​the skin with your hands,
    rub or scratch it;
  • Avoid contact with vaccinations with water.

What happens if wet

The rule that Mantoux cannot be wetted for 3 days, everyone knows. With
This is a reasonable question for parents: how many days
drench inoculation? You can’t deprive a child of water procedures for all 3
of the day is not hygienic.  – It is advisable that the injection site is not
fell under water for the first 48 hours, but if you wet the vaccine
Mantoux – you just need to dry it with a towel and when measuring
report this to the doctor. Can I give a child something?
antiallergic (Claritin, Zertek).

�“You can swim, take a shower with a Mantoux test. Can not
swim in open ponds, so as not to infect the wound. Can not
rub this place with a washcloth, as well as use any kind of liquid and
solutions – brilliant green, iodine, peroxide. Can not заклеивать ранку
a plaster. It is necessary to ensure that the child does not comb the wound. Everything
This may affect the test result. For his mistake not
worry. “

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Restrictions in food and in life

Even if the child does not have food allergies – during
Mantoux test is better not to eat anything potentially allergenic. what
can not be eaten after Mantoux vaccination:

  • citruses;
  • chocolate;
  • red fruits and vegetables;

To exclude allergens need not only in the diet, but also in everyday life. AT
In particular, reduce “communication” with pets, watch out for
so that the vaccine does not touch synthetic fabrics.

Should I be afraid of the positive reaction of Mantu?

If the Mantoux reaction is positive – this does not mean that
child tuberculosis. Withчин положительной реакции может быть
few, and not all of them are related to infection.
So, the reasons for increasing Mantoux can be as follows:

  • rules of behavior after an injection are not observed (may occur
    allergy or severe irritation instead of a real reaction);
  • low-quality tuberculin was introduced (in this case, better
    repeat the test in an independent laboratory);
  • the nurse incorrectly measured the papule;
  • characteristics of the body are such that the sample shows
    a positive result (sometimes the role is played by the hereditary factor,
    sometimes – features of the diet, in particular, an excess of protein
  • there was a recent (within two years) BCG vaccination (so
    called post-vaccination immunity, the papule has
    vague contours, and in its place remains pigment

If all these factors are excluded, and the reaction is positive –
need to go for further examinations. Based on the sample
Mantoux can not be diagnosed, so the child will need to do
fluorography and pass sputum for microbiological seeding.
Be sure to examine other family members.

Withвивки до и после Манту

Mantoux tests нет в прививочном календаре, и поскольку она не
tied to some deadlines, it must be set so that others
прививки не влияли на result.

  1. If vaccinations are planned before Mantoux, then vaccinations are alive.
    vaccines should be carried out 6 weeks before the test, inactivated –
    4 weeks before the Mantoux test.
  2. AT один день с пробой Манту никакие прививки ставить
    can not.
  3. 3 days after the test, when the result is measured, you can
    put any vaccinations.

Thus, the main restrictions relate to vaccinations prior to testing, and
what vaccination is done after Mantoux doesn’t matter much.

Mantoux test действительно имеет важное значение для профилактики
tuberculosis, and for the child’s body, it is completely harmless.
Knowing the meaning of this test and how to do it correctly, parents
may actually contribute to the detection of tuberculosis in the early
stage and save your child from the disease.

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Mantoux test — Школа доктора Комаровского

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