All about douching – is it possible to do it liketo douche properly

Update: November 2018

There are two opposite opinions of gynecologists.
regarding the benefits and harm of douching for the female body.
Some categorically oppose such a procedure, others consider it
conducting expedient, but only in specific cases in the composition
complex treatment of certain diseases of the female genital

Что такое спринцевание и как to douche properly?

Douching – what is it? This is a deliberate introduction of various
solutions in the vagina. It is usually used for it.
pharmaceutical rubber pear with a tip, a special syringe,
for irrigation, you can use the Esmarkh mug, as well as some
women use for dispensing disposable 20 vat syringes
without a needle. So how to do douching?

Basics of proper douching

  • Water. Water for dilution must be
    warm, not cold and not in any way hot.
  • Duration of treatment. 3 – 5 days, maximum 7, otherwise
    You can “wash” everything up to absolute sterility, as well as long-term
    douching promotes desquamation of epithelial cells
    vagina with glycogen, which can slow down the recovery
    normal microflora.
  • The duration of the procedure. Douching time
    usually 10-15 minutes.
  • Периодичность douching. Usually a gynecologist
    указывается четкая рекомендация по проведению douching.
    The common scheme – at the beginning of douching is 2 times
    a day, morning and evening, when there is an improvement – only
    in the evening.
  • It is impossible for the liquid to flow under
    Ate liquid will flow under strong
    pressure, it can more easily penetrate beyond the cervix, which
    чревато возникновением воспалительных процессов у women. Water
    flow is easier to control if you use an esmarkh mug
    (irrigator) is a cylinder, a plastic tube and a tip, but not
    syringe, in which the tip is connected directly to the pear.
    If you use a syringe, the container should be compressed, and
    жидкость все равно будет идти под pressure. But in the Esmarch circle
    flow pressure can be controlled by slightly lowering or
    lifting the rubber vessel.
  • Обработка приспособления для douching.
    After each procedure, the tip, pear, Esmarch cup should
    rinse thoroughly, and before each use the tip is also
    It is advisable to boil for 1-2 minutes.
  • Use accessories only for this.
    . If you started using a pear, douche or
    another device for this procedure, never use it
    then for an enema or microclysters, it should
    использоваться только для douching. If you use
    disposable syringe without needle, do not reuse it.
  • Будьте осторожны. To carry out the procedure should
    slowly, carefully, carefully. Entering the tip, you can not attach
    considerable effort. The procedure should not cause pain,
    if you are in pain, then you should wait a bit and try
    relax. With sudden, fast movements there is danger
    damage to the walls of the vagina or bladder.
  • Comfortable posture. How comfortable it is to do douching
    – lying in the bathroom, putting his feet on the edges of the bathroom. Also можно
    make douching sitting on the toilet seat, while filled
    Mug lift slightly above the waist. In this case, the solution for
    douching will pour in and pour out of the vagina under
    the action of gravity and the liquid can not get into the neck
  • Withготовление растворов для douching. With
    the preparation of solutions should observe the exact proportions
    dilutions of chemical compounds such as boric acid,
    manganese, soda, hydrogen peroxide, because the excess
    permissible concentration causes burns of the vaginal mucosa than
    only worsen the condition. With использовании настоев из лечебных
    herbs such as oak bark, celandine, chamomile (pharmacy, medicinal
    properties), calendula, tea tree, wormwood, sage, yarrow,
    eucalyptus, St. John’s wort, succession, nettle, bay leaf, pine forest –
    decoctions and infusions should be used immediately after

Как делать спринцевание

Types of syringes

Is it possible to do douching at all?

Do not use douching for the so-called “cleansing
влагалища», избавления от secretions. Female body can not be
�”Dirty.” Some women often do douching,
so as it seems to them to remove unnecessary selections. It is not only not
appropriate, but not safe.

The human body, and the vagina in particular, has the ability to
self-cleaning, viscous protective secretion of mucous membrane
sheath of vagina, self-removes, and is natural
cleanser. therefore для  поддержания
microbiological purity of the vagina is not required from the woman
no extra action other than a daily shower
washing away.

If there is no unpleasant sensation, such as burning, itching during
vagina, unpleasant smell, then practice prophylactic
douching is impossible. With этом следует определить причину
appeared discomfort most often it is infection, bacterial
vaginosis, candidiasis, etc., what to determine without a specialist and
specific analyzes alone is impossible. therefore
self-medicating as a douching without careful
diagnosis is not appropriate.

When you can not douche

  • You can not douche just to cleanse the vagina from
  • You can not start self-douching without recommendation
    gynecologist, without specifying the reasons for the appearance of any discomfort,
    self-medication can only worsen the situation.
  • You can not douche on the eve of a visit to the gynecologist, because
    test results will be unreliable.
  • In acute inflammatory processes of the female genital organs –
    acute adnexitis (see inflammation of the appendages – symptoms and treatment),
    endometritis categorically can not do douching.
  • During periods when women have menstruation, during
    pregnancy, 40 days after delivery, the period after abortion – time,
    when douching is contraindicated.

