All about child development in half a year (calendardevelopment)

ребенку 6 months

Baby development at 6 months

The first significant date in the child’s life is six months.
From this age onwards, the baby gradually turns into a personality.
Every day, your little one will amaze you with the appearance of new skills in
communication, manifestation of their individuality and character. Development
a child in 6 months brings a huge change in mental and
physiological areas of the baby, especially for changes in
nutrition and mode.

Physiological development

In order to assess the physical development of the child pediatricians
use centile tables, which indicate the norms for
months. For boys and girls, they are different. In addition to weight and length
body, in the tables there are indicators head circumference and chest,
which is also important to consider when assessing physical development
baby A child of 6 months should have the following
performance: weight 6.8 – 8.4 kg (± 1 kg), height 64 – 67 cm (± 3

What can a child at 6 months

  1. The child has already mastered coups from the back to the tummy and
  2. By this age, all children have lost their physiological
    hypertonus in both handles and legs.
  3. Lying on the belly, the child can lean on one hand, and
    another grab a toy.
  4. Holding your fingers tightly while pulling out
    prone position. Self-pulls up so that you almost never
    have to make an effort. Some babies are already able to sit.
    yourself (when does the child start to sit on their own?).
  5. Trying to crawl on crusty or on all fours, creeps up
    to the toy (when does the baby start crawling?).
  6. When supported by the armpits, rests and pushed
    legs, “dancing”.
  7. Some children try to stand up by the edge.
  8. Grabs items with one hand, takes from one pen to another.
    Holds a toy in each hand. Groping thing with all palm.
    Raises the fallen toy and throws it again.
  9. If you hide a toy, it starts looking for it. Himself finds the subject
    covered by something.
  10. Independently plays up to 10 – 15 minutes. Repeats many times
    what he does: opens and closes the box,
    wraps and unfolds a handkerchief.
  11. In six months, the first tooth may come, as a rule,
    lower central incisor (about when teeth start to be cut). AT 6
    months, the child first visits the dentist, who will evaluate
    the correct structure of the jaw and bridles under the upper and lower

Psycho-emotional development

ребенок в 6 months

  1. The child is increasingly cultivating babble. Cry and cry
    recede into the background and appear during physiological
    discomfort. In the speech of the baby, the consonants and vowels merge
    sounds in various combinations. Because of this, it may seem that baby
    already says the words and says, but this is not so. Just baby
    already masterfully imitates sounds heard, but the meaning
    �”Speech” does not yet carry. By the end of the 6th month baby
    utters up to 40 different sounds.
  2. Now, the baby does not just maintain a “dialogue” with you or
    repeats, he tries to understand the meaning of what you said. Child
    able to find with his eyes the thing that is being said.
  3. The baby can recognize parents by voice, without seeing them at the same time.
    If the child hears the voice of the mother in the other room, then a scream gives
    understand what he knows about her presence. Asks for pens.
  4. Many children are already capable of displaying affection and tenderness. Can
    cuddle up to mom when sitting on her lap. Outsiders are no longer
    they are afraid the way they used to, but they keep their distance and
    activities do not show.
  5. In the child’s mind, the simplest cause-and-effect
    communication. For example, the baby understands that if you press a button with your finger
    in the toy – the music will play, the toy will fall – there will be a knock if
    he will scream – mom will do. But about real progress in
    intellectual development it will be possible to think only when the baby
    fear appears – a sign that the child not only catches
    connection between events, but also can foresee them.
  6. Child начинает интересоваться практическим применением
    surrounding objects. Because of this, communication with him now wears no
    only emotional, and acquires the features of cooperation:
    baby draws your attention with babble to get interested
    his subject and to know with your help his function and quality.

The test for the development of the baby in six months

  • At a distance of 20-30 cm from the child hold the toy. He must
    be able to translate the view from the setting to the toy, highlighting
    her from everything else.
  • Offer the child a bottle of milk first, and then
    a toy The reaction of the baby should be different: seeing the food, baby
    opens the mouth and can make sucking movements, at the sight
    toys will be the reaction of revitalization.
  • When the baby is lying, ring the bell in front of it, and then
    slowly move it away. Child с вашей помощью начнет
    rise and go into a sitting position.
  • Talk to the child, changing facial expressions. Baby will begin to repeat for
    you: wrinkles forehead, smile.
  • Try to take away from the baby a toy that he holds in his hand. AT
    6 months baby will be strong hold the object and resist
    expressing dissatisfaction.
  • If you often call a baby by name, then at this age
    The baby should already respond to it with a revitalization complex.

What should be alerted


  • Child не может и не пытается сидеть, даже при поддержке.
  • When you support the crumb for the armpits, he does not
  • Does not shift the subject from one pen to another.
  • Does not respond to sounds, rustles that are out of the field
  • Do not ask for pens.
  • Does not babble, does not smile, does not recognize parents.

Дополнительная информация: навыки малыша в пол
of the year

Development ребенка в 6 months видео 1

ATведение прикорма

The most favorable age for the start of introduction of complementary foods is
полof the year. Until this time, breast milk provides baby
the body in all necessary substances. When feeding the mixture first
complementary feed is introduced a little earlier – from 4 – 5 months. When it comes
about the timing of the introduction of complementary foods, it means the end of the month,
which is his start.

