All about child development at 8 months (calendardevelopment)

In the eighth month, the baby continues to develop dynamically.
in different directions: physically, emotionally, socially. In that
age creates a foundation for the future development of the senses,
motor skills, sensory apparatus and speech skills.

развитие ребенка в 8 месяцев

The content of the article

  • 1 Physical development
    • 1.1 What have you learned?
  • 2 Mental development
    • 2.1 Test the development of the baby in 8 months
    • 2.2 What should be alerted
  • 3 ВИДЕО: Ребёнок в 8 месяцев. Baby development
  • 4 Prikorm
  • 5 How to help your baby grow
    • 5.1 Useful toys for a child of 8 months
    • 5.2 Classes with a child in 8 months
  • 6 Video: Eighth month of life. Child development calendar

However, the level of development of a child at 8 months can be
different: someone will surprise their parents with the first word, and someone
continues to utter only a few sounds, some moms babes
already pleased with a smile with four teeth, but someone has not yet
one. The first months of the second half of the year is the time of prerequisites and

Physical development

The growth rate of the child is somewhat reduced, for the eighth month baby
набирает примерно 500 – 600 г и подрастает на 1.5 – 2 см. К
концу месяца дети набирают вес до 8 – 9 кг (± 1 кг) и рост 67
– 71 cm (± 3 cm).

таблица прибавки веса и роста детей до года

At 8 months, a child can grow already 4 teeth: two lower and two
upper central incisor. But if the crumbs have no teeth yet, then this
is also normal and should not worry parents (about

What have you learned?

  1. Child из положения лежа умеет сам присаживаться, а также
    lie back from a sitting position.
  2. Все дети умеют переворачиваться в разных направлениях
    (learn to roll over).
  3. She can stand up, holding the railing of the crib and move around when
    this sideways, making small steps. If you take the child for
    arm, then he tries to walk.
  4. The kid can play “ladies”, wave the handle.
  5. Some children may crawl well (how to teach creep
    child?). They can also crawl, holding the object in one hand.
  6. Can grab small objects with two fingers.
  7. Perform various actions with toys: roll the ball,
    string the rings, swing the doll.
  8. May recognize yourself in photos and in the mirror.
  9. He points his finger at the object they are talking about.
  10. Can drink from a cup, eat small pieces of food. �”Treats”
  11. Able to pull off socks with his feet.
  12. Do not resist when planting on the pot.
  13. Recognize mom, dad, another loved one among

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Mental development

  1. The child understands your speech better. He can even perform
    Some requests: give a ball, take a cube.
  2. For mother’s affection becomes even stronger. Heavier
    endures parting, calm only next to mom. But faster
    goes to contact if a stranger manifests to the baby
  3. The perception of loud sounds (vacuum cleaner, hairdryer) is sharpening. Many
    babies at this age are afraid of these devices (what if
    Is the child afraid of loud sounds?).
  4. The child not only grabs, touches and feels new items, but
    also strokes their finger or palm.
  5. The kid asks to bring him to the object that he
    is interesting. It reaches to the window, to the refrigerator, to the lockers and tries
    open them.
  6. Smiles at his reflection in the mirror.
  7. Understands the ban, offended when strictly with him
    are talking.
  8. The eyes of the child get used to seeing objects from different angles. Kid
    learns familiar things at a distance in any location: in profile,
    upside down. Now the baby is clearly aware of the quality of things: color,
    texture, softness, shape and is able to manipulate objects,
    considering their properties: roll a ball, tear a piece of paper, pull over
  9. Kid может более 10 минут самостоятельно заниматься чем-то.
    Moreover, if a child is distracted from occupation, then after a small
    pause he can remember his game and continue it.
  10. It becomes important for a child to learn and achieve something
    so the crumb already reacts to luck and failure with joy or
    chagrin. It is very important now to praise the baby and keep
  11. May show first attempts to manipulate you. Don’t go on
    about, let the kid understand what is impossible and what is possible.
  12. Strives for emotional contact with other children: looks
    at the other child, smiles at him and can reach out to

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Test on the development of the baby in 8 months

  • When the child is lying, show him the toy in the distance, let him
    he will pull after her. Kid должен суметь сесть без вашей

  • In the sitting position, the baby should be able to remove the diaper,
    where you covered him;
  • Stretch the toy for the child and when he grabs it, try
    take away. At 8 months, the child should have a resistance reaction:
    take away, pull over yourself, push away your hand if he
  • Playing hide and seek, baby laughs welcome your appearance;
  • Recognizes familiar faces in a photo, can call: “pa”,
  • Place a small object on the table. Kid должен уметь взять
    him with two fingers;
  • A child of 8 months starts to copy your actions: show
    baby how to roll a ball on the floor, he will try to repeat;
  • Name 2 – 3 subjects about the baby that he knows. Child
    must find them with a glance or point them out.