Frequent douching is not safe

  • Frequent douches wash out the natural protective lubricant,
    change the pH, violate the microflora in the vagina, contributing to
    early reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms
    destructive power is tantamount to uncontrolled use
    systemic antibiotics.
  • Permanent douches also increase the risk of developing
    allergic reactions.
  • From frequent douching increases the risk of injury.
    bladder, cervix, irritation of the vaginal walls.
  • Numerous studies conducted by international
    gynecological associations have established a connection of frequent
    douching with increasing development of various inflammatory
    diseases of the female genital organs, such as:

    • salpingitis
    • bacterial vaginitis
    • endometriosis
    • endometritis

    since excessive rinsing can free the cervix
    from infection plug, dissolving it, various infections faster
    get through the cervix into the uterine cavity. According to the results of these
    research, 70% of women suffering from chronic diseases
    reproductive system, had the habit of douching once in
    a week

Douching during pregnancy

Esmarch’s irrigator

Douching during pregnancy

Doctors obstetricians and gynecologists categorically prohibit douche
during pregnancy, for the following reasons:

  • When pregnancy grows on the inner surface of the uterus
    the number of blood vessels increases accordingly
    risk of air entering through the cervical canal during the procedure
  • Douching can deliver chemicals to the fetus
    which can have a negative effect on growing
    the body also increases the risk of damage to the amniotic
  • The risk of thrush – vaginal candidiasis,
    bacterial vaginosis (discharge with the smell of fish) and other
    vaginal infection due to douching during pregnancy is very
    is high and it can trigger the transmission of infection from the mother to
    fetus, which increases the likelihood of preterm labor and other
    pathology of pregnancy.

Douching after the act – contraceptive and protection
for STD infections?

Many women find that douching after sex is different
acids helps protect against unwanted pregnancy.
Neither apple cider vinegar, nor citric acid and juice, nor mineral water,
neither salt nor soda – are not effective contraceptives
means. Douching cannot prevent an offensive
of pregnancy. Even if the woman is immediately after intercourse
rushes to wash the vagina, at this time part of the sperm is already
it penetrates the uterus, it is a very fast process, which is not ahead
will succeed.

As for douching as protection against infections transmitted
sexually, it is also an unreliable remedy. If
women had unprotected sex with a dubious partner, then
douching is possible to hold a solution of antiseptic Miramistin and
Chlorhexidine. However, compelling research confirming
100% prevention of STIs like douching, no. Also
to abuse this way of preventing sexually transmitted infections
worth it, you can get a burn of the vaginal mucosa.

Of course, it is better to do this emergency procedure, but not later.
two hours after contact. For this you need to conduct a thorough
toilet genitals and douche Miramestin for 15
minutes using 10 ml of solution. Moreover, in an hour this procedure
need to repeat. If after this measure any doubts arise,
there will be no ordinary discharge or discomfort, do not delay the visit
to the doctor. The best prevention of any genital infections and high
effective barrier contraceptives are internationally recognized
качественные презервативы.

Douching for inflammation and genital infections

As monotherapy douching in the treatment of inflammatory
diseases of the female genital organs are clearly ineffective,
since any gynecological diseases need complex
therapy, and local, and systemic. Foolish to hope to cure serious
genital infections or inflammatory processes only

For many women, such a treatment as douching seems to be
very affordable and cheap, good alternative to antibiotics, without
which is impossible therapy of genital infections. However, pathogens
chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis are capable
be located intracellularly, deep in the tissues of the human body,
therefore, external exposure to therapeutic fluids is practically
not effective. In addition, changing the normal composition of microflora
vagina when syringing increases the risk of further
progression of these diseases.

There are special medicines for douching,
having antiseptic, antimicrobial properties, such
as Miramistin, Chlorophyllipt, Vagotila. Although it is
concentrated antimicrobial solutions using only these
remedies cure any disease of the female genital
is impossible. They are used to prevent infection after
casual unprotected intercourse, only as early as possible
after coitus, then the risk of contracting an STI is reduced by 70%. but
apply this method of protection against infection as douching on
permanent basis is impossible.

Douching for myoma

The development and growth of uterine fibroids is triggered by hormonal disruption in
a woman’s body, so local effects like
douche with myoma drugs or therapeutic
plants ineffective.

Спринцевание при endometriosisе

Аналогичная ситуация и при endometriosisе, это заболевание также
зависит от действия женских половых гормонов и лечение endometriosisа
should be directed to the normalization of hormonal status
women. There is no conclusive evidence of the effect of douching.
лечебными травами при endometriosisе, к тому же есть предположение,
on the contrary, douching promotes cell diversity
endometrium beyond the uterus, which forms the foci

Douching for cervical erosion

It is a known fact that cervical erosion occurs due to
infectious diseases of the female genital organs, from frequent abortions
(consequences), changes in the hormonal background of a woman, therefore
Considering the above, syringing with this pathology is
efficiency is also very doubtful.

Douching during, after menstruation

Categorically it is impossible to douche during menstruation.
Although some women find it logical to conduct
special cleaning of the vagina after or during menstruation, it is
to do is dangerous. During menstruation, the cervix is ​​ajar and the risk
infection in the uterus increases significantly.

Douching with soda for conception – nothing is justified

Normal vaginal microflora is created as much as possible
favorable environment for the successful promotion of sperm, and
douching baking soda scientifically and from a practical point
view can not contribute to a speedy offensive
of pregnancy. Moreover, washing out the optimal environment for conception,
only reduces the chances of successful fertilization.

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