All about herpes on the body and its treatment

Update: October 2018

For a start, let’s see what herpes is – a virus that
appears on the mucous membranes, lips, on the body, on the genital
human organs in the form of many bubbles that deliver
man discomfort in the form of itching, burning, pain.

Herpes is by far the most common
virus that infected up to 90% of the world’s population. This virus
embedded in human cells and when host cells cannot
its material provide, destroys the cell and spreads in
further on the neighboring cells. However, with such a high level
infection with this virus, not all people have it.
clinical symptoms. While the immune system is strong in humans,
the virus is latent, dormant and does not cause any

But by reducing the protective forces, depending on the type of virus,
which a person is infected with, it can multiply and lead to
various damage. Let’s start with what does herpes mean on the body?
How can a herpetic infection manifest? It depends on the type
herpes infection that has gone out of its latent state, and

  • 1 тип вируса герпеса — простой герпес,
    causes a rash on the lips and skin near the mouth and the wings of the nose. With
    significant spread of the virus in humans can be
    fever, muscle pain and weakness. It is believed that this species
    herpes can cause aphthous stomatitis in children (hypothesis).
    Герпес у детей на теле фото
  • 2 тип вируса герпеса — половой или генитальный
    , встречается несколько реже, и характеризуется
    herpetic eruptions in the genital area. Genital herpes
    usually localized on the glans penis in men and in the genital
    the lips of women, while patients complain of burning, itching in
    areas of vesicles, as well as pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. Have
    women from often combined with rashes on the lips and eyes, as well as
    with chronic course and no treatment can cause 
    cervical cancer.
  • ABOUTпоясывающий герпес или у детей ветрянка —
    вызываются вирусом Varicella Zoster, или вирусом ветряной
    smallpox. It is this species that is known as shingles or
    herpes on the body, the treatment of which should be comprehensive,
    timely, under the supervision of a physician. About that, herpes is contagious on the body
    or not can learn from our article – Shingles are contagious
    or not?

Withчины герпеса на теле

So, we found out that the herpes on the skin is behind
excluding the genital area, the eyes, the lips and the wings of the nose – this
shingles, the causes of which are described in detail
in our article. So why does herpes zoster arise on

Withчиной его проявления является реактивация перенесенной ранее
ветряной smallpox. Even after recovering from chickenpox in childhood, this
the treacherous virus remains in the ganglia (ganglia) and waits for a decrease
immunity to cause re-activation.

Therefore, herpes zoster most often occurs in older people.
people who are very weakened by other diseases, after
deep emotional, excessive physical exertion or strong
hypothermia. Factors contributing to the reactivation of shingles

  • Severe chronic diseases that suppress the immune system,
    liver disease, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, long-term use
    oral corticosteroid preparations.
  • Oncology, after chemotherapy or
  • Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs
  • Prolonged hypothermia, poor nutrition, physical and
    psychological overload
  • Withчиной появления герпеса на теле могут служить серьезные

Symptoms of herpes on the body

At first, the person experiences a slight increase.
body temperature, general weakness, loss of appetite, pain in everything
body, especially in the field of future herpetic eruptions, more often
total along the peripheral nerves. Usually this period lasts up to
four days with varying intensity of symptoms and


Then comes a period of rash, when there are
Herpetiform blisters on the skin along the nerves. Withчем, когда
reproduction of the herpes virus on the body occurs, symptoms can
spread on several nerve trunks. Beloved
the localization of herpes zoster is the projection of the intercostal
nerves, trigeminal nerve on the face, sometimes rashes on the hips
and in the genital area. The rash resembles a group of vesicles that
located on compacted reddened skin, inside the bubbles
contains serous fluid.

In places of rash, a burning sensation occurs, rather intense
paroxysmal pain, worse at night. Sometimes symptoms
herpes are characterized by disorders of tactile sensitivity
in the places of nerve damage – facial, oculomotor nerves,
muscles of the limbs and abdomen, sphincter of the bladder. Once
feverish temperature subsides, symptoms decrease
intoxication, improves the general condition of the patient. More about
симптомах опоясывающего лишая читайте in our article.

The severity of the disease is largely determined by
state of human immunity, depends on related
diseases and from the localization of herpes. Symptoms that
characterized by the most intense pain and differ
the duration of percolation is damage to the nerves of the head and face,
when eyelids and cornea are affected.

Treatment of herpes on the body

When pains begin and the body blisters, which
itch, itch, “bake” and whine, a person seeks the answer to the question
—  как быстро вылечить герпес на tele? Treatment of any
diseases, and herpes infections including, depends on
age of the patient, the extent of the lesion, severity
clinical symptoms, and most importantly, it should be prescribed
a doctor.

With возникновении герпеса у детей на теле, на лице или
The extremities are symptomatic and the treatment is the same as in adults.
However, the causes of such rashes indicate a weakening
cellular immunity in a child and that should pass
examination by an endocrinologist, immunologist, infectiologist.

  • Antiherpetic drugs are prescribed first.
    orally or by injection:

    • Acyclovir (Zovirax, Virolex)
    • Valaciclovir (Valtrex is the acyclovir ether, which after
      suction transforms into acyclovir)
    • Penciclovir (Fenistil Pentsiviril cream)
    • Famciclovir (Minaker, Famvir, Famciclovir – prodrug,
      liver cells turns into penciclovir)
    • it is also possible to use an antiviral drug
      Tetrahydroxyglucopyranosylxanten (Alpizarin ointment, tablets).
  • These drugs, only in the form of ointments and creams also
    appointed for the treatment of skin, they also include
    Viru Merz Serol Gel, Bonafton, Panavir, Alpizarin
    use Depantenol cream as an adjuvant or
    Veterinary cream “Dawn” (promotes the healing of any skin
    damage). Read our article The best ointment for herpes on the lips,
    they are suitable for the treatment of any herpes and simple, and herpes
    Zoster causing shingles and also for genital
  • You can not use any glucocorticosteroid ointment for
    herpes on the body, hormone therapy is very dangerous.
    With покупке любой мази, всегда изучайте состав и инструкцию,
    beware of even using hormones for external use. ABOUT
    the harm of hormonal ointments from psoriasis and with other skin
    diseases can be read in our article, here there is
    almost complete list of all ointments containing hormonal
    drugs. Герпес на теле лечение фото
  • Gels and ointments with
    acetaminophen, with lidocaine, naproxen, as well as NSAIDs – Ibuprofen,
    as antipyretic – Paracetamol.
  • ABOUTчень важно в период болезни поддерживать, а в некоторых
    cases stimulate the immune system. Immunomodulators such as
    Polyoxidonium, cycloferon, etc., can only be prescribed by
    indications by the attending physician according to a specific scheme. And vitamin therapy
    with herpes is a must, especially for vitamins C,
    A, groups B and E.

Своевременное и правильно подобранное комплексное лечение
shingles – a pledge of speedy recovery. ABOUTднако
you should know that often after the treatment of herpes is still a long
time, some pain persists for 1-1.5
months, this is a different kind of neuralgia and disorders
sensitivity. ABOUTсобенно часто симптомы невралгии длительное
time is reserved for the elderly.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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