What should be alerted

  • Child не садится, не пытается встать, не переворачивается, не
    tries to crawl;
  • Cannot stand at support or with support;
  • Not enough proposed toy. Do not shift the toy from
    one handle to another;
  • No babbling. Does not pronounce syllables;
  • Shows no emotion.

ВИДЕО: Ребёнок в 8 месяцев. Baby development


Eating a baby at 8 months is five times a day. Already two babies
feeding must be replaced. The first and last feeding (after
sleep and before bedtime) should remain chest. Intervals
between feedings 4 – 4.5 hours.

Now you can make multi-component porridge and mashed potatoes, that is,
consisting of several vegetables, fruits and cereals. At the beginning of the eighth
months, you can vary the lure vegetable mashed potatoes in
complex with other vegetables (zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, color
cabbage) and start giving wheat bread 5 g. By the end of the month they introduce
fermented milk products: cottage cheese and kefir, with good portability,
gradually replacing another feeding. In general, the eighth month leaves
to introduce still unfamiliar vegetables, fruits and cereals, and assimilating them
in complex. So, if you started introducing complementary foods in 6
months, by the end of the 8th month you should have replaced three


Как помочь baby развиваться

  1. Keep carrying the baby in your arms. Holding (carrying on hands)
    remains an important element in the psychological development of the child.
  2. Replenish the vocabulary of the crumbs by reading books to him, telling
    about the world. Talk to your child in a gentle tone,
    call it by name. Get your baby’s attention to everything.
    new way. Scientists claim that the number of words that hears
    child during the day directly affects the intellectual level
    in future. The more you communicate with the baby, the greater its potential
    when he grows up. By 8 months, babies understand up to 100 words.

Do not lisp with the child, do not distort the words, talk to
kid as a person who understands everything you say.
Even if the child says something wrong, uses the first
syllable of the word, then you still speak the way you want. Speak more often
crumbs that you love him.

Ensure safety in the house, as the baby is now all
interested in and pulls into his mouth: remove drugs and chemicals
means in places inaccessible to the child, install the plugs in
sockets, buy corners for furniture, remove all cords and
wires from the floor, move from the path of the child all unstable
items put higher plants.

Useful toys for a baby 8 months

  • Rubber balls: strengthen the ball at the toes of the baby in the crib, he is
    joy will kick him;
  • Молоток с пищалкой: покажите baby как нужно стучать по столу.
    By cubes. This exercise will develop coordination and strengthen muscles.
  • Continue giving baby bags or pads with
    fillers (peas, beans, beads), for the development of small
  • Musical toys: all children like toys with buttons,
    when you click on that music plays or sounds. Such
    toys are well developed logical thinking, as well as motility and
  • Soft textile or cardboard books: the baby can already
    turn pages;
  • Bath games: teach a child to move toys in the water,
    clap your palm across the water, put water into the mold, pour it out
    one jar to another.

ребенок в 8 месяцев

Classes with a child in 8 months

  • �Orchestra: Wooden spoons or chopsticks from
    drum maracas. Arrange the pots, boxes,
    bowls and show how to hit them.
  • �”Repeatables”: first, the child repeats after you, you wave your hand,
    and he waves, you laugh and clap your hands, then he. After
    this you repeat after the child.
  • Постройте из кубиков пирамидку и покажите baby, как нужно
    throw the ball to the pyramid collapsed.
  • Show your child kitchen utensils: containers, spoons, ladles,
    in general, everything that is safe. Small children love to play with
    предметами для adults.
  • By nine months, you can start rolling the ball around each other.
    the floor.

While bathing, gradually draw water into the bath when the baby
already there, lying on her tummy. When water is collected,
the baby will rise and start getting up on all fours. Stay tuned
so that the baby does not swallow water.

�”Walking on your hands”: take the baby by the legs, lift and
start gently swinging back and forth. Child начнет
rest on the handles and sort through them.

Arrange the child “carousel” on the hands, swing in different
sides in vertical and horizontal position. Swing together
with him on the swing. It is well developed vestibular apparatus.

The balance walkers are well developed, they are already possible.
use. But remember that you can keep a child in them no more than 1
hours per day and not more than 15 minutes in a row, as this may
adversely affect the spine and gait. (About the walker – FOR and

Walk with a child not less than 2 hours a day. At home go on
do daily gymnastics, arrange air baths and

When you choose classes for a child, consider it.
preferences and temperament. In that возрасте дети уже имеют
personality traits. If your baby is restless, then provide
him active games with crawling, turning and other movements.
Calm children will soon like to consider the book, listen
fairy tale or build a pyramid of cubes. Respect your interests
baby don’t make him do something if you feel that
baby это не нравится, не получается и он тянется совсем к
to another.

Sleep and wakefulness remains the same as in
past months: at night, babies sleep until 10 o’clock, some do not even
waking up In the afternoon there are two dreams for 1.5 – 2 hours.

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Video: The eighth month of life. Child development calendar


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�“Development up to a year by months”
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