Table introduction of complementary foods from 6 months

Table introduction of complementary foods from 6 months

После 6 months ни грудное молоко, ни смесь уже не могут
offset the energy costs that go to
intensive growth, physical development. The body of the baby begins
need lots of minerals, trace elements and
plant proteins.

If you begin to lure after the deadline (6 – 7 months), then
the child will then find it difficult to adapt to the new food and its
consistency. Late introduction of lure is fraught with occurrence
deficient conditions (hypotrophy, anemia, rickets), poor development
chewing skill and taste perception, as well as the need
simultaneous administration of several products, which may cause
allergic reaction or disturbance in digestion.

ATажно, чтобы ребенок был готов к прикорму.
Be sure to consult your pediatrician before giving a new one.
food. If the baby chokes or spits out the food, wait a little
a little with innovation. 

So, starting lure is more convenient in the morning, before
by feeding. Children who are prone to constipation or are overweight,
it is better to start with vegetable puree of zucchini, cauliflower,
broccoli. Thinsters can start with gluten-free cereals: buckwheat, rice or
Corn boiled in water without salt and sugar. The first mashed potatoes and porridge
should be single component, that is, contain only one vegetable
or cereal.

In summer and autumn there is usually the opportunity to find high-quality vegetables.
Before use, they must be processed and cooked, preferably on
Steam (this leaves more nutrients). Puree should be
homogeneous, that is, free of lumps and not very thick. For
use a blender to do this and, if necessary, add water or
decoction, which cooked vegetables. Or use ready-made children’s
mashed potatoes in jars. Teach your baby to eat immediately with a spoon. Bottles with
Use the teat only when necessary (on the road). Don’t let
hot food or out of the fridge, optimal temperature

ATводить начинают с 1\2 — 1 чайной ложки, а потом докармливают
milk or mixture. For 5 – 10 days, adjusted to 150 – 180 g and
completely replace one breastfeeding. AT остальное время
keep feeding on demand. New products are introduced only
after getting used to the previous one. You can not enter more than one
new product. Multi-component mashed potatoes and porridge can be given
only from about 7 months.

Lure. useful tips

Watch out for stools and allergies in your child. If a
if you are allergic to something, then cancel this product and try
enter later.

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Wean from nipples

Отучение от nipples: если у крохи уже появился первый
tooth necessarily try to wean him from the pacifier. Pressure,
which has a nipple on the gums, can lead to curvature
teeth. Better buy a baby teether ring. ATо время введения
complementary foods wean from nipples easier, as the baby begins to learn
drinking from the cup and bottle feeding at night
rarity or completely disappears.

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Baby’s sleep at 6 months (mode)

After 6 months, the baby sleeps about 14 hours a day: two sleep
1.5 – 2 hours – day and night – up to 6 – 7 hours in a row. But still
the mode remains individual. Many babies continue to
asking for breasts several times a night is normal and can
last until you stop breastfeeding. Dial
patience That the child slept longer at night:

  • The interval between the last daytime sleep and night laying
    must be at least 4 hours.
  • Bathe your baby before bedtime. Warm water relaxes and
  • After bathing, feed the baby.

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How to help your baby grow – games

Continue to stimulate the development of speech in the baby, as in
previous months. Buy a child a few small colorful
books with cardboard pages that he himself can
turn over It is better if the books are not just with pictures, but
with short poems or rhymes in which words repeat
and phrases. Дети, которым с 6 months читали стишки start earlier

Centers that are responsible for fine motor skills and speech
are located in the brain very closely and interconnected between
therefore it is important to conduct activities with the child aimed at
finger activity:

  • Kids at this age love to play with boxes or
    molds of different sizes, dolls.
  • Make a few bags with different fillings: dried
    peas, beans, coarse salt, wheat, pebbles, buttons.
  • Take the ball 5 – 6 cm in diameter, put it in the palm
    baby With your own hands, squeeze the outside of his pen with the ball inside and
    ride it there. You can roll a walnut. Do 3 – 4
    minutes daily.
  • Massage your fingers: gently massage them one by one and
    lightly sip. Do 2 – 3 minutes every day.
  • �”Brushing”: take turns lifting the child’s handles and smoothly
    move them along the head back and forth.
  • Pinching and unclenching.
  • Spiral toys, which need to move the figures.

развитие ребенка в 6 months игры

Relevant are the games in “Forty-crow”, “Ladushki”, “Ku-ku”,
�”Goat goat horned.”

If a kid can make something new
praise him. The child already feels that you are happy with him.

Increasing the number of toys exponentially is
a problem that all parents face. In order not to litter
the house of ten regular rollers and cubes that bother
the baby is already on the 3rd day, divide all the toys into two parts. One
provide a part for your child to play, and hide the rest. Every 4 –
5 days, change toys. Consider that at 6 months a baby can
at the same time to play with a maximum of two toys.

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children’s goods and toys

The baby will soon begin to crawl, so in the crib or playpen to him
getting cramped. Give the crumbs a rug on the floor and lay them out.
on it a few toys, let the baby trying to crawl to
by him.

Continue to hold gymnastics and tempering massage.
treatments daily.

Make sure that all activities and games with a child are simple and
while helpful. Do not overload the child, his mind is not ready
while to long classes. Now your child needs you more
love and attention. If you want to make his life joyful, watch
behind your every word and action that is now imprinted in
subconscious little man.

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The sixth month of life. Child development calendar. Video 3


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